SURTECH KOREA 2020 - 8th Int'l Hi-Tech Surface & Painting Expo

SURTECH KOREA 2020 - 8th Int'l Hi-Tech Surface & Painting Expo, logo

Int’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo is an exhibition dedicated to Korea’s leading coatings, adhesives and film industries, held every March in Incheon Songdo Convensia.

You can find all of items in Coatings, adhesives and film, which are essential for all manufacturing industries such as construction, automobiles, shipbuilding, industrial materials, display, energy, nano.

It is a representative B2B professional exhibition that can see the Korean industry at a glance.

Int’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo which is composed of 4 international exhibitions, We invite you to this international exhibitions can meet global companies in each field.

Benefit from over 10 years’experience in Korea
has been providing acost-effective trading platform for exhibitors to expand customer base and strengthen brand recognition.

Provide face-to-face contact opportunities to capture market share
It allows exhibitors to build customer relationships and showcase technologies and innovative products to the industry on a global scale.

You will be able to secure the highly visible business opportunities expanding your market to China, Japan & other Asian countries through this exhibition, the professional Coating, Adhesive and Film specialty exhibition in Korea, as a great marketplace of business communications for up-to-date technologies, product promotions and new sales route development.

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends
It offers opportunities for exhibitors to review the competitive environment, investigate market demands, gather feedback, generate awareness and demonstrate their strengths.

The Coating& Adhesive Technology Conference acknowledged with its utmost recognition and highest quality,

has been opening by every year. Throughout the conferences, the visitors and participators will be able to hold the opportunity of presuming the fast changing Korea domestic and international market trend and forecast, demonstrating its role as global network interfacing marketplace.

Show Profile
Production facilities and equipment related to Electroplating / Electroless plating Vatious addictive chemical and plating tech

Powder coating, Electrodeposition coating & Raw materials, Various types of paint, Painting technology and equipment

Plating process automation robot, automatic rack plating equipment, Automatic barrel plating / coloring / coating equipment, Smart factory, Conveyor belt, Liquid concentration automatic measuring device, Reel-to-Reel automatic high speed plating equipment and Other automation equipment software, etc.

DLC Coating, Graphene Synthesis and application process,
Plating for military and MEMS plating,
Test/Research quipment for quality

Production facilities and equipment,
Polishing / Grinding Processing technology for New / Special materials and processing Tech

Software for surface treatment, Etching equipment,
Super-hydrophobic surface treatment, SMT/PCB,
Atmospheric pressure plasma equipment,
Production facilities for part materials

Chemicals, Facilities, Equipment and Systems related to recycling of sewage / wastewater/ public sewage.
Intelligent water management system.

Environmental facilities and equipment related to exhaust system / land maintenance,
Improvement of working environment and safety management of facilities
Show Dates 08/05/2020 - 08/07/2020
Hours 10:00 - 17:00 
Location Korea
Event Cycle Annually 
Organizer Contact information
Business Email
Business Phone +82 2-6121-6375