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High quality of desiccators with cheaper prices

May 27, 2022
1351 DESICCATOR with porcelain plate 1352 DESICCATOR amber, with porcelain plate 1354 VACUUM DESICCATOR clear, with ground - in stopcock and porcelain plate 1355 VACUUM DESICCATOR amber, with ground - in stopcock and porcelain plate 1356 VACUUM...
YES Siver
Main Item laboratory glassware, glass tubes, borosilicate, funnel , test tube, microscope slide, beaker, measuring cylinder, reagent bottle, volumetric flask, desiccator, pipette, burette, flask, conical flask, condenser, petri dish, dish, sodium chlorite,
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Science Wipe Paper

Mar 23, 2023 Sell Science Wipe Paper,Kimwipes. Specification: Kimtech is made by Kimberly company in USA. 210MM*110MM Excellent Cleaning Performance Law amount of corpuscles enhance effective cleaning Soft & Strong Material Strong &...
Main Item Filter paper, chemical analysis filter paper, qualitative filter paper, quantitative filter paper.
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Vortex Mixer Digital display time countdown time Continuous / Inching (MV4)

Mar 20, 2023
Digital display time Vortex Mixer countdown time Continuous / Inching (MV4) Quick Detail Model MV-4 Speed Range [rpm] 0-3000 rpm/min Motor type: Brushless motor Speed setting & display Simulation setup/scale display Oscillation mode Circular motion...
Main Item lab centrifuge
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150L 5.29Cu.Ft. Hospital Autoclave Steam Sterilizer    Hospital Autoclave   

Dec 20, 2022
This horizontal pressure sterilizer adopts the gravity displacement method to remove the cold air in the inner chamber, so that the cold air content of the steam in the inner chamber is less, and the sterilization is more reliable. At the same...
Main Item Glass reactor, rotary evaporator, Freeze dryer , Deep Chest Freezer
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

AMD280 Automated Media Dispenser

Nov 10, 2022
Media Dispensing System For laboratories involved in culture media preparation, sterile dispensing is essential for successful downstream applications and to meet quality requirements. Furthermore, as a growing need for cost saving and performance...
Main Item Microbial filtration system, Manifold vacuum filtration, sterility test system, media dispense device, agar filler, split butterfly valve, ab valve, hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, capper, decapper.
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Sample Concentrator ND100-1

Jul 13, 2022
Description: Model ND100-1 Temp range RT.+5C-160C Temp accuracy ±0.5C(40C) Temp accuracy ±1C(120C) Temp uniformity ±0.5C Display accuracy 0.1C Time Range 1-99h59min Heating time less than 15min(25C TO 160C) Max vertical travel 200mm Max gas usage...
Main Item Dry Bath Incubator, Thermo Shaker, Sample Concentration, Bacti-cinerator sterilizer
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Main Item cryogenic vials, saliva collection kit, centrifuge tube, PCR tubes
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Flask Adapter of 14192429

Jun 1, 2022
Material:High borosilicate glass,with frost neck. Suitable for all kinds of standard interface glasswear such as flasks or bottles. All the adapters have the standard interface size.The adapter can make either small necks changed to big necks or...
Main Item lab equipments
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Mar 15, 2022
we supply Dianabol, Methanabol,Stanozolol,Melanotan 2(MT II),Hexarelin and many other good quality chemicals, please contact me for more details we can offer sample to you by express and our product is high quality with reasonable price.
Main Item solar light, solar flashlight, chemicals
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Mini RTP 1200 degree Tube Furnace with Halogen Tube   Tube Furnace with Quartz Tube

May 27, 2021
Mini RTP 1200 degree Tube Furnace with Halogen Tube Tube Furnace with Quartz Tube RTP Tube Furnace for Lab CHENGYI Tube Furnace with Quartz Tube APPLICATION 1.Fast Annealing,Post-ion implantation annealing 2.RTO,RTN 3.Silicidation 4.Diffusion...
Main Item tube furnace, muffle furnace, plasma cleaner, vacuum drying oven, laboratory hydraulic press, cvd system
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clean room equpiment

Jan 23, 2021
LOOKING FOR AGENT Dear Sir/ madam, AIRTECH THELONG is one of the top Company in Vietnam with more than 10 - year experiences in cleanroom consultancy, design, installation and construction; manufacturing filters, cleanroom and mechanical equipment....
Main Item Clean room equipment
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Lithium Battery Vacuum Coating Machine

Aug 12, 2020
AME-VC-220 is for single sheet coating in the laboratory, can finish the cathode/anode coating.This coater is without the oven,so need to bake the materials separately.It’s flexible,is the ideal equipment for R&D. Specification: The coating width...
Main Item Lithium Battery Materials
Business Type Manufacturer

pseudorabies virus antibody rapid test strip

May 15, 2020
Principle This rapid test is an immuno-chromatographic test, using colloidal gold immunoassay method, to detect the antibody against porcine pseudorabies virus in whole blood, serum and plasma. Test procedure 1. add 2 drops serum or whole blood...
Main Item rapid test kit
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Aluminium-plastic Gas Sampling Bag with plastic valve

Apr 29, 2020
Aluminium-plastic composite film gas sampling bags are made of polypropylene film with aluminum foil. These bags are not transparent and suitable for light-sensitive samples. Features: -excellent photopathy and gas tightness -excellent physical...
Main Item gas sampling bag
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Main Item HPLC vials,  Headspace vials,  TOC vials,  caps,  silicone/PTFE septum,  safety caps,  Graphitized carbon,  SPE , Syringe Filter, Filter vial
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Laboratory Fume Exhaust Extractor

Apr 19, 2019
SHP83-Lab Fume Extractor/Exhaust,Aluminumalloy,Ceiling mounted,wall mounted Item no.:SHP83 Product name:Lab Fume Extractor/Exhaust,Aluminumalloy,Ceiling mounted,wall mounted Material:PP(Polypropylene),Aluminumalloy,PC 1. Joint: high grade PP, to be...
Main Item lab eye wash station, Faucet Water Tap Cock Valve
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Aug 30, 2018
Description: GS-Agarose is a neutral polysaccharide extracted from certain seaweeds. The molecular structure of this polysaccharide gives the capacity to form gels that are very strong even at low concentrations. Agarose is the most popular medium...
Main Item Agarose, DNA/RNA spin column, dNTP Mix
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School College Electrical Machine Labs

Dec 30, 2017
Machine Labs, Electrical Labs, College Electrical Lab, School Electrial Lab, Polytechnical College Electrical Labs, Mechanical College Electrical Labs, Educational Electrical Labs, Electrical Laboratory, Electrical Training Labs, Educational Labs,...
Main Item School College Electrical Machine Labs
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Sequencing Grade Modified Recombinant Trypsin

Feb 24, 2017
Sequencing Grade Modified Recombinant Trypsin Catalog Number:SRT0202 CAS:9002-07-7 EC: Source:Expressed in E. Coli, methylation modified. DESCRIPTION Trypsin specifically hydrolyzes peptide bonds at the carboxyl side of lysine and arginine...
Main Item Enzyme, Trypsin, Carboxypeptidase B, Lipase A, Recombinant Enzyme, Recombinant Trypsin, Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B, Recombinant Lipase A, Enterokinase
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0.1ppb Nitroimidazole rapid test strip in milk

Dec 15, 2016
Introduction This product is used for rapid detection of raw milk (yogurt is not suitable) of nitroimidazole residues, the entire testing process takes only about 25 minutes, satisfy with EU and US FDA norms,applicable to all types of enterprises...
Main Item Food safety ELISA kit
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