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LCD 7.4V2.8Ah lithium battery Solar Radiation Recorde

The TPJ-24-G solar radiation recorder is mainly used to monitor and record the total solar radiation inside and outside the greenhouse. It is an important instrument for the research of light energy utilization in the agricultural field. It is...
Main Item power meter, energy meter, panel meter, digital meter, electric meter, smart meter, transducer, power factor controller, thermostat
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QT-SP212 Solar Radiation Data Logger

Product description The Solar Radiation is the sum of direct and diffuse solar radiation at a horizontal plane on Earth. The unit of solar radiation is W/m2. QT-SP212 Solar Radiation Data Logger is an instrument with high measurement accuracy, good...
Main Item scientific instruments
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Digital Solar Radiation Recorder: (Pyranometer for Global Radiation)

A Pyranometer is an instrument for measuring solar radiation received from a whole hemisphere. It is suitable for measuring global sun plus sky radiation. The Pyranometer Sensor measures global solar radiation (sun plus sky) for a spectral response...
Main Item weather monitoring instruments
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Xenon Lamp Solar Simulator Arc Weatherometer Weathering Aging Test Chamber

Xenon Lamp Solar Simulator Arc Weatherometer Weathering Aging Test Chamber Brief Introduction This product uses xenon arc lamp which can simulate the whole sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments. It can...
Main Item Mini environmental chambers, high-low temperature chambers, temperature humidity test chambers, alternating humidity heat chambers, combined temperature and humidity chamber, three-layer constant temperature humidity chambers, (large) walk-in temperature.
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Manufacturer supply 6.5W high efficiency solar charge pack

Light load, portable design Bag material: 600D Color: protect color, black or according to customer requirements Solar panel type: Sunpower high efficiency solar panels Product design has the regulator circuit 5 V output, Can be directly charge to...
Main Item solar lighting
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Parabolic Mirrors

Parabolic reflectors are used to collect energy from a distant source (for example sound waves or incoming star light). Since the principles of reflection are reversible, parabolic reflectors can also be used to focus radiation from an isotropic...
Main Item lens assembly
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2mm-19mm Clear Float Glass for Building

COLORED GLASS BRIEF INFO Tinted Float Glass is a body tinted glass manufactured by the float process and has a coloured appearance, as well as basic solar control properties, The glass can reduce transmission of sun's harmful rays by up to 80%,...
Main Item Aluminum Profile
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Fixed Blade Louver

Simple and elegant design, Energy efficient; water-proof, sound-proof, heat-insulated 1 ) thermal effects. Exterior envelope insulation performance of one of the most important indicators is one of the shading coefficient. In general, the smaller...
Main Item fencing, louver, gate
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RT-308 QUV accelerated aging testing chamber

RT-308 QUV accelerated aging testing chamber can simulate the sun, rain and dew to damage the material, QUV using UV lamp simulate the effect of sunlight, cold rain and dew. Being tested materials are placed in a certain environment which the light...
Main Item Universal testing machine, rubber testing machine, environmental testing machine
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Hand-Held Agricultural Weather Station

Name: Hand-held agricultural weather monitor Model: TNHY series 1. Brief introduction: Hand-held Agricultural Weather Monitor can acquire air temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 concentration, dew point, soil temperature, soil moisture, and...
Main Item grain testing, plant testing, soil testing instrument
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