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Show Profile -Automotive Design, Research and Development

-CAD/CAM/CAE, Software, Simulation, 3D printing, Design of Product, Technology Development and Innovation,

-Education and Training Program, etc

-n Automotive Parts (OEM/AS)

-Parts and Components for OEM, Power Train, Filter, Brake Pad, A/C Products, Generator, etc

- Automotive Accessories (Tuning / Car Care)

-Accessories, Tuning, Lubricants, Wheels, Customizing, Car Cares etc

- Automotive Electronic Technology and Products

-Smart Sensor, Connector, Camera Module, Electric Control System and Software, etc

-IT Convergence, Autonomous Driving, Eco-friendly Technology

-Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Motion Control, Security Software and System, Semiconductor and

-Electric Manufacturing parts, Vehicle Safety & Convenience, etc

-Electric Vehicle Engineering Technology and Dedicated Equipment

-Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV), Electric Vehicle(EV), etc

-Advanced Materials, Raw Materials, Chemicals

-Raw Material, Composites Material, Lightweight Material, Carbon Fiber, Reinforced Plastics, etc

-Automotive Inspection, Quality Control and Testing Equipment

-Measuring Equipment, Quality Management System, Test Laboratory, Non Destructive Testing, etc

- Manufacturing Equipment and Technology for Automobile and parts

-Smart Factory Automation and Solution, Manufacturing Software & System, Heat Treatment, Stamping,

-Surfacing, Coating, Welding, etc

-Automotive Engineering and Service

- Production Plan and Plant Design, Production Management and Optimization Digital Technology in Engineering,

-Advanced Manufacturing Technology, etc
Show Dates 11/25/2021 - 12/05/2021
Location Korea
Organizer Contact information
Organizer Kofair
Business Email
Business Phone +82 31-380-6806