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ALL-NEW Excitement, ONE-STOP Destination!
Various theme parks, amusement parks, complex cultural facilities! Digital park which extends to VR,AR,games, and leisure&activities! There are every kinds of entertainment which includes things that you can play alone as well as things you may do with others. 2020 KAAFAIR suggests a New Paradigm for Korea's Nolgeori (Entertainment) Culture.

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Indoor/outdoor facilities, Amusement facilities (Bumper cars, Ferris wheels, Roller coasters, Merry-go-round), Water park, Water slides, Hotels and resorts, Spa, Token input rides(Slot game machine, Crane game machine, Joystick game), Accommodations, etc.

VR, AR, MR(Contents and equipments), 3D, 4D(Stereo-Scopic Image), Software, Web based service, Media display, Simulation, Arcade game, Game machine, Online&Mobile game, etc.

Amusement Park Planning/design/facility construction, Furniture&Interiors, Architecture materials, Entertain space design, Studios, Simulations, Special effects (Hologram, flame, snow, fog, ice, laser), Parades, Performance, Photos&Graphics, Lightning, Sound systems, Filtration and maintenance, etc.

Kids cafe, Children's playground, Amusement toy, Play equipments, Airbound, Job shadowing zone, Adventure facilities, Trampoline facilities etc.

Smart Mobility(Electric wheel, Electric kick board, Electric Bike), Zip lines, Go cart, Luge, Climbing, Mountain biking, Interactive sports, Seasonal leisure sports(Surfing, yachting, scuba diving, ski, snowboard), and other amusement facilities.

Toy store, Figure shop, Customizing, Costumes, Swimming/beach outfits, T-shirts and logos, Uniforms, Gumball machine, Jewelry, Stuffed doll, Cards and posters, Various party supplies.

ATM, AI Admission system, Plastic cards, Wrist bracelet, Coin and currency station, Admission scanner, Admission and reservation management system, Payment system and accessories, Strollers, Wheelchairs, ECV, Trains, Tram, Trolleys, Lockers, Services, Tracking system, etc.

Tourism and family leisure facilities(Monorail, Rail bike, Cable car), Smart tour, City tour, Local tourism products and services, Tourism attractions and facilities.

Food sales (finger food, desserts, snacks), Food preparation equipment, Food trucks, Kiosks, etc.

Franchise establishment, Amusement facilities/equipment rental, etc.
Show Dates 07/15/2021 - 07/17/2021
Location Korea
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Organizer JM Company Co.
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Business Phone +82 1544-7052
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