Ofev 100mg60 soft capsules,nintedanib(as esilate)

Q1: Have your Product Quality been Approved by Third Party Lab? A: Yes, All products are strictly tested by our QC, confirmed by QA and approved by third party lab in China, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, France etc. So you will be assured with...
1YR YES Gold
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Calcium Plus Vitamin D Soft Capsule

Calcium Plus Vitamin D Soft Capsule This product is made from calcium carbonate, vitamin D3, beeswax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water and titanium dioxide. Based on the result of human body test, the product can supplement calcium...
Main Item Vitamin and mineral tablets, Sea buckthorn series, dietary supplements
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Woman anti-aging skin grape seed vitamin E soft capsule Woman anti-aging skin grape seed vitamin E soft capsule

Woman anti-aging skin grape seed vitamin E soft capsule

Overview Quick Details Function: Immune & Anti-Fatigue Type: Herbal Supplements Place of Origin: Shandong, China Brand Name: NA Model Number: NA Dosage Form: Softgel Capsule Product Name: Grape seed softgel capsules Certificate: ISO 9001 Package:...
Main Item Dietary Supplement/Hyaluronic Acid
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Vitamin E soft capsule

Product name: vitamin E soft capsule Health function: supplement vitamin E Main ingredients: vitamin E(dl-a-tocopherol acetate), soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water Ingredient: vitamin E50mg per pill Suitable population: adults who need...
Main Item Health Care Products
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Soft Capsule Improving eyesight Novision Fish Oil ZinC oxide Multivitamin

Each capsule contains: Fish oil (as 60mg DHA, 90mg EPA) 500 mg, ZinC oxide (as 40 mg zinc) 49.8 mg, Bilberry extract 20 mg, Vitamin B1 20 mg, Vitamin B2 5 mg, Zeaxanthin 1 mg, Vitamin A 2500 IU. Dosage Form Soft capsules Indication Help improving...
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Gelatin In Soft Capsule 140-190 Bloom

A medical gelatin used to make soluble capsules (e.g. gelatin capsules, e.g. ovoid capsules) and to prepare medicines (e.g. marshmallows or lipid-free ointments) as an adjunct to the manufacture of oil emulsions.Gelatin is a versatile food.It has...
Main Item Edible gelatin, industrial gelatin
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RJN-200 Pharmaceutical Softgel Soft Capsule Encapsulation Filling Machine Machine Description: The RJN-200 Pharmaceutical Softgel Encapsulation Machine is a new generation of roller die type water cooling type soft gelatin encapsulation machine that optimized designed and precise...
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Liquid Calcium Soft Capsule bone density increasing

Quick Details Function: bone density increasing Type: Minerals Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Your brand Model Number: Liquid Calcium Dosage Form: Softgel Capsule Product Name: Liquid Calcium Soft Capsule bone density...
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Jujube Seed Oil Supplement Soft Capsule

The Chinese traditional culture has a long history, and it has made great contributions to Chinese people's health and longevity. It absorbs the essence of Chinese traditional health theory—Ru, Shi, Dao, Yi, and propose a theory of dredging...
Main Item Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Function ingredients:each capsule contains vitamin 50mg. Health care function:vitamin E supplement Suitable for people:product specification 500mg/capsule Shelf life:24 months Executive standard:Q/sml0006s
Main Item Health products
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Omega-3 200 Soft Capsule 1000 mg

Omega 3 includes fatty acids which are important for human health. Those oil acids are the essential oil acids which are not produced by human body and must be taken externally. Omega 3 oil acids have three essential forms. Those are ALA, DHA and...
Main Item natural herbal food supplements
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Ckim Morning Soft Stool Softner Capsules - 30 Caps

Ckim Morning Soft Stool Softner Capsules - 30 Caps Do not forget me in morning, I bring smile to your morning. Are you eating nov-veg take morning soft, Gentle, Dependable Relief, Gentle Stool Softner, Reliable Relief, Stimulant Free
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GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel

GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel

1. Deep sea fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acid nutrients are an important part of our brain and nervous system. 2. It has the effect of lowering cholesterol and preventing all kinds of cardiovascular...
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Soft capsule filled capsule printing machine

1>Gravure printing 2>Solid/soft/candy/chocolate both ok 3>Stainless steel material comform with GMP standard Working Principle: Put the capsule or tablets into the feeding plate,and let them fall naturally into the grooves of the revoling feeding...
Main Item capsule machine , edible ink
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Health food --Improve sleeping quality--Jujube Seed oil Soft Capsules

Health food --Improve sleeping quality--Jujube Seed oil Soft Capsules [Effect] Improving sleep quality Easing the mind Regulating the blood fat Resisting Oxidation [Suitable Crowd] The business person who is always on trips. The women who is...
Main Item Ttraditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, health care food
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bee propolis soft capsule OEM

1. The flavonoids in the propolis soft capsule per 100 g contains 3 g 2.New Black Bee Propolis 0.5g/grain oval GMP soft capsules is a kind of health food for all man and women. 3.We could make bee propolis soft capsules as you customized. 1.Bee...
Main Item soft capsule OEM
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10mg Isotretinoin Soft Capsules for acne treatment

1.Product name:Isotretinoin Soft Capsules 2.Specification:10mg 3.Package:30 Capsules/bottle/box 4.Shelf life:36 months contact person:Alisa whatsapp/mobile:+86 130 3266 8002 10mg CTD dossiers could be available
Main Item skin whitening&anti ageing&body slimming
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ISO Certification Soft Capsules Gelatin

What is Gelatin? Gelatin is extracted from collagen and is a high molecular weight protein composed of 18 amino acids. Bovine hide, bones, pig skin and fish scales are normally used for the production of the gelatin. Gelatin is used in various...
Main Item food grade gelatin;medical grade gelatin;collagen
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Health Food wheat germ oil soft capsule anti-oxidation

Health Food wheat germ oil soft capsule anti-oxidation Specifications 1.100% natural wheat germ 2.Vitamin E (0.1-0.2g)/100g 3.Beauty, adjust endocrine 4.GMP,HACCP,ISO9001 certificates 5.OEM Wheat germ oil Soft Capsule Ingredients: wheat-germ oil,...
Main Item health care product
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