Testing Equipment

Smart Co2 meter

Mar 2, 2023
Product name:co2 meter / co2 detector / co2 Monitor / air quality monitor
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EarlyTect Colon Cancer

Jun 13, 2022
EarlyTect Colon Cancer Test was approved by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety through clinical trials at Yonsei Medical Center, Severance Hospital, and Severance Check-up Center for eligible subjects, 585 men and women aged 30 to 80....
Main Item EarlyTect Colon Cancer
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Intelligent High Voltage HV Circuit Breaker Testing Equipment, Circuit Breaker Tester/ Analyzer

Mar 22, 2023
JSCB-306 Series Circuit Breaker Tester is specially designed to meet the need of on-site testing the dynamic characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers. It takes the ARM7 unit for core to sample, process and output, the main characteristic is...
Main Item transformer oil purifier, insulating oil purification, transformer oil filtration, dielectric oil treatment, transformer oil dehydration, transformer oil regeneration, transformer oil filtering, transformer oil purifying, transformer oil processing
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GW-40B Type Steel Bar Bending Testing Machines

Mar 21, 2023
Overview GW-40B Type Steel Bar Bending Testing Machines is special equipment which process cold bend tests and plane rebend tests. Its main technical parameters meet GB1499.2-2007 <The second part of Steel tube for the reinforcement of concrete:...
Main Item Universal testing machine
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1000N.m Computer Control Torsion Testing Machine NDW-1000

Mar 21, 2023
Usage: This machine is used for metal, non-metallic, composite materials and components torsion performance test. The machine has characteristic of stable and reliable operation, high adaptability to the environment, wide measuring range, high...
Main Item impact testing machines, low temperature machines, broaching machines, universal
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wood testing machine

Mar 20, 2023 CONTACT: Jinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd Contact: Peter Wen(General Manager) Tel: +86 13906415399(Wechat)(Line)(whatsApp) Skype: testing_machine QQ 1067286983 Brief introduction The machine is mainly used for...
Main Item test machine
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PLC control dn15-100 YFT-B100 vertical valve test machine for any type of valve connection test

Mar 18, 2023
Brand Name:YONGYE Control: computer control Model Number :YFT-B100 Power :Hydraulic Usage :Universal Testing Machine Accurace :0.4 grade power supply :380V50hz/220V60HZ display : digital/curve display standard :API CERTIFICATION :CE/ISO9001...
Main Item hydraulic valve test bench
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Sell Leeb Hardness Tester

Mar 18, 2023
Model: HT-6561 1.1 Typical Applications * Die cavity of molds * Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on a production line * Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment * Inspection of installed machinery,...
Main Item coating thick gauge, ultrasonic thick gauge, moisture meter, vibration meter, anemom
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High low Temperature Cycle Test Chamber

Mar 9, 2023
High low Temperature Cycle Test Chamber Model HLT7006HD HLT701HD HLT702HD HLT705HD HLT710HD Internal volume 64 L 110 L 252 L 504 L 1000 L Internal dimensions (D*W*H) 400*400*400 mm 450*450*550 mm 600*600*700 mm 700*800*900 mm 1000*1000*1000 mm...
Main Item testing chamber
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LY-10KGF Thrust Stand

Mar 2, 2023
LY-10KGF Thrust Stand LY-10KGF Stand testing is an advanced drone test equipment to measure and record the thrust, torque, voltage, current, RPM, motor and propeller efficiency of your drone propulsion system. It is capable of measuring 1-10kg...
Main Item Drone Thrust Test, RC Thrust Test, UAV Thrust Test
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Portable Oil Dielectric Strength Tester,Oil BDV Testing Kit

Feb 22, 2023
Application: The ST portable oil dielectric strength tester kit provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. The ST Oil Dielectric Strength Tester adopt industrial SCM to control,...
Main Item transformer oil filtration, oil purifier, transformer oil purification, testers
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UPT210 Multi-Function Power Meter Italy Algodue

Feb 13, 2023
UPT210 Multi-Function Power Meter Italy Algodue Power Meter ordering information: UPT210 UPM307 UPT2010 UPT2020 UPM6100 UPM3100 UPM3080 UPM3060 UPM315 UPM307 UPM215 UPM310 UPM304 UPM204 Energy Counter: UEC80-3X UEC80-4X UEC80-2X UEC1P5-4X UEC1P5-3X...
Main Item Switch, switch power supply, semiconductor, connector
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Pacifier Test Fixture RS-S02

Feb 9, 2023
To determine whether the pacifiers for infants present choking or suffocating hazards. A pacifier is placed centrally in the opening of test fixture. The nipple is subjected to a tensile force of 2 lbs and held for 10 seconds. If the shield is...
Main Item Textile Instrumnts, Toy testing equipment;Furniture testing machine
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128PIN Cable Continuity Tester, Short-Circuit Test Equipment, Cable Testing Instrument for Harness

Jan 28, 2023
Performance Characteristics: I.The working mechanism of the G128N wire tester is to continuously repeat the test. Only when the wire is detected to be the same as the sample line, the display will be correct. After the test wire is removed, it will...
Main Item T12 Soldering Station, , Welding Tools, Welding Iron station, Soldering Iron Station, t12 solder station kit, T12 soldering iron tip, welding tips, Solder Tips, Solder Wire, Solder Core, soldering wire, solder flux, Wiring Harness Test Machine, Cable Tester
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LR1001, Aerobic Count Plate

Dec 13, 2022
MicroFast® Aerobic Count Plate (AC) is a sample-ready-culture medium system which contains improved media, cold-water-soluble gelling agent and indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. It is intended for the aerobic count test for food and...
Main Item lateral flow test strip, ELISA, IAC
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Sterility test Isolator

Nov 10, 2022
SV Isolation Technology, Aseptic Isolator, Sterility test Isolator The technology is a fast-growing trend among first class pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.Today, the use of isolators has become standard practice for...
Main Item Microbial filtration system, Manifold vacuum filtration, sterility test system, media dispense device, agar filler, split butterfly valve, ab valve, hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, capper, decapper.
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TTX-2417K100 Pharmaceutical Metal Detector for Small Packaged      X Ray Systems Manufacturers

Nov 9, 2022
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Description Applications. It is suitable for the testing of cookies, potato chips, baby food, pharmaceuticals and other small packaging products. Main functions. Data can be exported: The system can export production...
Main Item X-ray machine, metal detector, X-Ray Inspection System
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WDW-5S single columns UTM

Oct 9, 2022
adopting single arm structure, with attractive appearance; adopting AC speed regulation system to drive precision ball screw assembly to realize speed adjustment in a large range, with stable and efficient test process; using liquid crystal digital...
Main Item testing machine
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Coating Thickness Gauge AC-110A/AS

Sep 28, 2022
AMITTARI Standard Type Coating Thickness Gauge AC-110 Series have 2 types: Type A ( Integral Type ), Type AS ( SeparateType). Integral Type suitable for single-hand operation, large probe with large contact surface have better stability, users can...
Main Item Vibration Meter/Moisture Meter/Coating Thickness Gauge/Surface Roughness Meter/
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hydraulic dynamometer(Auto testing machine)

Sep 28, 2022
My friend's company manufactures dynamometer- eddy current dynamometer and hydraulic dynamometer. It can use for testing diesel engine, gasoline engine, generator's power output, fuel consumption, torque, and so on. Generally speaking, engine...
Main Item Diesel Generating Sets
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