Metallurgy Machinery

laboratory furnace

Mar 30, 2023
1700 muffle furnace consists of high quality alumina fiber brick and MoSi2 heating elements with special design, and can be used up to 1700 C. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering in your research laboratory. 1600℃ Muffle...
Main Item mosi2 heating element, sic heating element, sic heater, mosi2 heater, sic electric heater, silicon carbide element
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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TM-8816/8816C

Mar 18, 2023
Application: Used for measuring thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels,chemical equipment,boilers,oil storage tanks, industries of petroleum,shipbuilding,power station,and machine manufacturing. Model: TM8816 TM8816C Probe: with probe in...
Main Item coating thick gauge, ultrasonic thick gauge, moisture meter, vibration meter, anemom
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Solid Fuel Burner

Feb 22, 2023
The ITONS Series solid fuel burners, Suspension Burner and Grate Biomass Burner, have industrial applications including dryer heat source, heat for kilns, heat source for boilers, as well as winter space heating. The burners can operate on a number...
Main Item Rotary dryer, Triple pass dryer, Single pass dryer, Rotary Tube Bundle Dryer, Spin flash drier, Vibration fluidized bed(cooler)drier, FLash dryer, sludge dryer, dryer system for palm fiber, coconut fiber, wood chips and saw dust dryer.
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Vacuum Brazing Furnace      High-temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace     Labsnova Vacuum Furnace

Dec 20, 2022
Labsnova High-temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace can reach 1350℃, suitable for stainless steel, CBN tools, and Diamond tools brazing in the vacuum environment. Due to its high vacuum and high temperature, it can also be used for sintering and heat...
Main Item Glass reactor, rotary evaporator, Freeze dryer , Deep Chest Freezer
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High frequency induction heating equipment

Dec 13, 2022
Our Induction Heating Equipment XG,XZ,XS and XC Series machine are small volume,light weight,easily install and simply operating,covering high frequency,medium frequency,ultrahigh frequency and double frequency etc,and the power is from 18KW to...
Main Item thermal fogger, ulv sprayer, cold fogger, pest control, mosquito killing, fogging machine, Solar watch, Pulverizer, crusher, mill, grinder, Magnetic separator, Induction heating machine, ulv fogger, disinfection, sanitation
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induction heating equipment

Nov 24, 2022
The series high frequency induction heating equipment are suitable for deeply heating-shaping, heat treatment, welding, melting metal, other heating fields. At present ,There are a large series in medium frequency, high frequency, double frequency,...
Main Item wood powder machine, fogging machine, ulv fogger, ulv sprayer, power sprayer, thermal fogger, cold fogger, nebulizer, mist sprayer, pest control, garden tool, mosquito killing, insect killing, induction heating, forging, hardening, crusher, mill, pulverizer, flour mill
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Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Nov 18, 2022
induction heating equipment Application:metal heat treatment(quenching,anneal,temper,normalizing),forging,braze welding,smelting,thermal spraying,shrink fitting and so on. Type XG-60B Input voltage 3Phase 380V Input power 60KVA Oscillating...
Main Item thermal fogger, ulv sprayer, cold fogger, pest control, mosquito killing, fogging machine, motor shell heater, induction heater for motor profile, Pulverizer, crusher, mill, grinder, Magnetic separator, Induction heating machine, ulv fogger, disinfection, sanitation
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the product of metallurgical and mining

Dec 27, 2021
DHHI has over 50 years of history for design and manufacture of vehicles for metallurgical and mining purposes. It has powerful technical strength and proud performance and is the manufacturer with the longest history, the completest categories of...
Main Item bulk material handling machine, port machinery, Coke oven machinery, metallurgical machinery, lifting machinery
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Perlite Expansion Furnace / Vermiculite Expansion Furnace / Perlite Ore Oven

