Temperature Instruments

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Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers is a quick, simple and effective way of obtaining temperature information. Digital thermometer can be useful right in your own home. We have a large selection of high quality general digital thermometer. 1) Display range:...
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-200C to 1800 C temperature range Multi channels thermocouple thermometer logger

Detailed 1)Support 8 types thermocouple( K, J, E, T, R, S, N, B) 2)Large lcd display four channels data 3)High qualitycompetitive price Welcome to visit our to view more information HE 701/801 Series Thermocouple Thermometer...
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Heater with Threaded Mounting

single-tube wiring of the electric welding with a hexagonal head In the first single-tube wiring of the electric welding with a hexagonal head (used for fastening) size range (defined by the customer) of the (British) system hollow bolt. Can be...
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CH Muti input PID process temperature Controller

temperature controller 1) Muti input 2) Dual 4 digits display with 7segments LED 3) dual output 4) RS485 interface Temperature Controller Specification CH102: 48 x 48 x 110mm, CH402: 48 x 96 x 110mm CH502: 96 x 48 x 110mm, CH702: 72 x 72 x 110mm,...
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The unit includes : Thermal imager with standard infrared lens AC power supply and battery pack charger (including mains adapters) Two, rugged lithium ion smart battery packs SD memory card SmartView software with free software upgrades for life...
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Assembly Thermocouple

Hongtai's thermocouples are mainly customized strictly according to customer's requirements. To meet various standards, the production process is carefully inspected by our engineer and technician. The assembly thermocouple has the ability of good...
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Lase Distance Meter SK816

Specification *Measurement items: Air velocity, Air temperature *Measurement range: ----Air velocity: 0~30m/s, 0~90km/h, 0~5860ft/min, 0~55knots, 0~65mph (± 5%) ----Air temperature: -10~45º C, 14~113º F (± 2º C) *Resolution: 0.2º C, 0.2m/s Features...
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Pneumatic Temperature Indicating Transmitter/Controller

odel KFT Temperature Indicating Controllers indicate and control a process variable by converting its temperature change into mechanical displacement of a bellows through change in expansion of liquid-fill by temperature or change in gas-fill...
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Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Sensors and Data Logger RFT8100

1.1 Profile 8100-1M Wireless temperature and humidity measurement system includes display terminal (8100-1M), wireless temperature probe (8100-1T), wireless humidity probe (8100-1S, optional), wireless relay (8100-1Z, optional). 8100-1M acts as the...
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trainer kit box

We are manufacturing wooden boxes for Digital Trainer Kit, Analog Trainer Kit, Basic Electronics Trainer Kit, Power Supply, Function Generator, IC Tester, EPROM Programmer, Microprocessor Trainer Kit, Microcontroller Trainer Kit, Embedded...
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Head mounting Temperature transmitter TMT190B

Temperature transmitter TMT190B 1)Output:4 to 20mA 2)Supply voltage: 7.5 to 45VDC 3)Installation:sensor head form B blue Head mounting Temperature transmitter TMT190B PC programmable temperature head transmitter for converting various input signals...
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Infrared thermometer GM2200

*Temperature range:200 ~ 2200 Celsius( 392~3992 Fahrenheit) *Accuracy:±1.5% or ±1.5 Celsius *Repeatability:±1% or ±1 Celsius *Distance Spot Ratio:80:1 *Emissivity:0.1~1.00 adjustable *Resolution:0.1 Celsius or Fahrenheit *Response Time:500ms...
Main Item Digital Hygro-therometer, Metal Detector, Distance Meter, Thickness Guage, Anemometer and so on...
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FTM-3 food thermomete

small and exquisite food center thermometer, the instrument uses a patented chip technology, to ensure the stability of the measurement and rapid detection. Instrument principle: The thermometer using high-precision platinum resistance sensor with...
Main Item Toxic gas alert, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Sulfur dioxide
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Indoor Hygrometer,Digital Thermo-hygrometer,hygrometer

Indoor hygrometer is mainly used in the family room inside temperature, humidity, and industrial production, warehouse storage temperature, humidity measurement, use convenient, environmental protection 1.With LCD display indoortemperature...
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2012 newest Smart Mould Proof Electronic Hygrothermostat RETF 012

Temperature and humidity adjustable Optical operatind display High switching capacity Clip fixing The electronic hygrotherm senses the ambient temperature and relative humidity in an enclosure with electric/electronic component,and turns on a...
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hot runner temperature controller system

MC-2100 temperature controller on the basis of foreign advanced hot runner temperature control technology, combined with the characteristics of the hot runner temperature control, well-developed a high-performance temperature controller, improved....
Main Item hot runner temperature controller
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Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Programmable Controller with 5.7inch touch screen Interface. Temperature, Humidity and other parameters can be recorded using a Recorder. 120 Patterns / 1200 segments of programming. Real-Time monitoring and date acquisition. Free PC-software....
Main Item Temperature & Humidity Chamber
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Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer

Digital Temperature Humdity Meter Thermometer Features: Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously 12-hour/24-hour displaying system selectable Integral-hour alarm function Alarm function Clock&Calendar function (month and date) Desk-top...
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Temperature Controllers

High accuracy 18-bit input A-D High accuracy 15-bit output D-A Fast input sample rate (5 times / second) Basic & full function User menu configurable Pump control Fuzzy PID microprocessor-based control Automatic programming Differential control...
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