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03/13/2024 - 03/15/2024
NECC (National Exhibition and Convention Center)
Seed is the most important agricultural means of production. Fine seeds are crucial to the plant production and plant quality. In recent years,dhere to the integration of global economics, China seed market is reforming to adjust to the coming of foreign seeds. Currently, China has been established seed trade relations with 146 countries and regions.

In order to promote the development of China seed industry and to build seed trade and communication platform, 2024 China International Seed Trade Show will be launched on 13-15 March., 2024 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) along with 24th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC). Supported by the world’s largest agrochemical platform, you can meet with 33,137 visitors here.

China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC), organized by CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry, dedicated in the international trade of pesticide, fertilizer and other agriculture goods. It has experienced 23 years and has been the world’s largest agrochemical exhibition and also been approved by UFI. 23rd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition, held on 23-25th May, 2023 in National Exhibition & Convention Center, gathered 1,775 exhibitors and 33,137 visitors in 102,000 square meter exhibiting space. It’s the most important agro products trade platform in China and has been called agro Canton Fair.
Show Profile ★Crop seed, vegetable seed, flower seed;

★Pasture and grass seed, wood seed;

★Seed coating agent, seed fertilizer, seed treatment formulation;

★Seed testing instrument, seed processing machine;

★Seed packaging new technology;

★Seed new technology, products and projects.
Show Dates 03/13/2024 - 03/15/2024
Exhibition Scale 102,000 sqm (1,097,919 sqf)
Visitors 33,137
Venue NECC (National Exhibition and Convention Center)
Location China
Organized By
CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry
Phone +86 10 6428 3093