03/01/2023 - 03/03/2023
Our energy market, which has largely completed the first phase of the growth process with an investment of 95 billion dollars, including privatization tenders, in the last 15 years, has now entered the process of development and maturation. This process also started a process of change and transformation in which financial sustainability will be ensured, liquidity and depth will increase, and investments will accelerate again. Having completed the first phase of the growth process, the Turkish energy market has become the tenth largest energy market of the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In terms of size, the electricity market rose to fourth place and the natural gas market to third place. The electricity market has created one of the largest value chains in Turkey by contributing around 36 billion dollars to the GNP with a turnover of approximately 25 billion dollars every year.
Located in perhaps the hottest geography of the world energy market, Turkey is expected to increase regional trade opportunities in the short term, expand the energy industry with new investments, and integrate technological transformation into its market.
In this context, we, as ICCI - International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, are working very hard to continue the contribution we have made to the last 25 years of this growth and development process in the future by creating an efficient, effective, respected and high quality communication and event platform.
We are honored to share with you the happiness and excitement of determining the 2023 calendar for our fair and intellectual content-focused conference, which brings together all the elements in the market, with the contribution of our high experience on a global scale and our knowledge on trends in the world energy market.
The 27th ICCI – International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 1-3 March 2023 .
Organized with the theme of 'change and transformation in the energy market' this year and hosting more than 15 thousand visitors from 45 countries, ICCI will be organized next year with the theme of 'Sustainable, Efficient Energy Transformation Sensitive to Climate Change' and will again create values ​​for you with surprise innovations.
We will be very happy and honored to see you among us at ICCI 2023, which creates a great synergy in the energy market with a new vision every year.
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Show Dates 03/01/2023 - 03/03/2023
Visitors 15,123
Venue CNR EXPO Exhibition Center
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