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The only Artificial Intelligence Expo in Korea!

AI EXPO KOREA is the only Artificial Intelligence Expo to extense your business network, and meet your future partners in Korea.
Potential buyers will visit AI EXPO KOREA to meet the future artificial intelligence technology, new trends and new products to extend their businesses for various fields, and AI EXPO KOREA will be the best business Platform to helps your businesses.
AI EXPO KOREA will be the best chance to meet all of Artificial Intelligence that leads the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Show Profile AI Elemental Technologies - CPU·GPU·FPGA·TPU·BPU, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Deep Learning, Reasoning&Learning Function,Image recognition, AI Computing, AI Solution, AI Platform, etc.

AI Applications & Services - Smart Data, Medical&Healthcare,Financial Business, Security, Secretary, Predictive Maintenance, AI Concsulting, Marketing&Advertisement, smart education systems etc.

AI Telecom & Mobile - Smart retail, Smarthome Platform,5G Network, cloud, etc.,Financial Intelligent Device, HardwareㆍSoftware Development Platform, VR / AR, etc.

AI IoT & Manufacturing - Smart Factory, Production lines, Industrial Robots, IoT, ManufaturingㆍDistributioinㆍRetailing, etc.

AI Smart City & IoT - Autonomous Driving, Smart Energy, Smart City Construction, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Smart Logistics, etc.

AI & Robotics - AI Service Robot, Agricultural Robot, Security Robot, Disaster Relief Robots,Medical Robot, Special Robot, etc.
Show Dates 09/23/2020 - 09/25/2020
Visitors 21,321
Location Korea
Organizer Contact information
Organizer Korea Artificial Intelligence Association
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Business Phone +82 2-2284-0021