Welding Wires

Welding Wire

Apr 1, 2023
Okmarts supplies all types of Welding Wire. Alco Tec Welding Wire, ALPHA Welding Wire, ATLANTIC Welding Wire, Avesta Welding Wire, BOHLER Welding Wire, BRIDGE Welding Wire, Castolin Welding Wire, CORODUR Welding Wire, ESAB Welding Wire,...
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esab welding machine

Mar 27, 2023
The famous brands of welding machines we can provide are as follows: miller welding machines lincoln welding machines fronius welding machine telwin welding machine rilon welding machine panasonic welding machine hitachi welding machine nelson stud...
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EM12K   F7A4-EM12K   F7A2-EM12K       Submerged Arc Welding Wire Manufacturer

Nov 8, 2022
Welding of low carbon steel, 490MPa grade high strength steel Specification: AWS F7A2-EM12K F7A4-EM12K GB F5A3-H08MnA Characteristics of XINYU Submerged Arc Welding Wire: ( 1 ) Low temperature impact performance is intelligent,welding slag...
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Mig Pure Bare Aluminum Welding Wire ER1070 ER1100

Jul 16, 2021
1. Independent research and development and Production of the entire process, deploy specific chemical composition according to customer demands. 2. Unique machine Scraping. Skinning technology, reduce air pollution and avoid the formation of...
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Sell Submerged-arc Welding Wire

Mar 6, 2020
Submerged-arc Welding Wire (EL9, EM12, EH14, EM13K, EL12,EB2 etc) Specifications of Submerged-arc welding wire: 1.6mm, 2.0mm,2.4mm,3.2mm,4.0mm,5.0mm Packing: 1. 25kg, 50kg, 150kg, 200kg, 350kg transverse wind without core,Vaccum packing 2....
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Gasless mig welding wire

Oct 1, 2019
ACE-D72F-O Main chemical component C:4.80~5.50 Si:1.00~1.30 Mn:0.40~0.70 Cr:22.00~24.00 Mo:2.50~3.50 W:0.80~1.20 V:0.40~0.60 Nb:4.50~5.50 Others:0.20~0.50 Hardness:62~65HRC Nantong Ace welding produces all kinds of overlaying hardfacing flux cored...
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ER5183 aluminum welding wire

Jun 20, 2019
ER5183 aluminum welding wire 1.Mg alloy aluminium welding wires; 2.Used on 5083 and 5654 base metal; 3.High strength; 4.Color after anodizing:white. Aluminum Welding Wires ER5183 1..High Quality;.Adopted in various industries; 2.Standard:AWS A...
Main Item Welding Wire MIG, TIG rod, ER70S-6 welding wire, SG2 welding wire, FCAW wire, E71T-1, E71T-11, E71T-GS flux cored welding wire, Tungsten electrode, TIG WT20 tungsten electrode, tungsten electrode rod
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Aluminum Bronze ERCuAl-A1,CuAl8

Dec 24, 2018
GB/T9460 CuAl8 EN14640 CuAl8 AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A1 Prefer for joining welding of pure and austenitic steel sheet. Maintains good temperament flow and creates seamless welding line.Suggested for the joning welding of copper with steel,particularly...
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AWS ER70S-6/SG2/IS YGW12 / BS A18/ EN G3Si1 mig welding wire manufacture factory from China

Nov 12, 2018
ER70S-6 Gas protection welding wire ER70S-6 Why choose us Solid Brand 1 Direct factory manufacturer with competitive price 2 16 years manufacturing & trading experience 3 1800 workers&120 production lines 4 15-day delivery guaranteed 5 net weight...
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Submerged Arc Welding Wires

Jul 17, 2018
Introduction: It is a kind of high-manganese type welding wire. It matches with low-manganese and low-silicon type welding flux. It is not sensitive to the rust on the base metal. It has excellent bead molding and slag detachability. Monopole or...
Main Item ER70S-6 CO2 gas shielded welding wires
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Zinc-copper nickel cu7730

Jul 11, 2018
Utilized in the joints and gears of machinery, automatic technological industries, and Steel-furniture industries. It is suitable for surface corrosion resistance for cast steel, cast iron, copper-alloy and nickel-alloy, as well as the joining...
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CO2 welding wire production line

Apr 25, 2018
We have for sale CO2 welding wire production line, kindly go through the same and advise your interest. No. 1 - Flux cored wire manufacture forming Machine -Maker Fukuchiyama-Japan -Mfg. date 1993 No.2 - Flux cored wire manufacture forming Machine...
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Welding wire

Dec 29, 2017
Welding wire Summary table of carton steel and low alloy steel welding wire Code AWS Main Applications H08A EL8 Used for welding carton steel and low-alloy steel (such as 16Mn) that together with fused flux HJ430,HJ431,HJ433. H08MnA EM12 Used in...
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Welding wires

May 15, 2017
Welding wires Specifications CO2 MIG Welding Wire AWS A.5.18 ER70S-6 1. ISO9001 approved 2. Excellent welding performance, stable arc 3. Free sample/OEM 4.zander welding industry Shandong Zander Resourcing Company Limited zander.welding.industry...
Hong Kong
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Dec 14, 2016
XINYU XW-3/XF-B Characteristics: ( 1 ) Suitable for multi-layer welding. ( 2 ) Welding bead appearance is smooth and beautiful, welding slag stripping is good., Operational superiority. ( 3 ) Suitable for butt welding and fillet welding in...
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ER5183 Aluminium Alloy Welding Wire

Nov 15, 2016
Weite group was founded in 1995,it has 4 subordinate companies Ningxia Sunres International Trade Co.,Ltd.,Lanzhou Weite Welding Materials Tech. Co.,Ltd.,Yinchuan Weite Metal Products Co.,Ltd and Xining Weite Welding Materials Co.,Ltd.,we have...
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Yamaha chip mounter YS12

Oct 8, 2016
Main product :smt mounter,smt machine,smt shooter,chip mounter,smt equipment,BGA assembly machine,pick and place machine,smt placement machine,smt mounting machine,electronic equipment,pcb machine and place machine,smt assembly,smt/smd...
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China Factory Wholesale Welding Supplies Online CO2 Gas Shielded MIG Welding Wire (AWS ER70S-6)

Aug 26, 2016
Welding Wire (AWS A5.18 ER70S-6) Description: ER70S-6 is a kind of mild steel copper coated welding wire, suitable for 100% CO2 and Argon& CO2 mixed gas protective welding with stable feasibility, good welding seams, less spatters and excellent...
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we offer tin solder wire

Jun 29, 2016
MBO, Great wall solder wire has advantages as follows: surface clean, no easy-broken core, rapid melting, bright soldering point, reliable soldering. 1. Tin-lead alloys 2. Tin-lead alloys with antimony alloys 3. Tin-antimony alloys 4....

solder wire all kinds of models

Apr 15, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! We are a lead manufacturer of solder material in China,such as solder wire,solder bar and solder paste. And you can find almost all the models you want here produced by our company.If you are interested in our products,pls...
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