Electrical Instruments

intelligent power meter energy monitor

Sep 2, 2015
Function of Intelligent power meter ,energy monitor: 1.Displays Voltage, Watt, kWh, $ and Running Time on a clear easy-to-read LCD monitor; 2.Monitor operation condition of appliances; 3.Learn how much it costs to have the electrical appliances...
Main Item plastic and metal components, multi-function power meter , universal travel adapter
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Aug 18, 2015
INTRODUCTION: FU2200 is a powerful three phase stop digital power meter, it can measure and display all the electrical parameters as well as harmonics ratio of current and voltage. Four modules can be plugged-in together: RS-485 communication,...
Main Item energy meter test system, energy meter portable tester and related accessory
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48V 600A Battery Discharge Capacity Tester

Aug 1, 2015
1. Main Features and Functions (1) Display: LED digital meter can display voltage, capacity and time. (2) Control pattern: keyboard set the whole battery set protective voltage, current, capacity, discharging time. (3) Automatic stop: It can...
Main Item AC load bank, DC load bank, Resistive load bank, Inductive load bank, Dummy load
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RY-IR5203 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Multimeter

Jul 25, 2015
Quick Details Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: RUIYAN Model Number: RY-IR5203 Origin: China, Manufacturer Payment Mode: TT, western union, money gram Price: at the low rate Export Country: all over the world Logo: free OEM service...
Main Item smt pick place machin
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96 single phase current meter

Jul 23, 2015
APPLICATION Intelligent digital ammeter adopt AC sampling technology which can measure electric current. User can set multiplying power through button on the panel. They can be easy installation, Wiring simple, Maintenance convenience, programmable...
Main Item Energy meter
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Sell AT525 Online Battery Internal Online Tester

Apr 20, 2015
AT525 Online Battery Internal Online Tester measurement requirements from contact resistance to internal resistance and voltage of batteries .It is the use of a high-performance processors and 3.5" TFT LCD screen smart handheld Meter. Accurate and...
Main Item LCR meter, multi-channel temperature meter, battery tester, DC resistance meter
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seafood machine electronic temperature controller YK-282

Apr 14, 2015
electronic temperature controller YK-282 Over temperature alarm and delay alarm, waterproof design, parameter lock/ restore factory settings/ switch/ self diagnosis color black brand YOUKONG( OEM, ODM) control range -45~45°C tempeature range...
Main Item digital thermostat/ digital temperature controller
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Meters,ultrasonic heat meter,kwh meter, flowmeters

Apr 10, 2015
Meters,ultrasonic heat meter,kwh meter, flowmeters Technical data 1 way non insulation RS485 2 way insulation OCT output (programmed from pulse width 6~1000ms,acquiesce in 200ms) 1 way with bidirectional serial outer common port, directly connect...
Main Item heat meter, BTU meter, ultrasonic meter, brass tube, flow sensor
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NEW small Multimeter with Backlight DT321B

Apr 6, 2015
Large screen and Easy to read Clear to read in dark working conditions with Blue backlight Keep current tested data to read after testing DCV: 200m-2-20-200-100V ±0.5% ACV: 200-750V ±1.0% DCA: 200u-2m-20m-200m-10A ±1.8% OHM: 200-2k-20k-200k-2M...
Main Item multimeter, infrared thermometer, network tester
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portable film viewer

Feb 11, 2015
Portable Industrial LED film viewer: Observe screen material from Japan Mitsubishi acrylic. Constant current driving way. View pieces density > 4.0 D (without focusing ring). LED color temperature in 8000 K or so, not dazzling. Low thermal noise,...
Main Item pipeline crawler, x ray generator, x ray machine, x ray unit, film viewer
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Keyboard Preset Meter

Jan 23, 2015
V(I)U-51K~53K Keyboard Preset Panel Meter 1. Capable of measuring various singals such as voltage, current, load cell, potentiometer, etc 2. OUTPUT MODE can be programmed as well
Main Item HMI, Touch screen monitor, Temperature Controller, SCR power regulator, Voltage stablizer, Voltage regulator, Solid state relay, Relay, Sensor, Poximity sensor, Inductive sensor, Voltage Meter, Current meter, Flow meter, Load cell, Counter, Timer
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15kV Digital High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester 97015

Dec 30, 2014
15kV Digital Variable High Voltage Insulation Tester Model: 97015 Test Voltage: 500V-15kV Measuring Range: To 2Tohm Short-circuit current up to 5mA DAR Test PI Test Voltmeter: AC/DC 600V USB data transmission Introduction: -This is a variable high...
Main Item measuring instrument
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Insulation Tester VC60B+

Dec 19, 2014
VC60B+ Insulation Tester Features:  An accurate, reliable and easy-to-use insulation tester  Large LCD display, easy to read  Strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming function  Full function protection, anti high voltage circuit design  Unit...
Main Item VC8145 4 7/8 Auto Range Bench-Type DMM
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Picotest M3500A 6.5 Digital Multimeter - Better than Agilent 34401A

Dec 2, 2014
Support USBTMC: Stability, Speed and Accuracy: The 6 1/2 digit M3500A DMM is designed with 7 1/2 digit techniques to provide user a stable, faster and accurate measurement. High Speed:2000 Readings/Sec The M3500A is engineered with expertise to...
Main Item Multimeter, Generator, Counter, Power Supply, Test Equipment
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Weighing indicator, belt scale feeding controller

Nov 14, 2014
Weighing indicator BST100-B11 is mainly used for weighing, feeding&batching systems of belt scale. It adopts A/D conversion technology and broad-range speed pulse input circuit. Max. 8 loadcells are connectable. The functions of segmenting...
Main Item weighing controller
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battery tester

Oct 28, 2014
The MICRO-768 series combines industry standard conductance technology with built-in printer for providing quick and accurate state-of-health decisions on batteries used in every car and truck OEM in the world. 1. The discharged battery can be...
Lancol High Tech Battery Tester Co Ltd

Spectrum analyzer

Oct 27, 2014
UTS3030 is a compact ,performance and portable spectrum analyzer, full digital step scanning and IF technology realizing high performance and easy operate. Products feature frequency range 9kHz~3GHz resolution bandwidth 10Hz~3MHz(1-10sequence) 3G...
Main Item Fiber Optic
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Oct 24, 2014
THREE PHASE FOUR WIRE SMART WATT-HOUR METER MEASUREMENT FUNCTION: Can be recording the energy (kWh/kvarh) with time-scales in 11 months and current, time-measuring positive and negative active electric power and four-quadrant reactive electric...
Zhejiang Wankang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

438A Dual Sensor Power Meter

Sep 30, 2014
The Agilent 438A power meter is a dual-channel power meter designed specifically for ATE systems. The compact front panel saves critical rack space, while the dual-channel design allows simple and accurate measurements of the ratio and difference...
Main Item spectrum analyzer, signal generator, network analyzer, WLAN tester, oscilloscope
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pointer push pull gauge

Sep 23, 2014
NK series of pointer force gauge (pull force gauge) are portable testing instruments of easy operation, high precision, easy portability, peak value maintenance, and simultaneous display of two scales. The new substitutes of old gauge, such as pull...
Main Item force gauge , durometer, test stand, grips, thickness gauge
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