Plastic Processing Machinery

sandwich panel and wall panels pu continuous production line

Mar 7, 2023
sandwich panel and wall panels pu continuous production line 1. Product Applications: This machine used to produce steel tile, activity sheets, PU insulation products, PU sheets, PU composite panels, ect. 2. Product Characteristics: Control:...
Main Item low pressure machine, high pressure machine, pu shoe machine, pu foam machine, pu ear plug machine, pu insole machine, pu outsole machine, memory pillow foam machine, safety shoe machine, sandals and slipper machine, seat and cushion making machine
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plastic pelletizer

Mar 2, 2023
Nine Delong machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is located in Kunshan, one of the top 100 counties in China. With its advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation, the parent company was established independently to...
Main Item plastic extruder/mixer/rubber plastic pelletizer
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Blow moulding machine

Feb 17, 2023
Features: 1) Reasonable design, full automatic control, saves power and labor, adopt high quality components (2) Feeding system carries the perform by robot automatically (3) Infrared oven heater adopts the quartz lamp to heat the PET tube (4)...
Main Item beverge filling machine;wire and cables indutrial equipments
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Low-smoke halogen-free cable material granulator

Feb 2, 2023
The low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator can produce low smoke and halogen-free cable material of PE system and low smoke and halogen-free cable material of EVA system; Production process: feeding system - internal mixer - forced...
Main Item Plastic granulator, plastic plate extruder, rubber machinery, mixer, plastic consumables
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Slow Speed Granulator   Low Speed Crusher      Plastic Granulator For Sale    

Nov 7, 2022
Plastic Material Grinders Slow Speed Granulator Steel structure body, cast steel blade rest and the material of the blade is Cr12MoV. The blade adopts stepped distribution which can improve the cutting force and enhance working efficiency. Movable...
Main Item cable recycling machine, tire recycling machine, shredder, granulator, blade
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Magnetic strip extruder

Nov 1, 2022
磁条挤出机 磁条挤出机主要用于冰箱门封条磁条的生产。产量高,充磁稳定,使用寿命长,双级筒机,自动报警系统,操作方便。 该系列磁条挤出机产量高,生产的磁条外观好,质量好,使用时间长。 技术参数: 螺杆直径:ø60 mm 长径比:9:1 压缩比:1.7 螺杆转速:0-24 r/min(根据原料适当调整) 电源电压:380V 50Hz 总装机功率:约25KW 特征: 1、塑化好、能耗低、噪音低、运行平稳、承载能力大、寿命长。...
Main Item plastics machinery
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Heating-and-melting units is the core equipment in the polymer-sand production

Oct 23, 2022
Heating-and-melting units is the core equipment in the polymer-sand production. It is designed to prepare homogeneous polymer-sand mass by heating the compound, melting the polymeric binder, mixing and sticking together the components. Heating...
Russian Federation
Main Item Recycle plastic equipment
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twin screw ecxtuder

Jun 21, 2022
Description: Suitable for: -- Polymer blending & filling modification -- Engineering polymer & glass fiber reinforcement -- Masterbatch, functional parent granula -- Special material ,powder coating material -- Reactive extrusion, degassing &...
Main Item rubber an plastic mixing, barwell Preformer machine, rubber extruder and strainer
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PC hollow sheet extrusion machine

Apr 25, 2022
I.Production Line Introduction PC hollow extrusion line is mainly composed of single screw extruder, T-die,two station calibrator, take off, annealing oven, transverse cutting unit, belt conveyor, electrical control system, etc; 1. Single screw...
Main Item plastic sheet extrusion machine
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PVC pipe crushed product

Apr 20, 2022
Gray PVC pipe scrap 1. It is a pulverized product after washing. 2. 100-200 tons per month available. 3. Place of departure: Busan Port, South Korea. 4. Price: $720 per ton (FAS) For details, please contact us by email. * Best regards, YoungWon...
Main Item PVC, PVB, PP, PE, PET
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Touch screen reverse vending machine-YC301

