Energy Meters

DDSY1088 Single Phase Split Type Two Wire Postpaid Energy Meter

Mar 5, 2021
DESCRIPTION The DDSY1088 single phase two wire postpaid meter is made of high quality optimized long life components and designed in advanced SMT technique with good performances on reliability, accuracy and load ranges.DDSY1088 provides metering...
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Smart Sensor

Feb 6, 2021
Smart Sensor 1. Brief Introduction 1.1 Overview The multifunctional power sensor ES210T,adopts advanced ultra-low power large-scale integrated circuit technology and high-tech products manufactured by SMT process. The key components are long-life...
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CE approved LCD Single phase black case programmable digital voltage meter with RS485 analog and rel

Mar 6, 2019
I. Technical parameters CE approved LCD Single phase black case programmable digital voltage meter with RS485 analog and relay output Parameter Signal input Wiring Single phase distribution system electricity single-phase led digital ammeter...
Main Item LED/LCD multi-function digital meter, three/single phase digital ammeter voltmeter, LCD/analog din rail energy meter, modified/pure sin wave power inverter, analog panel meter and shunt resistor
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PCBA for electrical and electronic meters

Feb 25, 2019
Our company professionally provides PCB and Assembly (SMT,AI,MI) along with purchasing service of electronic components / parts for various energy meters, KWH meters, electricity meters, ammeters, multi-meters, other digital meters. By a series of...
Main Item PCB and Assembly along with purchasing service of electronic components and parts.
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Schneider energy meter A9MEM3210,best discounts

Apr 25, 2018
Nanjing Meily Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. has been a reliable supplier of industrial parts.Since its foundation, the product quality and the perfect after-sale service have been thought of as the top priority ,which enable...
Main Item contactors, breakers, switches, relays, sensors, PLCs, controllers, motors, converters, valves, lubricators, etc.
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Single Phase Digital Energy Meter

Dec 20, 2017
SPECIFICATION: Used for AC single phase active energy measuring. ANSI standard plug installation type, single phase two wires and single phase three wires Display type: two lines LCD, display active total energy and real time of voltage, current,...
Main Item energy meter
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Single-phase Charge Control Smart Electricity Meter

Oct 28, 2017
Single-phase Charge Control Smart Electricity Meter Single-phase Smart Watt-Hour Meter adopts large-scale integrated circuit and dedicated ultra-high precision energy measurement SOC chip. The communications capability and reliability of its...
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sell ic card prepaid electric meter wireless amr

Nov 24, 2016
ic card prepaid electric meter single phase 220V, 50Hz, 5(20)A, 10(40)A three phase 3x220V, 50Hz, 5(20)A, 10(40)A ic card recharge wireless recharge wireless reading wireless pricing wireless switch on/off anti theft reliable
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20 Years Manufacturing Experience BE-96 120KW 200/5A 380V 3 phase energy meter

Aug 9, 2016
Square type 3 phase energy meter Front frame:96*96mm Panel cutout:92*92mm The Advantages of Our Products:Interchageable scale plate Changing the scale plate without opening the meter,Under the same current,the dial of Power meter can be changed,no...
Main Item analog panel meter, ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, power meter, shunt
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Single Phase Two Wire Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter

Mar 31, 2016
Product Advantage 1. Meet the national standards such as GB/T18460-2001, DL/T645-1997/2007 2. Independent design the full-digitized chip group special for electric meter. 3. Latest product with the advantages of complete digitized electrical energy...
Main Item as per attached list
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Equal-potential Three Phase Energy Meter Testing Equipment

Nov 30, 2015
Please contact us by Equal-potential Three Phase Energy Meter Test Instrument(Split Type) Overview: The RT6303E Equal-potential Three Phase Energy Meter Test Instrument is an ideal new-generation multi-position embedded energy meter test...
Main Item Energy Meter Test Instrument
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DDM30S single phase din rail energy meter

Jul 23, 2015
APPLICATION Single phase two wire DIN rail watt hour meter is used to measure active energy consumption. Din Rail energy meter is a new modern smart meter, single phase ( 1 modular ) using advanced technology, ensure quality and stability, also has...
Main Item Energy meter
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Meters,ultrasonic heat meter,kwh meter, flowmeters

Apr 10, 2015
Meters,ultrasonic heat meter,kwh meter, flowmeters Technical data 1 way non insulation RS485 2 way insulation OCT output (programmed from pulse width 6~1000ms´╝îacquiesce in 200ms) 1 way with bidirectional serial outer common port, directly connect...
Main Item heat meter, BTU meter, ultrasonic meter, brass tube, flow sensor
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Oct 24, 2014
THREE PHASE FOUR WIRE SMART WATT-HOUR METER MEASUREMENT FUNCTION: Can be recording the energy (kWh/kvarh) with time-scales in 11 months and current, time-measuring positive and negative active electric power and four-quadrant reactive electric...
Zhejiang Wankang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

Energy Meter Test Bench/ Equipment/ Calibrator for Sale

Aug 29, 2014
We are professional ISO certificated manufacturer of energy meter test equipment in China and have been in this line for over 15 years. Now we offer high-quality single/three phase energy meter test bench of different accuracy from 0.01% to...
Main Item Energy Meter Test Bench
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Kema Certified Dlms Compliant Three Phase Energy Meter Class 0.2s P2000-T

May 7, 2014
MAIN FEATURES - Measurement of Active, Reactive and Apparent electricity energy - Maximum Demand Registration - Load monitoring with Instantaneous Voltage, Current and Power Factor - Load Profile recording - TOU Control with flexible programming of...
Main Item P2000-D , P2000-T, ATM software, Concentrator EDAT, automatic reading meters
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Energy Meter for Home Use

Apr 24, 2014
Functions: 1. Measure real-time voltage of the power supply (90~150V AC or 160~280V AC); 2. Measure real-time operation power of the appliances (0~3000W); 3. Show the power consumption (0~9999kWh); 4. Calculate the cost of energy according to the...
Main Item power saving devices, energy saving device, radiation cleaner, radiation reducer
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Nanocrystalline core

Apr 17, 2014
Core dimensions dimensions case Effective cross section Mean path length AL V/A Od * Id * H Da Id H Ae Le 100Hz 0.3V mA mm * mm * mm mm mm mm cm2 cm uH Ma/mV ref ref ref ref UFD SC-CTA13*9.5*5C 14.4 8.3 6.9 0.07 3.52 25 ** SC-CTA14*10*6.5C 15.2 7.8...
Main Item Permalloy core, nanocrystalline core, amorphous core, common mode choke, current transformer
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