Textile Raw Materials Processing Machinery

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GA728 Integral Core for Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt in Coal Mine Rapier Loom

GA728 Integral Core for Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt in Coal Mine Rapier Loom,Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt Loom,Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt Loom Supplier Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt Loom Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt Loom Supplier This machine is...
Main Item formingfabric loom , industrial fabric loom, brake lining loom
Business Type Manufacturer

Textile Backsheet Film

Request PE hygiene backsheet film for converting adult incontinence diapers, baby diapers and medical underpads: Specifications: Film Type: Extruded...
Main Item Food packaging, catering disposables, dairy packaging, chemical & petrochemical packaging, masterbatches & plastic additives, paramedical & pharmaceutical packaging, soap & detergent packaging
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor

Textile Waste Opening Machine

Textile Waste Opening Machine Textile waste recycling machine The textile opening machine is designed and manufactured by the advanced experience and characteristic of every kind of cotton machinery. It is mainly used for preliminary opening the...
Main Item textile waste recycling machinery, textile waste opening machine, textile waste cleaning machine, textile waste cutting machine, carding machine, textile waste baling machine, needle punching machine, quilting machine, cross lapper, bale opener
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Wet Salted Horse Hides

We are a legitimate and reliable supplier of Wet Horse hides and others in Hungary. Find details below. Wet Salted Horse Hides Machine-Pulled Flesh-Trimmed Selection A: One burn mark on side, Post salt thickness 2cm, post salt weight 27 kg and up...
Main Item Donkey Hides, Pure Leather, Genuine Leather, Cow Hides
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service, Others

Automatic Double-Spindle Weft Machine

Automatic Double-Spindle Weft Machine winding machine Automatic Double-Spindle Weft Machine Be used in yarn of label, tape, lace, wire and so on, Attach lace braiding machine traditional braiding machine, high speed braiding machine. Be applicable...
Main Item shoelace tipping machine, shop bag belt tipping machine, high speed rope weaving machine, automatic yarn winding machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

cotton processing machinery parts

ginning saw, delinter saw, saw blank, ginning rib, deinting rib, huller rib, aluminum spacer, brush, channel saw, garnett wire, Grid bar, feed bar, roller, saw shaft, spiked cylinder, v-belt, cotton baling wire for brand as Lummus, Continental,...
Main Item Farm Machinery
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer


Scutcher is applied to detwest and expand cloth sheets, cloth band, cotton/polyester hosiery waste, cotton yarn waste and other textile fabric waste (PE, PP, Viscose, Acrylic and so on) into fiber. Fiber yield is quite high. The expanded fiber can...
Main Item textile meterial, spinning m/c
Business Type Exporter, Importer, Agent


The Wrap Reel is used for reeling set length's yarn to test whose linear density and length. Technical Parameter : Reel girth : 1000mm±0.5mm Winding Cyclomatic number :1~9999 Reel rotate speed :30~300/Min Spindle Space between :65cm Reeling...
Main Item Tensile Strength Tester , Universal Testing Machine , Fabric Air Permeability Tester , GSM Sample Cutter , Fastness to rubbing tester, Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

M4X ,M6X,M8X automatic blender

Multi-bin blending hopper Delivering the cotton to every bin by a windmill, the minute-pressure switch control the position. The standard table height is 4200mm, can select special height 3200mm or 5200mm according to the height of the workshop....
Main Item Blow room process carding machine
Business Type Manufacturer

GM-400-6/4/3/2 textile/ cotton/ fabric/old cloth reycling machine

This Fabric/ Fiber/textile/Clothes/used garment Recycling Machine can recycle nearly all kinds of material (such as cotton waste/ usedcloth/ rags/jean/monwoven /thread/ yarn/carpet/wool/used garment )into cotton and fiber . Firstly if the material...
Main Item textile/ fabric/ cotton/ yarn waste recycling machine, opening machine
Business Type Manufacturer

Ribbon/Cord embroidery machine

IntroductionMicro corp. has finally developed a new system called Ribbon/Cord embroidery machine on thefoundation of long experience and technology built-up for years. This Ribbon/Cord embroiderymachine enables you to produce not only normal...
Main Item Cord embroidery machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Autoleveller Drawing Frame TMFD81L

high speed double deliveries drawing frame with USTER autoleveller Salient Features: 1. USTER UQA short-term auto-leveller, driving and control system are separate for each head, to achieve optimum results. 2. Use programmable logic controller...
Main Item Drawing Frame
Business Type Manufacturer

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with auto-feeding worktable-JQ1630

fabric laser cutting machine 1600*3000mm working size auto-feeding worktable USB control system Reci brand laser tube Performance Features 1.Configure higher power laser tube. 2.DSP controlling system, rich functions, can effect engraving on plane,...
Main Item Laser Engraving Machine for Marble/Granite-JQ1325
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Large format-textile cutting Laser Cutting Machine with auto-feeding worktable-JQ1630

textile laser cutting machine Working Area:1600*3000mm CE/FDA certificate Imported part 60w laser, water cooling system Applicable materials: Marble,granite, jeans ,fabric ,acrylic ,MDF, wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments,...
Main Item laser machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Textile Spreading Machine (SM-III)

Available cutting area (W*L) mm: 1600~2400 Max. Spreading materials height (after vacuum): 5mm Cutting method: Knife-reciprocation Max. Machine speed: 60m/min Power: AC380V/50Hz Max. 22KW Air pressure: 0.55 Mpa Air consumption: 60NL/min The...
Main Item fabric cutting machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter