K-Safety Expo 2021

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This is the large market place of industry in Korea to introduce advanced technologies in safety industry of Korea to public and private buyers coming from home and abroad.

The largest comprehensive exhibition on safety industry in Korea, organized by the government
- Active participation from security related ministries and departments of Korean government municipalities and public institutions(Last year 12,000 people visited or participated in the exhibition from 51 ministries, municipalities and public institutions)
- Aligned with security projects of each department(policy, R&D, conference and others) to reflect on the exhibition

The platform of sharing the latest technologies and trend of global safety industry
- World first to demonstrate safety technologies and promote information exchange
- Expert conference & seminars and education with more than 30 participants from home and abroad

Optimal business platform to improve performance of participating companies and explore new sales channels
- Along with Trade Meeting and Consulting of integrated business demand, active PR on the participating companies and products both home and abroad

Annual settlement of safety industry of the year and venue of safety experience and education to boost awareness on safety
- Award winning ceremony in the safety-related sectors, including Safety Technology Awards and Innovation Awards
- Experiences and participation events, including Safety Village and Safety Industry Cultivation Audition

Show Profile
- Disasters
Disaster safety communication network, R&D technology to reduce natural disasters including earthquake and wind and flood damage, Disaster forecast system(Smart Earthquake Forecast, etc)
Disaster recovery equipment, Rescue equipment, Rescue robots, etc.

- Fire Safety
Fire fighting equipment (fire fighting, emergency rescue, etc.),
Fire fighting tools (extinguisher, sprinkler, water flow detection device, fire hydrant, etc.)
Smart fire detection and Warning system, Smoke detection system, Fire fighting vehicles (fire truck, fire helicopter, national fire agency). etc

- Industrial Safety
Safety apparatus (safety helmet, safety belt, safety shoes, safety gloves, dust protective mask, canister mask, protection suit, etc.) Fine dust reduction device, Ozone reduction device, Explosion-proof device and Safety education, etc

- Construction Safety
Safety design, Safety materials and parts, Construction safety diagnosis, Safety education(VR, AR), Nonflammable materials, etc.

- Living Safety
Electricity safety, Gas safety, pedestrian safety, Crime prevention, Public health safety, Noise management, etc.

- Transport Safety
Roads and transportation facilities (guardrail, safety block, light bars, emergency light, rope bar, reflection devices, car props soundproof facilities, raised pavement marker), ITS and Smart transpiration, Road information system, Parking system, Road safety inspection, Aviation and Railway safety equipment, etc.)

- Maritime Safety Rescue vessel, Life saving equipment, Navigation/Communication equipment, Ocean disaster prevention equipment, etc.

- Government Policy
Disaster prevention policy of the central government ministries, municipalities(basic, metropolitan) public institutions
Show Dates 09/14/2021 - 09/16/2021
Hours 10:00-17:00 
Visitors 461,819
Location Korea
Organizer Contact information
Organizer The Secretariant of the 6th Innovative Safety & Security Expo
Business Email
Business Phone +82 44-205-4186