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As the only Korean photovoltaic exhibition representing Asia, the EXPO Solar 2019 /PV Korea is to be held in KINTEX Goyang, Gyeonggi-do from June 19(Wed.) to 21(Fri.), 2019.
Since FIT policy is reduced by recently aggravated finance in Europe and economic depression, the market of global photovoltaic industry is expanding from Europe to Asia.

Further, Asia is more noted in the world than ever, because FIT & RPS policy is recently enhanced to support the photovoltaic generation industry in Southeast Asia including China and Japan.

Faithfully playing its role as the hub of Asian photovoltaic industry and the Gateway to advance to Asia photovoltaic market, EXPO Solar/PV Korea newly changes & leaps toward international photovoltaic exhibition in its 11th anniversary in 2019.

As the only domestic photovoltaic exhibition held by Monthly Solar Today in each September, EXPO Solar/PV Korea is to be held by positively reflecting the opinion of overseas exhibitors and buyers who prefer open in June and newly expanding supplier-oriented exhibition to exhibition for actual user and end user of photovoltaic generation system. Your interest and participation will be much appreciated.
As the global photovoltaic market moves from Europe to Asia due to the recent reduction of FIT policy and financial crisis in Europe, the companies & buyers related to global PV become more interested in Asian market. EXPO Solar is rapidly emerging as the gateway for main global photovoltaic companies to advance to Asian photovoltaic market.
Certified by International Exhibition Association, the global exhibition certifier and the certification of excellent exhibition of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, it acquired the qualification and requirement of international exhibition in the number of overseas exhibitors and overseas buyers/spectators.
Jointly managed by Monthly Solar Today, the only domestic photovoltaic media and the institution related to users, EXPO Solar/PV Korea is the best photovoltaic exhibition trying to induce overseas qualified visitors and to pursue market-oriented trend.

Show Profile
Single-crystal Silicon Cell/Module / Polycrystal Silicon Cell/Module / Thin-film Silicon Cell/Module / Single-crystal Multi-cell/Module / Polycrystal Multi-cell/Module / Dye-senstized Cell/Module / Organic-film Cell/Module / Spherical-silicon Cell/Module / Cell/module application / Building Integrated Photovoltaic module (BIPV)

Solar CellㆍModule Production Equipment
Silicon production/test equipment / Ingot production/test equipment / Wafer cutting equipment / Wafer production/test equipment / Circulation equipment / Immersion equipment / Lamination equipment / Vision inspection equipment / Print equipment / Electrode formation equipment / Anodizing equipment / Material handling / Clean room equipment / CVD equipment / Sputtering equipment / Etching equipment / Plasma equipment / Scribe equipment / Laser cutting equipment / Cell Production vacuum equipment / Cell plating equipment / Cell specific valuation equipment / Energy measuring equipment / PV performance diagnosis equipment / PV development measuring equipment / Manufacturing process monitoring equipment / Environment monitoring equipment / Diagnosis equipment / Simulation Cell test equipment / PCV test equipment / Module test equipment

Polysilicon / Ingot / Spherical-silicon / Cell/Glass/Flexible PCB / EVA Sheet / TFE reaction gas / Metal electrode materials / Transparent electrode materials / Multi-semiconductor materials / Organic-film materials / Oxidation-semiconductor materials / Organic pigment materials / Nanoparticle / Module materials

PowerㆍPlant System
Design/Installation/Construction Plan/Consulting / Construction/Management / Maintenance/Monitoring / Outer cover/Roof system / Power Station / Streetlight / Signboard, Direction Indicator / Solar block light / Solar power generation / Absorber / Regenerator / Water treatment / Air conditioning system / Solar power controller / Circulation pump / Piping/Heating materials
Show Dates 06/19/2019 - 06/21/2019
Hours 10:00~17:00 
Location Korea
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Organizer infothe Co., Ltd.
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Business Phone +82 2-719-6931
Fax Number +82 2-715-8245