Smart Factory + Automation World 2020

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Smart Factory + Automation World 2020

Smart Factory + Automation World has been started its 30-year-long history since 1990 under the name of aimex(the Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition) as Korea’s first factory and automation industry exhibition. Smart Factory + Automation World now has a remarkable 30-year-long history and participation on a global scale. In addition that, in order to strengthen leading position in the automation exhibition industry, the show has been divided to Smart Factory Expo, aimex, and Korea Vision Show. Each show is highly specialized in the field which has been noted for the future trend in manufacturing industry.

As the top trade fair for the Korean automation market, Smart Factory + Automation World leads the way in showcasing the latest trends and new technologies coming out of the automation industry. Smart Factory + Automation World is a core exhibition for the success of your business in Korea.

Smart Factory EXPO
Meet the Future of the manufacturing industry.
All about innovative items and Solution for Industrial Automation
Korea Vision Show
The Optimal Market Place for Machine Vision

Show Profile Motion Control & Robots
Drive, Servo Motors, linear motors, inverters, stepping motors, AC motors, gear motors, LM guide, clutches/brakes, changes/reducers, gears, ball screws, robot controllers vertical multi-joint robots, bouncing robots, palletizing robots, robotrelated equipment and omponents

Sensor & Control
PLC, industrial PC sensors, inverters, switches, encoders, counters, measuring instruments, meters, indicators, timers, measuring instruments, Temperature/pressure gauges, flow meters, converters, dispensing machines, controllers, CNC, relays, temperature control equipment lights

FA System & Components
HMI, dispensers, actuators, index couplings, bearings, shafts, automatic spray nozzles, unit, cylinders, compressors, control valves

Industrial Software
Fieldbus, communication boards, Ethemet communication equipment, MMI, HMI, S/S, MES, DAS, SCADA, process control systems, process monitoring and environment control, embedded solutions, CAD/CAN, CIM

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components
Cylinders pumps, actuators, industrial pneumatic valves, air motors, compressors, control valves, vacuum systems, fans, nozzles

Logistics Automation System
Conveyors, automatic door, lifts, hoists, chain, belt, roller, cable bares, vacuum suction feed system, SCM, ERP, barcode systems, printers, barcode systems, printers, barcode scanners, handy teminals, industrial PAs, RFID, DPS, POS
Show Dates 03/04/2020 - 03/06/2020
Location Korea
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Organizer Coex
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Business Phone +82 2-6000-8129
Fax Number +82 2-6944-8302