Wanted: Plasma TV Spare parts Wanted

Dec 13, 2010
Spare parts for Samsung Model No: 42"HD, V4.0. The parts Numbers are: Y - MAIN BOARD. PBA NO: LJ92-01200A PCB NO: LJ41-02759A Y - BUFFER (UP) PBA NO: LJ92-01202A PCB NO: LJ41-02760A Y-BUFFER (DOWN) PBA NO: LJ92-01203A PCB NO: LJ41-02761A
South Africa

Wanted: LCD TV and plasma TV spare parts

Dec 8, 2008
we want to buy LG and samsung LCD TV and plasma tV parts,please feel free contact us. Thank you!

Wanted: Buy Panasonic, Sony and other premium plasma TV

Jan 20, 2005
We would like to buy plasma TV in international markets. Only from Premium brands like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Pioneer and alike. We don't need the latest models but they have to be brand new (1-2 years old generations). We will only reply to...