Plastic Vacuum Forming Machinery

plastic vacuum auto loader for injection molding machine extruder blow molidng machine

Jan 18, 2021
WENSUI WSAL series autoloaders were suitabble for automatic transporting all kinds of particle materials, and mainly used in the field of plastic, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields that require same material particles transport. >...
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Thermal insulation pipe machinery

Jun 19, 2018
SJBG Series insulation pipe extrusion unit collect extrusion, vacuum molding, cooling, traction, cutting, unloading in one body. With a high degree of automation, high yield, stable performance, long life and so on characteristics, especially with...
Main Item slaughtering machine
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Plastic straing band making machine

Jan 12, 2017
Overview: The packing belt production line equipment is composed of strong extruding main machine, supporting auxiliary machine, lengthening cooling water tank, oven, traction embossing unit, double configuration winding unit and split type...
Main Item Adhesive tapes coating machine, slitting machine, cutting machine, packing machine, PE bubble film making machine, Bags making machine
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foam plastic thermoforming machine

Nov 23, 2016
PS foam food box forming machine used the sheet foamed from the PS foam sheet extruder servo motor controlled with the aluminum molds to catch what kinds of patterns you want
Main Item PS foam food box making machine
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Vacuum Insulation Panels

Apr 14, 2015
DEYILI's Vacuum Insulation Panels: The new material of Vacuum Insulation Panels: The VIP is short for vacuum insulation plates. Because of its super heat-proof quality, long useing life and excellent combination property, VIP has been used in the...
Main Item GRP machine
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XS-30 Plastic Shot Vacuum Forming Machine / Plastic PVC Cup Molding Machine

Jan 7, 2015
Functions: To mold plastic cup of different sizes To be used as bra cup holder To stabilize the shapes of bra cup For easy measurement of bra size Function:It is suitable for the suction forming of various PVC cups. Features: (1) The production...
Main Item moulding machine, laminating machine
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EPS batch pre-expander ( double expansion)

Dec 30, 2014
Main Features: 1. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen, automatic filling, temperature control,material level control to realize automatic production. 2. Machine is complete with Screw Conveyor. 3. The closed constant pressure foaming barrel has...
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plastic vacuum forming machine

Dec 5, 2014
Plastic vacuum Forming Machine adopts the national patent of 'pull sheet structure' technique. This technology can save material 8 tons per year and save energy sources more than 40% compare with common machine and adapt for different plastic...
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Sell plastic vacuum forming machine

Mar 12, 2014
A.This machine under model PCS/sets of all adopt casting structure. B.Mould parts precision of the machined part (+ / - 0.8 MM). C.Pull chain with double row of teeth, precision of the servo motor to pull piece combination (+ / - 0.3 MM) to ensure...
Main Item plastic cup making machine line, plastic sheet extruder, thermoforming machine
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Sell plastic vacuum forming machine

Oct 9, 2013
We specialize in this field for more than ten years.We promise good quality and reasonable price.Our machinery can also be made by your requirements. As for the technical parameter and any needs,don't hesitate to contact me Candy.machinery @ y a h...
Main Item plastic extruders, automatic microcomputer hydraulic cup making machines
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rotary vane vacuum pump

Aug 15, 2013
Techincal data Exhaust displacement: MOT-085: 50Hz-70 little/min, 60Hz-85 little/min MOT-140: 50Hz-116 little/min, 60Hz: 140 little/min Ultimate pressure: gas ballast open: MOT-085: 5 X 10-3, MOT-140: 5 X 01-3 gas ballast close:MOT-085: 5 X 10-2,...
Main Item vacuum pump
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complex engin part vacuum casting prototype

Jul 15, 2013
Main technical specification: Applicable mold: make the soft silicon mold for the need of building prototype; the silicon mold life is 10-20 times. Casting material: PU. The used materials include Japan HEI-CAST and PELNOX,France AXSON. Material...
Main Item rapid prototype product
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Uni-Block Vacuum Forming, Trimming & Stacking Machine

Apr 23, 2013
Uni Block Vacuum Forming, Trimming & Stacking Machine Uni-Block Automatic Vacuum Forming & Press-cutting & Stacking Machine (Model No. JS-AVF-U) is designed to automatically vacuum-form disposable containers PS foam sheet, PS, PET, PVC, HIPS or PP...
Main Item PE Foam Sheet Extruder, ps foam sheet extruder, foam sheet extruder
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Main Item Aluminum injection tool plastic injection mold
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Dec 21, 2012
APPLICATION OF PE/PS FOAM IS PACKAGING OF FRAGILE AND SENSITIVE PARTS, CUSHIONIN GELEMENTS, FOR EXAMPLE IN THE FURNITURE AND INSULATING FIELD. This machine features the compact design, labor saving by the production advantages of Printable,...
Main Item Vacuum Form and Trimming machine
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ABS thick sheet vacuum forming

Nov 28, 2012
Shenzhen Tengye is a modern plastic products manufacture enterprise. It is specialized in producing thick (1.5mm-10mm) vacuum-formed and injection plastic products which are made by ABS,PVC,PS,HIPS,HDPE,PE,PP,PC,PMMA or their complex materials. Our...
Main Item vacuum form and injection plastic product
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PE foaming press,EVA foam press,EVA machine

Oct 31, 2012
EVA/PE Foam Press mainly applies to foaming and moulding for various of foaming rubber and plastic materials,sponge materials,building and decorative materials as the special equipment.The present machine is a newly designed model after research...
Main Item Rubber Machinery
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Rotary Drum Door Foaming Machine

Jun 13, 2012
This rotary drum type with 7(8) fixture line is mainly for door foaming and consists of body frame, rotating frame, foaming frame, hydraulic driven, orientation, mold opening and closing unit, injection unit, species identification unit, hydraulic...
Main Item refrigerator equipment, Metal forming line, Refrigerator foaming line, mould&tooling, vacuum thermoforming machine, assembling line, conveyor line, equipments & mould for appliance products
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Plastic valve

May 4, 2012
Full plastic valve and pipeline accessories: Main products are: RPP, PVDF, ABS, CPVC ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, globe valves, pump, pipes and pipe adaptors. The products are widely used in field of oil, chemical,...
Main Item metal valve lined valve
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Super cleaning powder for machinery

Dec 20, 2011
In the process of plastic molding, a great amount of raw material and manpower are required to remove the residue material in barrel .The cleaning is very difficult and it will result in serious abrasion to screw. Allgong brand super cleaning...
Main Item Toughener of plastic
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