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Aluminium Coil Coating Line - Litong

Apr 29, 2022
Aluminium Coil Coating Line - Litong Why is it necessary to coated aluminium coil or plastics with an aluminium coating? To prevent corrosion of items as well as aesthetics. The first continuous coil painting line, invented by Joseph Hunter, laid...
Main Item Aluminium Coating Line
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High-Vacuum Mirror Making Coating Machine/Mirror Silver Processing Machine

Mar 22, 2022
High-Vacuum Mirror Making Coating Machine/Mirror Silver Processing Machine Advantages: Advantages of this machine(vacuum PVD coater): 1) Simple visual interface for the operator, process control system runs on Windows system interface and easy to...
Main Item magnetron sputtering system, PVD coating machine, plastic metalizing equipment, aluminum mirror production line, ITO glass sputtering line, thermal evaporation coating machine, PVD systems for tools
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aluminum powder coated production line

Sep 4, 2020
Aluminum Profile powder coated production line Aluminum profile powder coated production line introduction Design the line according to your area and your request. Configuration characteristic of equipment Automatic Powder coating line for aluminum...
Main Item aluminum dross processing machine, aluminum polishing machine, aluminum melting furnace, powder coated production line
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galvanizing kettle

Aug 8, 2019
hot dip galvanizing plant and zinc plating product name hot dip galvanizing plant and zinc plating application Hot-dip Galvanizing size Customzied Brand Zehao certification ISO9001 In China, we are one of the most professional hot galvanizing...
Main Item galvanizing kettle
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Hongfeng ten years Vacuum PVD manufacturer

Apr 11, 2019
Advantages: 1. Germeny Schneider Electronical Components,High Quality Stainless Steel 304 2. Easy operation,High Depostion rate,High ionization rate,High productivity and low cost; 3. High temperature resistance,wear resistance, corrosion...
Main Item PVD coating machine
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Aluminum profile automatic electrostatic powder system

Dec 12, 2018
Automatica spraying line Semi automatic spraying line Manual spraying line Application: workpiece of Alumnum doors and windows, profiles
Main Item construction material making machinery
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Oven Equipment, Drying Room, Heating System, Oven Tunnel, High Cooling Room, Vocs Purifying System

Jun 27, 2018
Oven equipment ,drying room, heating system, oven tunnel, high cooling room, VOCs purifying device are applied in the paint spraying/sandblasting production line. The whole system can be customized according to the client's requirement. Heating...
Main Item sand/shot blasting equipment, sandblasting room, sand/shot blaster, shot peening machine, automatic blasting robot, paint/powder/oil/wire sprayer equipment, painting machine, vanishing chamber, sand sucking machine, enameling equipment, dehumidifier
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Jun 19, 2017
Automobile bushings Outer pipe's inside and inner pipe's outside monolithic spray type automatic adhesive coating machine.
Main Item Fully Automated Equipments For Automobile Bushing Parts Production: Circular Tub
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selling woodworking machinery

Feb 8, 2017
Used in decoration, aluminum,MDF board,HDF board,chipboard.metal plastic,plastic material PVC etc. Characteristic: Strong adhesion, waterproof and anti-corrosion The high standard of glue,Can cover all kinds of angle, arc, concave and convex...
Main Item wrapping machine
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steel abrasive media,Low-C steel shot/grit,steet cut wire grit,stainless steel shot ,

Dec 29, 2016
Advantage: Lowest price with better quality Products : a) Low-C steel shots b) cast steel shots c) alloy cast Steel grit d) stainless steel shot e) steel cut wire shot f) High hardness steel grinding balls h) Steel Grinding balls Properties:...
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Nickel Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

Apr 27, 2016
Main feature: 1. Nickel alloy wire or copper alloy wire 2. Full immersion 3. Dual motor and dual inverter. 4. Stepping motor traverse 1. Usage: This type is used for drawing nickel alloy wire from 1.5mm to 0.4mm-0.8mm 2. Main Spec: Machine type...
Main Item wire drawing machine, wire and cable machinery, annealing machine
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D Oriental DOT-SA1C1 Robot spray functional Spray for insulation, gluing, FIBERGLASS APPLICATION,

Feb 19, 2016
Robotic Painting System Description Automatic robots spraying--and its automatic production line plays a key role in production process, which is inevitable in the development of modern packaging industry. SPRAYING REINFORCING RESIN SPRAYING GLUE...
Main Item automatic Robot painting station, car spray baking booth, furnuture spray baking
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Dip Spin Coating Machine

Oct 29, 2015
Hyontec SC coating system is used for Zinc-Flake Coating as well as for outstanding sealant on electroplating business. The coating processing has been already widely accepted by the coating and metal finishing industry in tne world. Our team...
Main Item Degreasing machine, Dip Spin Coating Machine, Blasting Machine, Conveyor Oven
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Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts

Aug 24, 2015
Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts We sell many kinds of powder coating gun spare parts for some famous brand. We sell nozzle,electrode,powder tube,powder hose,wedge,outer nut,pump injector,insert sleeve,venturi,throat,gun cable... All are produced by...
Main Item powder coating line, liquid painting line, electrophoretic line, powder machine
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Colored Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine

Jun 30, 2015
Colored Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine.Forming machine. Detailed Our products has feasures of 1. Nice appearance 2. High efficiency 3. Low noize and high quality. 4. Easy control. 1. The chart of process flow: Decoiler-----leveling---forming...
Main Item roll forming machine
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pvd chrome machine

Jun 27, 2015
PVD Multi arc magnetron sputtering ion plating machine Model:FOXIN-IP-0910 Size:diameter900×H1000mm Main Usage:Decorative coating/Function coating Advantage:High ionization rate, high deposition rate,stability to magnetron sputtering at low...
Main Item vacuum coating machine
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powder coating machin

Mar 5, 2015
Technical Data: Input Voltage:AC 220V 50Hz (AC110V50HZ)Output Voltage:DC 0-100KV Adjustable Output current : 0.15 m A Air Source pressure: 0 . 5 MPa Max. Consumption:(0.5 MPa) 14 Nm3/h Max output: 0.7mpa Dead weight of voltage multiplier gun: 450 g...
Main Item powder coating machine
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Double-side Laminator

Jan 19, 2015
Our features: Military technology This machine is used to coating the sheets with protective film. Independent R&D and innovation Patented design Roller conveyer Precise synchro lift system Workpiece thickness(mm):0.5~3mm Workpiece...
Main Item Wide-belt abrasive machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

TECSUN horizontal vacuum coating machine for plastic

Oct 30, 2014
TECSUN horizontal vacuum coating machine for plastic is used for coating aluminum film or rainbow film on surface of plastic workpiece so as to makethem more colorful and shining.
Main Item various vacuum coating machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Service

powder coating machine

Oct 30, 2014
The power input:AC220V + 10%,50Hz,40W Staticoutput continuously adjustable7~100KV continuous and controllableA input:0.4~0.8MPa The maximumair consumption13Nm3/h quantity of powder0~ 600g/min adjustable Air maxoil content0.1mg/Nm3 Air...
Main Item The fastener manufacture :All products are produced under standard of DIN, ANSI/ASME, BS, JIS, strictly of all kinds of series and specification, Fastener manufacture , such as : screws, nuts, rivets, bolts, spring, nail, washer, threaded rod and so on ..
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