Water Treatment Appliances

[ Taiwan Buder ] 2018 New Arrival Japan Maxell Hydrogen Water Bottle

[ Taiwan Buder ] 3 platinum plate hydrogen water bottle made in Japan One property of hydrogen is easy to separate from the water, so it is ideal to drink the hydrogen water as soon as produced. When all is said to the Hydrogen Water Generator is...
Main Item water dispenser, cooler, filter, RO system, alkaline water ionizer
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1 micron pp /pes /ptfe /nylon water pleated membrane filter Carbridge

1 micron pp /pes /ptfe /nylon water pleated membrane filter Carbridge Microporous membrane filter and cartridge are the currently popular microporous filtration equipment in the world: it uses a composite folding microporous membrane as filtration...
Main Item sintered metal filter/PP filter cartridge/rupture disc/wedge wire well filter
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Water Filtration Cartridge Filters

LP filter cartridges are pleated, depth all-polypropylene cartridges offering high flow rates, high dirt-holding capacity and broad chemical compatibility. They are economical filters specially designed for extending the service life of terminal...
Main Item Filters, Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge, Cartridge Filter
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Keensen SW-4040 Sea Water RO Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Sea Water Desalination Membrane Element Model No.:SW-4040 Usage: It is applicable to the desalination of raw water with salt concentration between 15000ppm and 40000ppm, and make removal for the boron is more than 90%. This membrane model was...
Main Item Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Nanofiltration Membrane, Flat Sheet
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Universe-Explorer Outdoor Water Filter with Purification, Car Washing and Showering Multi-Function

1. UNIVERSE-EXPLORER Outdoor Water Purifier is the only 6-stage filtration outdoor water purifier which has complete intellectual property right to fill the gaps in the long term market of safely using surface water in field environment. It ensures...
Main Item UNIVERSE-EXPLORER Outdoor Water Purifier
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9 5/8" Perforated Steel Pipe for Well drilling or Filtering

Description Perforated drainage pipe is designed for creating direct link between the well bore and the producing formation through punched holes in the casing and the cement sheath that surrounds it. It is usually used as a protect casing or...
Main Item Water well screen, wedge wire screen, stainless steel pipe , perforated pipe, ect.
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ozonator for swimming pool disinfection

Allied Power ozone generator adopt micro-gaps barrier corona discharge technology like famous Wedeco.Our company was established in 2004,and we have many years of history in this field.We have continuously tried to improve product quality and...
Main Item ozone generator
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18-Head Automatic Filling Machine for Fruit Wine/Juice/Beverage

1.Main technical parameter parameter type GFP-12A remark maximum(b/h) 2000 (500ml/b,bottle inner dia≥16mm) Filling head 18 Apply bottle high(mm) 160-360 Apply bottleneck(mm) Φ50-Φ100 Filling quantity(500ml) Average error ±3 mm The average height of...
Main Item Filling machine
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water filter_Micro Filter_from korea

-Introduction ECOFIL’s Philosophy Eco-friendly Cost reduction Original Filtration Identification Lifestyles of health and sustainability -Micro Filter *Dust pocket structure by melt-blown process with micro fiber *100% polypropylene and coreless...
Main Item Micro Filter and Filtrations
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Water Softener System with Maruyama Valve

Type:Ion Exchange Resin Softener Installation:Cabinet Type Certification:CE Voltage: 220V Brand Name:EWP, Environmental World Products Model Number:SW-B2 Classification:Water Softener Softener:Custormized Maruyama Control Valve IM20 Series...
Main Item RO system, membrane, valve, pressure gauge, filter cartridge
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RO System for Pharmaceutical

treating water before their use for pharmaceutical applications is a much needed step so that high quality and pure water can be further utilized for the production of tablets, syrups and most importantly washing the tools and utensils used in...
Main Item Turnkey Mineral Water Project, Mineral Water Pouch Packing Machine, Mini Water Bottling Plant, Mineral Water Plant, Reverse Osmosis System, Drinking Water Project, Bottled Water Plant Manufacturers, Bottling Water Plant
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medical hydrogen producing machine maker hydrogen for inhaling hydrogen drinking water hydrogen

Product introduction: QL-H series medical hydrogen machien is used to produce high purity hydrogen for Hydrogen therapy and health-care application.One detail application is active Hydrogen inhalation, which is helpful refresh and keep human body...
Main Item hydrogen gas generator, nitrogen gas generator, zero air generator, lab gas generat
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Water distiller home of cheap laboratory stainless steel

Brief introduction of water distiller home: electric distilled water is generally used in high-quality stainless steel, water heating from the water and pure water, according to water production is divided into 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters three....
Main Item Glass Reactor Rotary evaporator Electronic Balance Centrifuge Hydrothermal synthesis reactor Electric resistance furnaces Shaking incubator Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Steam Sterilizer Rotary vane vacuum Water circulating vacuum pump Lab melting furnace
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400mg/h Home used ozone generator for fruit and vegetable sterilizer

Hot Sale Commercial Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine Ozone is one of the worlds most powerful sterilizing agents. If you are looking for an organic & reliable method to sanitize & clean then you need an HYS-1667 Ozonator. With easy...
Main Item TENS unit , acupuncture pen , neck and foot massager . Ozone generator
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[AQUAOSMO]2018 home appliances electrical supply stainless steel water boiler water boiler, temperat

AQUAOSMO Mini desktop instant water boiler C22 Intelligence Electronic sensor technology+intelligent control=Modern high-tech experience Humanization design+Use habit=Practical intelligent experience Convenient At home ,office,full range...
Main Item Air to water generator , water dispenser , water boiler , water fountain
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1000lph RO water treatment system

Industrial & commercial RO drinking water filter machine price Product name: RO water filter machine Brand: CX Model: CX-RO1000L Capacity: 1000L/H(6000GPD) configuration: Bule FRP filter tank,High quality PVC pipe,Full automatic control...
Main Item water filter housing, water tank, RO system, UF system
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fiberglass sand filter

1.The cylinder is made by fiber glass and stronged bu plastics. 2.Anti-abrasive,anticorrosin and non-flexible 3.easy to install and maintain equipped with drain calve and pressure gage,easy to test and maintain 5.the prefevt desing and stable...
Main Item water purifying plant
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absolute pp sediment filter cartridge with 5 micron in supply

Ø RO pre-filtration Ø Filiter of wine mineral water and drink water Ø Acid-base liquid in chemical processing Ø Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water Ø Industrial water and plating liquid Ø Solvents and potion pre-filtration Ø...
Main Item Water purifier&filter cartridge
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Qualitied Residential RO filter membranes with reasonable price

High Rejection 400 GPD RO Membrane Element Import GE membrane sheet Approximately 96% stable salt rejection OEM service avaliable. 1.5 times super long lifespan than other imported membrane sheet. Specifications Model GL-3012-400 Active Area...
Main Item household reverse osmosis membrane
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"THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOW ABOUT ALL PEOPLE, OUR PLANET & OUR MUTUAL PROSPERITY THERE IS NO GREATER THREAT THAN THE LACK OF PURE FRESH DRINKING WATER." Water… Pure Fresh & Drinkable?!! Only 1% of Earths water is drinkable. That 1% is shared between...
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