Current Meters

Stately brand DP-32 series Digital Panel Meter DP-32D DP-32A

Apr 10, 2021
3 1/2 DIGITAL PANEL METER DP-32D DC Voltage/Current Meter DP-32A AC Voltage/Current Meter DP-32R Resistor(Ohm)Meter DP-32C RTD Temperature Meter Features: Measuring DC V/A, AC V/A Measuring RTD Temp.(DP-32) 4~20mA, 1~5V measurement Display 3 1/2...
Main Item panel meter, digital meter
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Q8A-1 High precision nickel metal core AC clamp on current probe

May 8, 2018
COMPANY PROFILE Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It combined science, industry and trade together as one high-tech enterprise. GFUVE mainly produces high voltage ammeter recorder, IEC61850 test suite software, meter test...
Main Item Energy Meter Calibrator
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Mini round type BO-52 DC5V blue color backlighting meter

Aug 9, 2016
Round type analog meter The scale plate can be customized The power for backlighting :DC3V,12V,24V And the color for backlighting can be customized:white,blue,and yellow
Main Item analog panel meter, ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, power meter, shunt
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96 single phase current meter

Jul 23, 2015
APPLICATION Intelligent digital ammeter adopt AC sampling technology which can measure electric current. User can set multiplying power through button on the panel. They can be easy installation, Wiring simple, Maintenance convenience, programmable...
Main Item Energy meter
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Preset Meter with DIP Switch

Jan 23, 2015
V(I)U-41P/42P Preset Panel Meter with DIP Switch 1. w/ DIP switch, capable of measuring in various signals, such as voltage, current, load cell and potentiometer
Main Item HMI, Touch screen monitor, Temperature Controller, SCR power regulator, Voltage stablizer, Voltage regulator, Solid state relay, Relay, Sensor, Poximity sensor, Inductive sensor, Voltage Meter, Current meter, Flow meter, Load cell, Counter, Timer
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Japan TOYOKEIKI meter

Aug 23, 2014
Kunshan Keles automation technology long-term distribution agent TOYOKEIKI Japan Toyo Keiki products TOYOKEIKI CCF-5Y, TOYO KEIKI (Toyo Keiki), TOYOKEIKI Toyo Keiki distributor, TOYOKEIKI Toyo Keiki photoelectricindicator, ground TOYOKEIKI relay,...
Main Item pump, valve, motor
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DT-DA96 Moving Iron Instrument AC Ammeter

May 16, 2014
Moving Iron Instrument AC Ammeter Direct Input AC Ammeter Model: DT-DA96,72,48 CT Operated AC Ammeter Model:DT-DA96,72,48 Moving Iron Instrument AC Ammeter Direct Input AC Ammeter Model: DT-DA96,72,48 CT Operated AC Ammeter Model:DT-DA96,72,48 96...
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High quality and low price analog panel meter from original maker

Apr 3, 2014
Ningbo Beilun Rijin Instrument Factory founded in 1997, it is a professional manufactory who produce domestic standard and non-standard meter, and special used meter. Factory located in Ningbo Beilun, where is only 5km far from Beilun Port and 1km...
Main Item analog panel meter, ammeter
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1/3 phase ammeter ampere voltage meter

Mar 8, 2014
Specifications 1. digital power meter measures voltage, current, power, power factor, kWh, kvarh 2. RS485/ Modbus 3. power quality analysis RH-3D digital Power Meter Features: 1. Suit for LV/ HV voltage system 2. Compact design with all real-time...
Main Item digital panel meter
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offer plastic transparent current meter box

Jul 24, 2013
The ANYA series intelligent high protection meter box uses the new type environmental protection material Pc on the case. It features high insulation, good transparent color, anti-UV performance, aging resistance, acid rain resistance, salt mist...
Main Item meter box
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Whirlwind Crushing Grinding (FS-II)

May 29, 2013
Name: Lab milling machine FS-II Principle: Lab Whirlwind Mill adopts high-speed cyclone grinding principle, slowly joined in the sample feed opening by the high-speed rotary impeller flow throw on the milling room, was stroked into powder, by the...
Main Item grain testing, plant testing, soil testing instrument
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NDJ-5s/8s model digital viscosimeter

Apr 10, 2013
NDJ-5s/8s model digital viscosimeter is the upgraded product. Email:chinacoal027 at hotmail dot com Chinacoal027 at chinacoalintl cot com This instrument has the advanced machine design and MCU controller to give the correct result.display shows...
Main Item detector
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Dec 22, 2012
Specification: Current ratio:HLT2,HLT3 1.5(6)A/5mA Load: 5/10/12.5 Ohm Accuracy: 0.5% and 0.2% Features: 1.Suitable for high precision, small phase error requirements of three-phase electric energy meters; 2.More space in a meter can be saved with...
Main Item current transfomers
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JYK72-A programmable ammeter

Jun 26, 2012
JYK(PZ1006-2) programmable single-phase intelligent meter adopts alternating current sampling techniques, which enables it to measure power in ammeter, voltmeter, single-phase active and reactive power meter, three-phase active and reactive power...
Jinyi Electric Co.,Ltd.

SM serials current transducers

May 31, 2012
SM48A/SM60A/SM72A/SMD9A/SM96A SM serials current transducers have single phase or 3 phase AC current signal input directly, single phase or 3 phase current measurement display and transformed output. With optional functions include: 2 reactive dry...
Main Item multifunction power meter
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SFDB-80X3-UIF one-phase programmable digital combined meter

Sep 19, 2011
SFDB-UIF Programmable Digital Combined Meters (instrument for short below) are a sort of electronic measuring instrument developed for measuring several parameters of the electric network, which are mainly used in the real-time measurement and...
Main Item current transformer
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2108EL AC/DC Leakage Meter,testing equipment,Leakage Meter

Jun 2, 2011
2108EL AC/DC Leakage Meter Model: 2108EL FEATURES • High quality Taut Band movement. • Four functions : DC current, AC current, AC+DC current and ACV measurement. • Three input resistance ranges : 1K Ohm, 1.5K Ohm and 2K Ohm. • 200uA full scale...
Main Item instrument/meter
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