Welding Rods

miller welding machines

Mar 27, 2023
The famous brands of welding machines we can provide are as follows: miller welding machines lincoln welding machines fronius welding machine telwin welding machine rilon welding machine panasonic welding machine hitachi welding machine nelson stud...
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Good quality Tungsten carbide welding rods competitive welding ropes

Mar 8, 2019
Hardfacing flexible cords(coiled flexible electrode composed of a Nicke core wire and tungsten carbide grain covered) Tungsten carbide is one of the best materials with its highest hardness,wear resistance material in the industrial except diamond....
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automatic chain-type drying furnace

Dec 29, 2018
automatic chain-type drying furnace, as the special production equipment for welding electrodes, can be used in baking of welding rods. Specifications and Parameters: No. Name SHG-3A SHG-5A SHG-7A 1 Drying Mode Far-infrared (electrical), natural...
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Nickel Silver Cu305, DIN EN1044, Brazing rod

Dec 24, 2018
Utilized in the joints and gears of machinery, automatic technological industries, and steel-furniture industries. It is suitable for surface corrosion resistance for cast steel,cast iron,copper-alloy and nickel-alloy, as well as the joining...
Main Item Copper Welding Wire, Copper alloy wire, ERCuAl-A1, ERCuSi-A
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Low alloy steel welding rod

Dec 29, 2017
Low alloy steel welding rod Model AWS Main Applications J506RH E7016-G Used for low alloy steel E36,DE36,A537, such as offshore platforms, shipping pressure vessels. J507RH E7015-G Used for shipping vessel, bridge, high pressure vessel, boiler,...
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Co2 welding wire welding material

May 15, 2017
Co2 welding wire welding material welding wire manufacturers Shandong Zander Resourcing Company Limited zander.welding.industry we can supply all dia of submerged arc welding wire H08A and common gas shield welding wire ER50-6 with ISO and TUV...
Hong Kong
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Hollow Core Carbon Rods

Apr 1, 2017
We are a manufacturer and exporter of copper coated gouging carbon electrodes in China. We produce all sizes of pointed carbons, jointed carbons and flat carbons. Packing can be as customer required. Our product quality is well received by...
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Welding Electrodes AWS E6013 E7018

Nov 2, 2016
Dear sir, Glad to hear that you're in the market for welding materials. We are the MANUFACTURER of high quality welding materials with competitive price ! Such as welding electrodes, welding wire, welding flux,welding electrodes production...
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Oct 19, 2016
Pure tungsten electrode is the earliest use of electrode in tig welding. It contains tungsten content minimum 99.5%, without other impurities. Pure tungsten electrode is only as welding electrode under the condition of AC or resistance welding...
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welding material

Jul 30, 2016
Phos-copper brazing alloy is base on the raw material with the binary alloy of copper-phosphorus. It has good fluidity, low cost, perfect processing property. No need to add flux when brazing copper and silver, and the joint has good strength.
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carbide rods

Dec 11, 2015
high quality,good performance,competitive price. Please refer to product picture for more information.
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May 26, 2015
Our products are superior in quality, the price is right, it must make you satisfied About details, please contact us anytime.
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guaranteed 100% welding oscillator

May 4, 2015
In order to meet the requirements of welding process for the weld width control; improve the welding efficiency and welding quality of the interlayer and the surface; reduce the welding defects generation; make welding equipments easily handle...
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butt welding machine

Apr 23, 2015
we specially produce butt welding machines, welcome to contact with us.
Beijing Ron-En Machinery&Integration Co. Ltd


Oct 15, 2014
CHE50 with covering of low hydrogen sodium is suitable for welding important structures made of low alloy steel with corresponding grade of tensile strength, such as ships and heavy machinery. Typical chemical composition of deposited metal(%):...
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Jul 14, 2014
We LINKSUCCESS INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD. is a supplier of the welding materials. We have our own joint factory in TIANJIN. Our product range covers the following: 1, Welding electrodes of carbon steel such as E6013, E7018, Cellulose welding...
Hong Kong
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welding electrodes types aws e308l-16 2.0mm

May 5, 2014
Specifications j421 welding electrodes 4.0mm Welding mild steel with normal tensile strength particularly suitable for intermittent welding to sheet and small workpoces. AWS E6013 E6013 is a mild-steel, all position, generalpurpose cellulose base...
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sell gouging carbon electrode

Feb 21, 2014
DESCRIPTIONS: Gouging Carbon include jointed Gouging Carbon, pointed Gouging Carbon, flate Gouging Carbonetc and are used for cutting and boring, removing of defects in welds and casts, grooving on the back of weld and flushing the excess metal of...
Main Item Gouging carbon rod
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Welding Rod J421

Feb 8, 2014
J421 is carbon steel type electrode with titanium oxide coating. It is suitable for all-position welding alog with the excellent welding performances and can be used both of AC and DC, the arc is stable and easy to re-strike For welding various...
Main Item ferro silicon, silicon metal
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Welding Electrodes

Oct 18, 2013
SAFRED (AWS E6013/7018) - This is a fine high production electrode that can weld thicknesses from light gauge sheet to heavy plate. High welding currents and travel speeds can be used without undercut. The slag is self-cleaning. SW15 may be used to...
Main Item Welding Electrodes
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