Textile Auxiliary Agents


Description Cellulase L is derived from a controlled fermentation of a strain of Trichoderma.reesei. It can hydrolyze fiber into short fiber, cellobiose, glucose etc. Activity ≥ 100000 u/ml Appearance Brown liquid Odour and Taste Fermented flavor...
Main Item protease/B-glucan enzyme/acid protease/neutral protease/ lipase/alkali protease
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alkaline cellulose enzyme

Specifications (u/g)(enzyme activity index)--- 20000,30000 Formulations--- Solid Function--- The modification of fiber fabric reduction arrangement, acclerant raw and auxiliary materials in proprietary Chinese medicine extraction, environmental...
Main Item enzymic preparations
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

special enzyme for desizing

special enzyme for desizing can desize fabrics quickly and efficiently with desizing rate of 90% to 95% without damage to the fabrics. After desizing with this product, fabrics are softer, fleshy, and clean with bright-colored dyeing effect. The...
Main Item Acetolactate Decarboxylase
Business Type Manufacturer

Acid Cellulase for Bio-polishing (Concentration)

INTRODUCTION Cellulose is an unbranched glucose polymer composed of anhydro-D-glucose units linked by 1, 4-b-D-glucoside bonds. These glycosidic bonds can be hydrolysed by cellulolytic enzymes. The native structure of the cellulose is composed of...
Main Item biological enzyme
Business Type Manufacturer

grafted corn starch ZH-DH1

ZH-DH1 is high-tech products,which was developed to meet the fine count,high density and high-speed looms.It can replace all or part of PVA.With high-quality patato starch and maize starch as raw materials,after the introduction of multi-channel...
Main Item modified starch/grafted starch/phoshate starch/polyacrylic ester/sizing agent
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Diethyl Carbonate

It is a high quality solvent and textile ausiliary agent. Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid Molecular weight:118.13 Density:0.97g/cm3 Boiling point:126.8℃ Melting point:-43℃ Battery Grade:99.99%min High Grade:99.95%min Tech Grade:99.5%min It...
Main Item trade, research, syhthesis
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Nanometer Titanium Oxide for textile(HTTI-03-F)

HTTI-03-F is developed by our company independently and widely used in textile pulp. It greatly improves the yarns comprehensive weaving performance by excellent combination with starch. With HTTI-03-F, both the PVA usage is reduced and the pulp...
Main Item nano titanium oxide (HTTi), nano silicon oxide (HTSi), nano aluminum oxide (HTAl), nano zinc oxide (HTZn), nano magnesium oxide (HTMg) and nano zirconium oxide (HTZr), nano antimony doped tin oxide powder (ATO), nano inorganic anti-bacterial powder (HTB)
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Soda Ash Substitute

TYPE:KWN-310F2 Anion/Non-ionic Powder Suitable for dyeing by reactive dyes. Substitute the Soda Ash. Excellent rubbin fastness; Excellent dyeing returning ability; No different color; Obtain levelling dyeing effect.
Main Item textile chemicals/led lights
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Tetra sodium salt of Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP•Na4)

Tetra sodium salt of Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP•Na4) CAS No. 20592-85-2 Molecular Formula:C3H8NO9P3Na4 Molecular weight: 387 Properties: ATMP•Na4 is the salt of ATMP, it can inhibit the scale formation, calcium carbonate in...
Main Item atmp, hedp.edtmps, dtpma, paa, paas, hpma, cmit, benzalkonium chloride
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Textile Printing Thickener---Printex® MR6 Printex MR6 is specially modified corn-starch based Textile Printing Thickener designed to show high color yield,sharp and level prints,easy for wash-off when mixed with Sodium alginate,CMC,Guar Gum...
Main Item Printex , Sodium Alginate
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