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Reflex Gauge Glass

Reflex Gauge Glass Product Details Reflex gauge glass, also called reflex sight glass, reflex level gauge glass, boiler glass and reflex level gauge. The material of reflex sight glass is usually borosilicate glass and aluminosilicate glass. Our...
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Reflex Gauge Glass

Dear my friend, Nice to meet you. This is Rose from Hengshui Aohong Technology Co.,Ltd. We are a professional factory of gauge glass & sight glass. Our products have been exported to many countries. The products are as follows: 1. Reflex gauge...
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Levcon Reflex Level Gauges RS

levcon Reflex Level Gauges RS Features: Suitable for side mounting on Tank/ Pressure Vessel. Large Chamber type in case of boiling/ evaporating liquids. Covers with top & bottom strengthening ribs as standard, 3 Piece Type for high pressure...
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High quality boiler water level gauge glass

Borosilicate Reflex Gauge Glass Reflex glasses is made from tempered borosilicate glass, it can be used with all media at service conditions up to 4MPa and temperature up to 430 °C. The side facing the medium chamber is provided with molded grooves...
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Gauge Glass

Gauge Glass/Level Sight Glass Used in Industry Pipe Gauge glass also named sight glass or level gauge glass. According to the application requirement for pressure and temperature, different material is used. Each type max working temperature is...
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Reflex level gauge glass

Reflex level gauge glass is made from High Borosilicate, They are used in level gauge in boiler for water position. Reflex type one side facing the medium chamber is provided with molded grooves set at 90 degree angles. The molding process...
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level gauge glass

We can make sight glass/gauge glass by quartz glass, borosilicate/pyrex glass, tempered glass, and the range of heat resistant temperature is 250-1200 degree C. Our gauge glass includes transparent gauge glass and reflex gauge glass. Website:...
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The glass level gauge

In 2018, Qingdao, China manufacturing of high-end glass level gauge sell like hot cakes Size 1) Three tendons (four grooves) 340 x 34(30) x 17mm; 320 x 34(30) x 17mm; 280 x 34(30) x 17mm; 250 x 34(30) x 17mm; 218 x 34(30) x 17mm; 190 x 34(30) x...
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Gauge Glass, Mica Shield & Sight Glass

Our sight and gauge glasses are manufactured according to the international standards along with the complete quality control program and strictly controlled raw materials with advanced melting technology, and modern processing techniques ensure...
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Level Gauge Glass

Level Gauge Glass It’s made from Borosilicate, it is used in lever gauge in boiler for water position. It is also named: Reflex Gauge Glass, Sight glass, Reflex Glasses Reflex sight glass, Spares For level Gauge The category is as follows: 1) Three...
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TBS-AA Non-Blind Type Transparent Glass Level Gauge

China manufacture, China supplier of level measuring instruments, China products-Tianjin U-ideal Instrument Co., Ltd We produce and trade in various level gauges -Bi-color Sight glass level gauges Transparent Flat Glass Level Gauge Reflex Flat...
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Reflex level Gauges

Reflex Level Gauges gives an accurate reading of liquid level, clear glass is mounted on the front and back of the gauge. This one is an ace product from our side. These are in accordance with the norms of the industry. The permits the observer to...
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Reflex Transparent Level Gauge

DESCRIPTION OF REFLEX TYPE LEVEL GAUGE :- “FLOWTECH” Instrument offers Reflex Level Gauge for the Measurement of liquid level at a glance in tank. This is particularly using for High pressure OR High Temperature OR Toxic Liquid Storage Tanks. These...
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Flat&Reflex Type Glass Level Gange

Flat&Reflex Glass Type PA-FLG-P100 Series The PAN-ASIA Flat type level gauge is designed according to JIS standard specifications. This type level gauge is used for marine oil tanks, excluding those of flash point of 60°C below. Flat type level...
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Level Gauges PBR - UPR – UPT

Pressure : PN16 - PN40 - PN100 Type : PBR, UPR (with reflex glass) , UPT (with transparent glass) Materials : Forged steel CK22 and 1.4408, Klinger borosilicate glass Dimensions : 310 mm - 2785 mm Connections : DN20 EN 1092-1 flange (DN25 is also...
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