Wanted: Reprocessed PP Homopolymer, Pellets, Natural color

Apr 29, 2014
Manufacturers (Recyclers) are advised of PETCHEM’S interest of purchase (OFFER TO BUY) of Reprocessed (Recycled) PP Resin, Homopolymer, Natural color, INJECTION grade = MFI (230 deg.C, 2.16 kg):any from 6 to 10 g/10’ Requested details: = 1/ Details...

Wanted: Recycled HDPE Blown film grade grannuels

Jul 19, 2011
Dear Sir, Please find the photo of the resin as attached. Please note that the same is a in-house generated & processed recycled HDPE resin and thus is having very good quality, uniform properties and good properties as compared to other recycled...