Wanted: inquire waste PP bag and ldpe roll and pvb film scrap

Apr 20, 2022
dear sir, we need below material now: 1. PP big bag---A,B grade, CNF Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 500MT per month. 2. PET and LDPE, EPS granule/pellet--natural or any color except black, 500 mt per month cnf Shanghai. 3. LDPE natural roll film--no print,...
Hong Kong

Wanted: PVB

Feb 18, 2022
we want to buy PVB Trimming Double layer and Single layer please send us your offer and pictures Thanks

Wanted: pvb, pvb scrap, pvb trimming, pvb offcut, EVA,

Jun 10, 2014
Buying request from Fuconn Global Inc. To whom it may concern. Greeting, Fuconn Global Inc. would like to purchase: Single layer, double layer, clear, colored PVB off-cut trimming Scrap. and Solar grade EVA rolls. Fuconn Global Inc. is confidence...

Wanted: pvb film scrap

Mar 26, 2012
interested to purchase pvb film scrap; any quantity; material should be clean n clear color; only dupont/saflex grade required; contact me at: creativeenterprises70(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Wanted: buy pvb scraps

Apr 26, 2011
We need a large number of pvb trim each month, with the requirement as below: 1 made form full of pvb resin, 2 clean,single-layer if you have interesting ,please email me or call me directly. my address is "della(at)springglb(dot)com"...

Wanted: TPE, TPU, PMMA 372 Acrylic, Nylon, PC, PS, ABS/SAN (AS), PVB PBT scrap

Mar 13, 2010
As a trading company with worldwide suppliers and customers, we buy a wide range of plastic scrap/lumps/blocks/off grade pellets from TPE, TPU, PMMA 372 Acrylic, Nylon, PC, PS, ABS/SAN (AS), PVB and PBT etc from post industry. We would like to...


Mar 8, 2010
interested parties which want to buy pvb scrap. pls feel free to ask. Our pvb scrap is clear & dust free.

Wanted: plastic scrap PVB

Oct 21, 2009
we need buy the PVB plastic scrap .please see the attachment.if u can offer tell me wheather u can offer the AQSIQ or CICCï¼›please give me ideal about ur company .or call me 15205562733 my mail is baobaoshei my msn is baobaoshei

Wanted: PVB scrap needed

Oct 5, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam We are an engineering plastic manufacturer, we need large amount of ABS,PC,PA,PS,EVA,PBT,POM,and PVB. Currently, we are looking for PVB natural color in offcut, trimming, powder and lump. if you have them available, please feel...

Wanted: We want tobuy PVB scrap

Feb 25, 2009
We want to buy PVB scrap,PVB offcuts in mix colour,PVB rejected rolls.our monthly requirement is 300 tons .


Jul 13, 2007
Dear Sir: We are ready to buy natural colour, dry, one-layer PVB film trimming and roll scrap . Desirable color - Natural. Please provide - 1.Material Description and photos if possible. 2.Packing 3.Quantity 4.Price USD/ton (CIF to ShangHai)...

Wanted: Polyvinyl Butyral

Sep 15, 2006
We are looking for off grade PVB and off grade PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) in any forms (resin, rolls, sheets, scraps), able to buy about 200m each every month. Thanks.
United States