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SSiC Mechanical Seal Face

SSiC Mechanical Seal Face SiC: 99% min Density: 3.12g/cm3min Open Porosity: 1%max Bending Strength: 440 (1700℃) MPa Advantages 1.Highly-knowledgeable equipment and application expertise 2.Technical innovation in mechanical seal design 3.Design...
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silicon carbide ceramic (ssic) seal face

Introduction of Silicon Carbide: Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum, is a compound of silicon and carbon with a chemical formula SiC. It occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite. Silicon carbide powder has been...

Mechanical Seal/ Auto Pump Seals (FB-12/ F-16)

We are a manufacturer in making pump mechanical seals, auto pump seals, water pump seals, cartridge seals, metal bellow seals and ceramic seal faces and rings, sintered sic(ssic) seal faces and rings, sic(silicon carbide) seal faces and rings,...
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Seal Faces/Rings/Bushing

Standard or non-standard bushing/sleeve/bearing seal parts according to the customers'drawings or samples. Materials include, Silicon Carbide (SSIC & SiCRB), Carbon Graphite etc superior quality and reasonable price
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sealing face,rings

SSIC Technical Data( Sefl-sintered silicon carbide): SIC Purity (%) ≥ 98 Granuliform (um) 0.5 - 0.7 Density (g/cm3)≥ 3.10 Hardness (HRA) ≥ 93 Bending strength (Mpa) 400-500 Compressive strength (Mpa) >2500 Fracture Toughness 3.50-4.60 Modulus of...
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Silicon Carbide Seal Rings

Description: Silicon Carbide Seal Rings have the property of excellent resistant-corrosion, high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity, good self-lubrication used as seal faces, bearings and tubes in spacecraft, machinery, metallurgy,...
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Waukesha UI Single & Double Mechanical Seal

Product Details: Staionray Ring: SSIC/RBSIC/99.5%Ai203 Rotary Ring: AntimonyImpreg Carbon Graphite/Furan/SSIC/RBSIC/M106/M108 Secondary Seal:Furan/EPR/FKM/CR/NBR/SI/Viton/Hast.C4 Spring and Metal: 304/316/Hast.C4 Shaft Size: 1.5 inch, 1.875 inch,...
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Professional Silicon Carbide Burgmann Mechanical Seal G9/G6/G50 for Sewage Water Stationary Seat

The main advantage of stationary seat: Applications: 1.pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators, refrigeration compressors, blowers, fans, and other rotary shaft equipment 2.pulp and paper, food processing, water, wastewater, refrigeration, chemical...
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SIC Mechanical Seal Ring

Material:RBSIC or SSIC Style:O RING Manufacturer of mechanical seal face,seal bush,shaft bush/sleeves...for pumps *high effeciency of heat-conduction *Heat shock stablity *wear resistant *high temper-endure(up to 1200°C-1600°C) *self-lubrication...
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Cartridge metal bellow seal KBM6

Structure description: Equivalent to calossus cartridge seal,the mechanical seals of type KBM6 IS Accord with double face,balanced structure,A complete set of mechanical seals can be assembled together in advance,pressure in the sealed...
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seal rings

Standard or non-standard seal faces, tailor-made parts according to the customers’drawings or samples. Materials include, Silicon Carbide (SSIC & SiCRB), Tungsten Carbide (6% Nickel TC & 6% Cobalt TC), Carbon Graphite (resin-impregnated &...
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