Apr 2, 2022
YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM) is aim at the market of non-deposit. This machine offers a simple and clean design, is charecterized by 42" LED display, ideal for wrapping advertisment and branding. YC-301 takes one-way, non-refillable plastic...
Main Item Intelligent Recycling Machine, Reverse Vending Machine For Recycling Bottles, Smart Recycling Machine Factory, China
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EPE foam pipe extruder machine plastic machinery

Jan 28, 2022
Main Item extruder , extruder machine, pipe extrusion line, sheet extrusion line , board extrusion line, profile extrusion line , recycling granulation line , extrusion mould etc.
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Recycled Plastic Compounding machine

Nov 24, 2021
This is the Noodle type pelletizing machine, suitalbe for the recycling of waste PP/PE/PS/ABS/PET etc. The machine Features: 1. Different Production capacity for your option. 2. Parallel twin screw design for high capacity and excellent final...
Main Item Plastic Machinery
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Blow molding machine manufacturing and marketing

Oct 14, 2021
KB150 Blow Molding Machine Used For Producing Desktop Board, CAFRMB, Large Water Tank,Digestion Tank, kayak , Plastic Tray And Other Super Large Plastic Hollow Products By Wide Range Of Plastic Materials. The Accumulation Die head Max Volume Is...
Main Item blow molding machine
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High Quality PP/PE/ABS Plastic Lump Shredder / Large Head Plastic Shredder

Oct 1, 2021
Hard Plastic Block Shredder belongs to single shaft shredder (single axle shredder), it is specially used to shredding hard plastic waste into small pieces under 20--40mm. According to different kinds of plastic waste, it includes plastic lump...
Main Item single shaft shredder / double shaft shredder / windshield recycling machine
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Veinas EPE Press Machine, EPE Foam Pressing Machine, EPE Foam Presser-Guangdong Huasu-Zhuhai Huasu

Sep 23, 2021
My Youtube Channel Application: Used for pressing EPE after laminating and cooling, to make sure the quality of laminated surface by clamping and pressing. Operation Principle: Use the upper and lower two belt to clamp and press hot-melt...
Main Item EPE Foam Machine, EVA Foam Machine, epe laminating machine, epe bonding machine, epe die cutting machine, epe press machine, epe laminator, epe punching machine, epe discharging machine, epe cutter, epe skiving machine, epe slitting machine, epe hotplate, epe heating
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G10 FR4 Glass Epoxy Sheet

Sep 17, 2021
G10/FR4/G11/FR5 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheets FR4 Laminates sheet(FR4 Sheet, FR4 Tube, FR4 insuation parts), used widely electronic laminates material, F grade thermal resist. Thickness: 0.1mm - 150.0mm Normal Size: 1020* 1220mm, 1022mm *...
Main Item Firesleeve, Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeve, High Temperature Protection Sleeve
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Newly HDPE single wall corrugated pipe making machine for electric cable wire

Jul 27, 2021
Newly HDPE single wall corrugated pipe making machine for electric cable wire PVC Board Extrusion Line PVC Plastic Artificial Marble Sheet Production Line PVC Edge Banding Machine PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine PVC Corner Profile...
Main Item Plastic Product Extrusion Line, Recycling Washing Pelletizing Line
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Feeder Type Fully Automatic Flatten Die Cutting Machine

Mar 6, 2021
Feeder Type Fully Automatic Flatten Die Cutting Machine PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This machine adds the functions of stripping system besides the automatic diecutting and creasing machine, it can remove all the useless block or edges, So the production...
Main Item Corrugated cardboard machine, Corrugated machine
Business Type Manufacturer

The Fast Grinding Unit    coal water slurry fast grinding unit   coal pulverizer machine

Feb 7, 2021
The Fast Grinding Unit coal water slurry fast grinding unit coal pulverizer machine manufacturer The Fast Grinding Unit is a special equipment for coal water slurry independently developed by our company. This equipment can be used directly to...
Main Item fast grinding unit, Pacific 3-Rollers Cone Rolling Machine, Spiral blade cold rolling mill, Wet material crusher, hydraulic crane , Crusher, Take off machine, Unpacking machine, Bottle washing machine, Dehydrator, Winnowing machine
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