Wanted: purchasing reclaim silicon scrap

Feb 9, 2023
We reclaim Solar Silicon scrap,both mono/poly silicon solar cell scrap are welcome. Contact Us Now! All you have to do is call us, we make all logistical arrangements! We can de-install solar arrays and solar installs. We pay all the freight! We...

Wanted: Seeking cooperation agent

Dec 30, 2019
We are a Chinese manufacturer of silicone sealant, we hope to find an agent who can cooperate with us deeply. If you are interested, please contact my Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 18578453692 Here is the address of our product electronic manual. You can...

Wanted: solar grade silicon materials

Oct 16, 2012
Hong Kong
RE: silicon materials for solar grade(6N-9N) and IC grade(11N) HIGH RESISTIVITY AND/OR LOW RESISTIVITY P TYPE AND/OR N TYPE - - silicon ingot: top and tail, broken ingot - silicon wafer : whole wafer ,broken wafer(bare/ssp/dsp/film/pattern) - pot...
Hong Kong

Wanted: Resistivity Tester and Type Tester wanted to rent/buy

Apr 29, 2009
United States
I need a PORTABLE hand-held resistivity tester and type tester. I need it for one week only, so I can rent it and you can make some money, or I can buy it. I need to test some pot scrap silicon.
United States

Wanted: Buy IC/ solar broken/scrap silicon wafer,top and tail,pot scrap,polychunks

Mar 7, 2008
I'm the purchase manager of Shanghai JD Electronics.We are the main silicon materials buyer located in China.We are keep sourcing the scrap silicon materials such as broken/scrap wafer,top&tails,ingot fallout,pot scrap and so on.The following red...

Wanted: purchase silicon ingot and broken wafer

Mar 5, 2008
Dear sirs or madam, We would like to purchase large quantity of Scrap silicon wafer, Scrap silicon ingot, Pot scarp, Tops and tails, Solar grade & IC grade broken wafer, and high purity monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon chunks. Please...

Wanted: silicon material

Aug 8, 2007
We need silicon wafers and ingot,silicon chunks,ingot scrap, pot scrap,broken wafers,MONOCRYSTALLINE or CRYSTALLINE is OK, Solar Grade or IC Grade is OK. Please contract me and send me the details.Thank you. With best regards, Coffee Chan...

Wanted: buy silicon wafer, pot scraps, top&tail of ingot,

Mar 30, 2007
Dear Madam or Sirs: I am looking for silicon ingot ,pot scrap ,broken wafer We need the materials :the top / tail of the silicon ingots and pot scrap , broken wafers. We will very appreciate if we can have cooperation. My company is manufacture, We...

Wanted: buy reclaimed silicon wafer

Jun 20, 2006
We are continuously purchasing large quantity polycrystalline silicon, reclaimed wafer and silicon scraps that may have fallen out of your process, such as: broken wafer(Bare), pot-scrap, top/tail silicon and etc: For Polysilicon, we need the...

Wanted: monocrystallite silicon ingots, polycrystallite silicon chunks, top & tail, pot scraps

Apr 19, 2006
We are in great need of all kinds of silicon materials, including Monosrytallite Ingots, Polycrystallite chunks, Top and Tail, and Pot Scraps of Solar Grade of P or N type. Please contact me as soon as possible.