Wanted: Molybdenum, tungsten

Apr 2, 2016
Russian Federation
We offer on a permanent basis , direct deliveries from the manufacturer : molybdenum metal in the form of sintered pellets , tungsten metal in the form of sintered pellets . For more information, please contact us by e-mail.
Russian Federation

Wanted: purchase PTFE scrapt

Aug 18, 2014
we are pruchasing a large amount of clearn PTFE scrap,which include as following types: Sintered Natural Sintered Colored Unsintered Colored.

Wanted: Sintered cooper wire filter disc/wire mesh filter disc

Jul 19, 2014
stainless steel rectangular filter disc, wire mesh filter disc 1.Stainless Steel Filter Disc Introduction: a. Stainless steel filter disc is made of sintered metal mesh or sintered metal fiber felt. b. Stainless steel filter disc is a good...

Wanted: Inquiry for Sintered Spinel

Jul 27, 2008
This is Mangiran co. Ltd. We are active as one of the biggest importers of refractory materials in Iran. Now we have an inquiry for Sinered Spinel as follows: SINTERED SPINEL MgO: 32-34% AL2O3: 64-66% B.D. 3.24 g/ccm Min Grain Size 0-30 mm 90%Min...

Wanted: B4C TiC Mechanical Seal Ring

Jul 19, 2008
Our company specializes in producing sintered structural components, mechanical seal components and sintering bearing in China. We are looking forward to cooperating with you, who can offer many unique kinds of materials like B4C, TiC as mechanical...

Wanted: Wanted Iron Ores and Bauxite

Jul 18, 2007
BISMILLAH We are looking for the following : COMMODITY: Iron Ore Sinter Feed (Fe), Purity 65.5% ORIGIN: Mexico, Ukraine or Russia PACKING: Bulk MONTHLY QUANTITY: 150,000mt in 3 vessels of 50,000 DWT CONTRACT LENTH: 72 Months LOADING PORT: Mexico...

Wanted: iron ore brazil

May 10, 2007
we are try to find supplier regarding iron ore brazil. Name of commodity: IRON ORE (sinter feed) Specifications: Fe 64.5% or better , rejection below 63% FOB/CIF CHEMICAL SPECIFICATIONS Fe: 64.5% Rejection below: 63.50% Al 203: 0.7 % Rejection...

Wanted: Sintered Magnesia

Apr 25, 2004
Dear Sir, Sub: Sintered Magnesia We are a trading company impotrting many products from China and korea. All the steel plants in India are our regular customers We require Magnesia of following specification in large qty for use in theÿFFFFA0Steel...

Wanted: Second-hand machine for making of Diamond Cutting Tools

Sep 25, 2002
We have Second-hand & Stock machine for manufacturing of Diamond Tools as followings; 1)2sets of Sintering machine- 1990 made in Italy 2)Auto Brazing machine-1993 made in Italy 3)Auto Segment Cold Press-1990 made in Italy. 4)2Sets of Auto Cold...