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Show Profile Categories of Exhibits
Materials- Nano material zone
nano particles, composite materials, nano cellulose, carbon nanotubes, nanofibers, nano coatings, nano composite materials, graphene, nano inks, biocompatible materials, photonics materials, Fullerene, nano colloides, high-performance magnetic materials, highly-pure materials, Cellulose nanofibers (CNF), cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), cellulose filaments, bacterial cellulose (BC), microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), cellulose fibrils, nanocellulose composites, and other nanocellulosic materials, Application technologies for ceramics, electrodes, and nanocomposites

Evaluation & Measurement- Analytics zone
electron microscope (SEM / TEM), analysis equipment, evaluation measurement and designing tool, ultra precision measuring instrument, high efficiency / high sensitive sensor, contract evaluation / measurement / analysis service, molecular imaging, simulation / molecular design software, near-field optical, piezo stage, SPM / AFM, micro TAS, Materials Informatics, Simulation and Molecular Design Software, Grain Size and Distribution Measurement, Operand Measurement, Cryomicroscope, Support Tools for Research, Three-Dimensional Measurement, X-ray CT, In-Site Nano Analysis, High Time Decomposition Measurement

Fabrication Technology- Nano fabrication zone
thin film manufacturing technology, nanoimprint, ultra precision surface processing technology, laser processing, inkjet printing, mixing / stirring / dispersing / grinding techniques, precision pattern printing technology, etching, next-generation lithography, electron beam/ion beam processing, contract processing service, nano transistor technology, priming charge processing, fusion/bonding technology, emulsification, adhesion and bonding technology, microdischarge processing, microtransistor technology, cellulose nanofiber processing

Application-Nano Innovation zone
AutomotiveSecondary batteryFuel cellSolar batteryAdvanced sensorsAdvanced semiconductorArtificial intelligence / Deep learningMEMS / MicromachineLightweight materialCosmetic materialsRegenerative medicineWearablesAerospaceAgricultureBiomimeticsQuantum technologyventure companyMultilayer ceramic capacitorsnoise eliminationflexible platformsthermal management technologytotal solid-state batterieslithium-ion batteriesNext-generation batteries
Public Organizations / University / Lab
Academia (university, laboratory, industry-academia collaboration) Country professionals, national pavilions, academic societies and associations, public institutions, TLOs, local governments, commerce and industry associations, SME support organizations, international organizations and organizations
Show Dates 01/26/2022 - 01/28/2022
Location Japan
Event Cycle Annually 
Organizer Contact information
Organizer JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Business Email
Business Phone +81 3-5657-0759
Fax Number +81 3-5657-0645