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The New Choice of External Decoration for Sustainable Building, All in EDME!

After twelve years of continuous development and innovation, EDME Expo has become one of the largest professional exhibitions in China's exterior wall decoration industry. The exhibition provides a sharing platform for innovative thinking of exterior wall decoration industry leaders, professionals and all kinds of exterior wall decoration industry practitioners, and energizes to promote the research and development, manufacture and distribution of external wall decoration industry and related products, as well as the comprehensive development of exterior wall decoration industry in China.

The market demand of China's exterior wall decoration is rising. The exhibition attract more than nearly 20000 professional visitors and buyers from more than 50 countries and regions to visit and negotiate, and more than 100 medias for all-round multiple channels publicity every year.

The exhibition provides the high quality and cost-effective trading platform for exterior wall decoration materials, equipment and related products, building study and exchange business platform for the latest products and technology. The organizers is committed to assisting exhibitors comprehensively display products, technology and the company's image, and providing with the global professional buyers an excellent platform for business communication and negotiations.

Show Profile New External Wall Decoration Materials
terracotta panels, ceramic plate, exterior wall hanging plate, fiber cement board, wall tiles, dry hanging brick, PVC/wood siding exterior wall hanging panel, sandstone walls, walls of GRC, diatomite etc.;

Metal trim
aluminum-plastic panel, decorative aluminum panel, AI-Zn coated steel panel, aluminum honeycomb plate, titanium zinc decorative panel, copper decorative panels, copper-plastic panels, metal composite thermal insulation board etc.;

Color steel plaque
Stainless steel decorative plate; magnesium aluminum plaques, Mg & Al curved plate and other decorative plates; External wall coating natural stone coating, latex paint for exterior wall, cement paint, exterior wall external insulation coating, fluorocarbon paint, spraying equipment;

Stone products
antique brick, stone culture and art, all kinds of granite, marble, mosaic, exterior wall facing brick, glazed tile, stone processing machinery, etc.; Thermal insulation and decoration integrated products fire insulation decorative integration board, phenolic board, marble decorative panel, imitation stone panels etc.;

Building glue
dry hanging adhesive, marble glue, ceramic tile adhesive, cement base adhesive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, adhesive for architecture structure, sealant etc.;

Dry hanging wall technology
wall bolts, anchor series, embedded parts, fittings, stainless steel pendant, dry hanging method of accessories;

Tile adhesive
universal adhesive, power adhesive, heavy duty adhesive, glass tile adhesive, mosaic tile adhesive, stone adhesive etc.; Tile grout single component grout, double component grout, oil-based double component grout, water-based double component grout, self leveling grout, nanotech grout etc.;
Show Dates 12/11/2019 - 12/13/2019
Hours 09:00 - 17:00 / last day 09:00 - 14:00 
Location China
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Organizer Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd
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