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Origin of K-Industry Fair
Begins New Era.

D.Ton has made history of exhibition industry as Korea's first industry fair(KOMAF, since 1977). D.Ton leads to a new era of “Next Normal Marketing” by the exhibition’s complete paradigm shift.
D.Ton stands for Digital Transformation Fair: On-Line & On-Site, which means the 4th Industrial Revolution and the national representative industrial fair for Digital Transformation. D.Ton also includes the concept of digital twin and data technology, which are key technologies for on-line exhibition stages.
In particular, D.Ton is the world's best "Metaverse Exhibition" that combines on-line and off-line, HW and SW, and real and virtual.
Through this, we are taking the lead in achieving the development of Korea's machinery and equipment industry as well as the super-growth of Korea's IT such as AI, cloud, 5G, and XR for data processing, storage, transmission, and visualization.

Show Dates 10/19/2021 - 10/22/2021
Location Korea
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Organizer D.Ton
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