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polyurethane foam production line

Mar 24, 2023
Specifications variety polyurethane foam production line 2.Quality meet ISO900 3.20years manufacturing experience 4.OEM/ODM welcome polyurethane foam production line Equipment model: LZ-ES803 Product Purpose: This machine is used for...
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Sending you an offer for Ultrasonic spot welder

May 8, 2019
800w 35Khz Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welding with Titanium Welding Horn Description: Hand-held ultrasonic welding torch (referred to as ultrasonic hand welding torch), also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine, can be used for welding...
Main Item Ultrasonic welding transducer, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine
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manufacturer of micro flame welder-305T in China

Sep 18, 2018
Zhengzhou sofine precision machinery Co.,Ltd has been specialized in developing,designing,producing micro flame welder for nearly 17 years with high-class technical support and after sales services. Electrolytic voltage of newly stainless steel...
Main Item Hydrogen Oxygen Gas Generator, Micro Flame Polisher, Water Welding Machine, Oxyhydrogen Flame Polisher, Acrylic Polishing Machine, Water Welder
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SUNKKO 709AD+ battery spot welder

Jun 15, 2018
Universal welding pen Soldering Current setting Welding pressure setting Cooling fan Selecting pulse group LED Lighting Easy to install welding pen on machine Welding thickness of fixed welding 0.3mm LED Panel Display
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Selling HMG-400JM Die Spotting Presses

Mar 15, 2017
Production name:HMG-400JM Die Spotting Machine Type No.:HMG-400JM Brand:SXKH 1.Brief Introduction: The JM series die spotting press from our company is applicable to final assembly grinding and repair work after grinding trial of various die making...
Main Item Die Spotting Machine
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Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

Dec 28, 2015
Welding advantages: 1. welding material does not melt, non-fragile metal properties. 2. then after the good conductivity and resistivity very low or almost zero. 3. pairs of welding metal surfaces that require low, oxidation or plating can be...
Main Item ultrasonic welding machine
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digital welder

Apr 24, 2015
High frequency inverter technology, space-saving power source, and light weight High efficiency, energy and electricity saving Easy arc starting, gentle and stable arc, small spatter, and well-formed beautiful welding seam A wide range of...
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Battery Spot Welder for Ni-Cd, NiMH, Li-Ion Cell,laptop battery pack BSW-18

Apr 2, 2015
BSW-18 is a laptop Battery Resistance Spot Welder suitable for small or mediumlots of tab welding,light weight, portable design.It'seasy to movearound and set up within minutes at wherever the production process isrequired,to have generic thin...
Main Item Spot welder
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Spot Welding

Jun 16, 2014
Dear sir, Please welcome to review our web-site at: for more detailed, if you need more information with our products, please contact us once, we are always at your disposal. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, May...
Main Item Fan Capacitor/ Spot Welding Machine
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Battery Spot Welding Machine

May 28, 2014
Our Battery Spot Welding Machine are widely used in CR2032 battery welding, cellphone battery welding, 18650/26650 Battery Packs welding. From 0.1mm--0.5mm battery tabs and strips. Our capacitor spot welder has special advantage: 1.Firm spot...
Main Item precision spot welder
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Spot Welding Machine

May 15, 2014
1. Reconditioned 2. Running Well 3. Competitive Price 4. Made in Taiwan 5. Having Various Brands
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ultrasonic spot welding machine manufacturer

Feb 21, 2014
ultrasonic spot welding machine manufacturer Principle: Ultrasonic generator produce high-frequency and high-pressure signal.then,change it into the high-frequency mechanical vibration through the transducer system.takes advantage of horn conduct...
Main Item Ultrasonic welding equipment
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DNK-25 spot welding machine

Jan 8, 2014
Brand Name:Kehua Model Number:DNK-25 Voltage:1~380V Rated Capacity:25KVA Rated Duty Cycle:50% Weight 275kg Usage spot welding machine Color:blue and white Product No.:DNK-25 Arm length size:500mm welding palte thickness:
Main Item spot/butt welding machine
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insulation tape for spot welding gun

Dec 24, 2012
Specialization for resistance welding guns in automobile manufacture and other metal processing factory Function 1)Insulation: It can form insulated layer at the surface of resistance welding gun arms, and prevent current distributaries when steel...
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protecting cage welding machine made in china, Quality assurance, price favorability

Nov 19, 2012
Protecting cage welding machine, protecting cage welding equipment, protecting cage welder, wire mesh welding machine Features and benefits: This welder adopts medium frequency inverter power, its advantage as below: 1, plentiful energy is saved,...
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sell DR series Discharge Spot Welding Equipment

Apr 11, 2012
DR series Discharge Spot Welding Equipment 1. No oxidation at spot joint, polishing can be avoided. 2. A built-in voltage regulator ensures constant output voltage, results even welding. 3. Digital controller and other precision components and...
Main Item Resistance welding machine
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ultrasonic welder plastic welder machine spot welder

Mar 21, 2012
ultrasonic welder plastic welder solar welders 1.Lift body electrically and adjust moulds conveniently and efficiently; 2.weld solar heater panel 3.Integrated design that can be arbitrarily adjusted in revolution, time, twisting distance and...
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Numeric control fencing spot welder

Feb 21, 2012
Programme-controlled large automatic fencing welder is the most advanced with assembly of welder, electronic devices and computer. This machine can adjust its warps, and the weft spacing can be controlled by programme at your request. When welding,...
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