Wild Mushrooms

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Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom Morel Mushroom

Morel Mushroom

Of the 7 decades of us providing excellent quality products, we have regularly supplied morel mushroom for many years. We ensure the quality standards by testing our morel mushroom in certified laboratories. These varieties are then cross-checked...
Main Item Kashmiri and Iranian Saffron, Asphaltum (Shilajit) Extract, Morel Mushrooms, Bezoar, Atis Bitter, Agarwood
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Halal approved Delicacy Soup Sauce for Wild Mushroom

Halal approved Delicacy Soup Sauce for Wild Mushroom ingredients: Mushroom powder, Porcini cream, salt, MSG, Chicken essence Certification: HACCP, ISO, QS, FDA Shelf life: 12 Months Product Images Certifications Company Information...
Main Item Seasoning/Condiment/Sauce/Food
Business Type Manufacturer, Service

3-5CM Wild Dried Morel Mushrooms without fully stem

1.Product Name:3-5CM Wild Dried Morel Mushrooms without fully stem; 2.REMARKS (1) NO PLASTIC FOREIGN MATERIAL; 3.REMARKS (2)We are factory of DRIED MUSHROOM and DRIED FUNGUS; 4.Shape:Whole; 1.Types:Morel; 2.Process Style:AD; 3.Source:Cultivated...
Main Item Dried Mushroom
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Mellea Armillaria Sporophore

100%Pure Natural Mushroom Mellea Armillaria Sporophore Zhen Mo Name: Pure Dried Mushroom Zhen Mo (Dried Mushroom) Net Weight: 250g Packaging: bag Origin: Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province Producing Year: Winter of 2014 Shelf Life: 12 months...
Main Item Mellea Armillaria Sporophore
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Chinese Dry Black Fungus Mushroom

Product Type: Mushrooms Style: Dried Source: Wild Processing Type: Raw Shelf Life: 18 Months Certification: FDA HACCP GAP ISO Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland) Model Number: AA Edible Fungus: Chinese Dry Black Fungus Mushroom Ingredients:...
Main Item Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Black Fungus
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selling high quality Ottawa valley Canadian chaga mushrooms
Main Item chaga
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fresh truffle

Truffle, the Himalayensis, all kinds of Fresh and dry Tuber indicum, including Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Uncinatum, Tuber Brumale and Tuber aestivum. Fresh truffle is the season produce, please contact us for the right season truffle. Dry slices...
Main Item truffle, matsutake, boletus edulis
Business Type Agent

Calocybe gambosa / St. George's mushroom

Dried or Frozen We offer the mushrooms either dried or frozen, whole or sliced or as requested. Quality: We truly believe that the quality of the goods will match your expectations. Nevertheless, we welcome you to personally inspect the goods. It...
Main Item Mushrooms
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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Morel cultivaton Strains and cultivation technology

Famous mushroom expert, director of the Mianyang Edible Fungi Institute, Professor Zhu Douxi After 23 years of research, and finally realized the key technologies of the Morel (morchella esculanta) commercial cultivation, the highest per-mu yield...
Main Item Morel, wild fongi,
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Natural Tasty Mushroom

Natural Farm Tasty Mushroom Discription Farm mushroom which produced in Xianju Couny ,Dongbao District ,Jingmen City,Hubei Province , Xianju is famous for beautiful mountains and rivers and known as the "land of the gods inhabited" in ancient times...
Main Item quality test machine for safety protection products
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dried,fresh,wild mushrooms

we are producers and suppliers of good quality mushrooms around the globe.our delivery is fast and safe.Fresh Domestic Porcini, Fresh Chanterelles, Fresh Burgundy Truffles, Fresh Alba Truffles, Fresh Matsutake, Fresh Lobster Mushrooms, Fresh...
Main Item Dried and fresh mushrooms for sale
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wild tricholoma magnivelare(dry)

The series of wild edible mushroom products of Huantai are “famous brand of argricultural products of Sichuan province”. Its raw materials come from original jungle of Liangshan high and cold mountains area with altitude of 3,000 meters. It is...
Main Item black buckwheat tea
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