05/07/2024 - 05/10/2024
In 2024, HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre will once again host the region’s largest industrial events.
The AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Automotive Supplier Exhibition will take place from 7-10 May.

The event is a unique forum for all domestic and international suppliers and service providers of the vehicle industry, where the professional actors of the automotive industry, from Hungarian car manufacturers to suppliers to small and medium-sized enterprises, can meet each other and present the innovations, products and services that contribute to the for the development of the Hungarian automotive industry and increasing its competitiveness.

Companies can take advantage of the synergies between industries to maintain and strengthen their position in the supply chain, or even enter this market as new players.

The event is committed to showcasing the latest technologies and trends, so it is natural for us to focus on the latest developments at the exhibition and its associated conferences.


A decade ago, we created the Automotive Hungary exhibition as a meeting forum for the stakeholders of the Hungarian automotive industry: car manufacturers, suppliers as well as small and medium enterprises.

The event is dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and trends, this is in the focus of the exhibition and the related conferences.

AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY is for bringing together domestic and international suppliers and service providers of the automotive industry at all levels.
Show Profile 1. Vehicle manufacturers
1.1. Manufacturing of passenger cars
1.2. Manufacturing of vehicle with alternative power driving
1.3. Manufacturing of buses
1.4. Manufacturing of commercial vehicles and trailers

2. Manufacturing processes and services of suppliers
2.1. Metalworking
2.2. Assembly
2.3. Plastics/Elastomers processing
2.4. Base material supplier

3. Automotive components and systems
3.1. Body and bodysytems
3.2. Engine and powertrain
3.3. Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels)
3.4. Electronic components and systems
3.5. Switching, Lighting, Signaling
3.6. Drives assistance systems/vehicle safety

4. IT
4.1. Hardware
4.2. Software
4.3. Informatics services

5. Factory/production equipments
5.1. Assembly equipments
5.2. Automation systems, robots
5.3. Hand/power tools
5.4. Packaging equipments and materials
5.5. Paint, surface treatment
5.6. Welding
5.7. Labour safety and security
5.8. Marking equipments
5.9. Machine equipments
5.10. Adhesives technology (glue)
5.11. Lubricant- and sealing materials

6. Industrial services
6.1. Measurement, material testing
6.2. Measure and testing equipment
6.3. Transport and logistics
6.4. Material handling/storage
6.5. Engineering services
6.6. Waste management
6.7. Industrial cleaning technology

7. Garage industry

8. Business services
8.1. Financial, Insurance and leasing services
8.2. Chambers, trade associations, state institutions, trade development
8.3. Marketing services
8.4. Publishers, professional magazines

9. Human Resources
9.1. Education
9.2. Recruitment, labour
9.3. Training services
9.4. Research and development

10. Alternative drive technology
10.1. Energy
10.2. Charging systems
Show Dates 05/07/2024 - 05/10/2024
Hours 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. / last day 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center
Location Hungary
Organized By
Phone +36 30 823 7857