Oct 1, 2021
Perlite Expansion Furnace ( Perlite Expander Kiln ) is specially used to manufacture open cell perlite , opened hole perlite. Expanding process of Perlite Expansion Furnace The whole perlite expansion furnace system include equipment: bucket...
Main Item single shaft shredder / double shaft shredder / windshield recycling machine
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Comprehensive Ultra-Hard Tools Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Aug 25, 2021
A Furnace Structure Introduction The light radiation heating method is adopted to greatly improve the heating efficiency. Infrared heating, fast heating speed, can achieve a heating speed of 55℃/min, improve production efficiency, shorten the cycle...
Main Item Vacuum brazing furnace/Heat Treatment Furnace/Sintering Furnace/Powder Metallurgy/Annealing Furnace/Tempering Furnace/Nitriding Furnace/Carburizing Furnace
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Rolling Mill Roll

Jul 13, 2021
We, CIMM GROUP CO., LTD. is one of the larger manufacturers in China's metallurgy industry. CIMM roll manufacturing plant is founded in 2008, covers a land of 100,000 sq. meters. We are engaging in producing various metallurgical Rolls used for the...
Main Item Graphite Electrodes, Refractory, Copper Mould Tube
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Activated Carbon Filters

Mar 16, 2021
Activated Carbon Filters Our adsorbers / activated carbon filter tank are available in different sizes: from approx. 1m³ up to 14 and 20m³ for our mobile adsorber / activated carbon filter tank systems L20000M and W20000M. All our activated carbon...
Main Item Activated Carbon , Activated Carbon Equipment, Activated Carbon Regeneration Kiln, Charcoal Making Equipment, Biomass gasifier
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Bursting Strength Tester

Nov 7, 2020
This tester is suitable for the various packing material, including common paper, corrugated paper, toilet paper, packing, paper and ect…., also for the leathers, the cloth class, packs above the thin film, but effective carries on the monitor to...
Main Item Toy Test Equipments, lab test equipments for toys, textile instruments, testing lab equipments
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Regenerative aluminum melting furnace

Sep 4, 2020
Aluminum Melting furnace We take the air preheater regenerative burner technology that is widely used in the fields for aluminum melting furnace, preheating the air temperature to reach more than 800c, exhaust gas temperature below 150 c, achieving...
Main Item aluminum dross processing machine, aluminum polishing machine, aluminum melting furnace, powder coated production line
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Silicon nitride ceramic riser tube & Stalk

Jun 29, 2020
Riser tube, Stalk for low pressure die casting Practical application proves that silicon nitride ceramic SG-28 is very suitable for the riser tube & stalk of low-pressure casting. Compared with commonly used cast iron, aluminum titanate, silicon...
Main Item electric immersion heater, silicon nitride component, heater protection tube, riser tube, stalk, degassing rotor, thermocouple protection tube, ceramic component, seal ring, rod, hook
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Threaded rod three-die rolling machine 3 roller pipe thread machine nut bolt forming machine

Feb 14, 2020
Our YTMTOOLS mainly produce 3 roll thread rolling machine. Based on over than Twenty year's experience in Machinery business, we are sure our outstanding design and competitive price will help you winning your marketing share. you will be...
Main Item thread rolling machine
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Holding furnace

Feb 11, 2020
Foshan Nanhai Huitai Technology Machine Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacture of aluminum equipment and machine in Foshan, Guangdong, China. We are specialized in providing the aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, oblique door melting...
Main Item aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, regenerative burner system, homogenizing furnace, cooling chamber, feedstock charging machine, aluminum billet/hollow billet/slab casting machine, hydraulic lifting machine
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Bogie type heat treatment furnace manufacturers

Aug 26, 2019
The industrial furnace with its extraordinary efficiency & higher processing temperature has already replaced the open-air systems over the past few years. For handling temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius, the closed system of industrial...
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CNC hydraulic copper Plate bending machine

Aug 3, 2019
. These machines allow for punching of copper bus bar and other flat bar materials and include tooling that will create holes, slots, chamfers and more, in high-volume, large-production situations. 1. Equipped NC control of bending angle makes the...
Main Item Metal Sheet Machine
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1.5T melting furnace

Feb 28, 2019
First, the complete set of equipment: The system includes: an electric furnace 1 .5 t; a 1500 KW SCR frequency power; a rectifier transformer owned 1 600 KVA (10KV / 2 * 750V); a control box furnace convenient operating. A total of one set. Second,...
Main Item induction melting furnace
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