Matcha Morihan

Matcha Morihan is Genuine Japanese Uji Matcha and 1 to 5 are available in 5 grades. While maintaining quality using our unique sterilization technology, we guarantee the Japanese powdered soft drink standard . Upon request, we can also propose...
Main Item Matcha Morihan
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
Figgy cinnamon tea Figgy cinnamon tea Figgy cinnamon tea

Figgy cinnamon tea

This tea has a delicate and slender aroma, like ginger or cinnamon, with a unique and outstanding aroma. Taste Qingchun with special, Tang color orange efficacy for diuresis except lack, Sheng Jin thirst-quenching, solution greasy, can help digestion
Main Item tea/tea set
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Lotus Green Tea Lotus Green Tea Lotus Green Tea

Lotus Green Tea

Dry from tea leaves and lotus flower
Main Item Lotus Tea
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Green Tea Chun Mee

Cun Mee is a plant that is generally grown in tropical climates. 80% of tea plants grown in tropical climates such as Indonesia, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka are Cun Mee. In terms of color,Cun Mee has a dark color when brewed. Cun Mee also has a...
Main Item Green tea and Black tea
Business Type Exporter
Better Jasmine Green tea Better Jasmine Green tea

Better Jasmine Green tea

Better Vietnam Jasmine green tea Better Viet Nam Co., Ltd. We are factory and exporter of Black tea, Green tea, Oloong Tea many years in Vietnam. 20ft= 8-9 tons 40ft= 16-18 tons Packing: 30 - 50kg/pp bag, or packing to request of Customers. We are...
Main Item Green tea, black tea
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Hibiscus flower

Grade A Natural Nigeria hibiscus flower. Purity level: 99.5%. Foreign material: 1% max. Broken to unbroken:0.5% max. Color: dark red.
Main Item Hibiscus flower
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent, Wholesaler/Retailer
green tea PeKo good price 2020 new season
green tea PeKo good price 2020 new season

green tea PeKo good price 2020 new season

Vietnamese green tea is one of the top delicious teas in the world. Like other items that Fulmex offers, PeKO green tea is its style leaf tea that is traditionally processed. Our modern technology is used to make green tea fermentation. Until the...
Main Item green tea, black tea
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service
Chunmee41022 Chunmee41022 Chunmee41022


Chunmee 41022, one of the most popular teas in Africa, is the most consumed by locals. We are a factory direct exporting, with the advantages of price and quality to provide this tea. High but long lasting aroma with a refreshing taste to wake you...
Main Item green tea
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Green tea mix. Green tea latte.

Green Tea Mix It's a mixed product for green tea latte. You can drink with cold or warm milk. Using high-quality organic matcha, you can enjoy the green tea latte you had at the cafe at home. - Helps relieve bad breath / Early prevention of lung...
Main Item greentea
Business Type Manufacturer

Oolong Tea

Buddha's Hand is a high-oxidized oolong tea. The cultivar is so named because its leaves are uncharacteristically large. Fully developed, they span the width and length of a person's hand. Its name also alludes to the similarity in scent of its...
Main Item Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Tea Powder, CTC Black Tea
Business Type Manufacturer

Jasmine green tea

This tea is natural jasmine green tea: Using the 61-stir-frying process: six times of flowers and repeated fragrance extraction, the fragrance of flowers and the fragrance of tea are perfectly blended; Jionghua, also known as cellar scented tea....
Main Item Green Tea
Business Type Manufacturer

Indian tea for Export

We invite importers to cooperate. We offer an assortment of tea for export from a manufacturer in India. Green leaf tea, black granulated Tea, green and black tea mix Select the text to see examples
Main Item Consultancy Services, Market Analysis and Scope of business Linguistic expertise in English/Russian/Turkish/Hindi Representation and Delegations Start-up Assistance Import Data to India World wide Export Data from India World wide
Business Type Service, Others

Black Tea - Tea Bags

Pure Ceylon Black Tea Grade BOPF packed as follows. 2g x 100 Tea Bags packed in One Carton. nett wt 200g.
Sri Lanka
Main Item Ceylon tea
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter


With the good environment, our tea gets a special high flavor and good taste. It is known for "four uniques": bright green color, sweet scent, full-bodied flavor, elegant shape. The flat and even appearance shows emerald color, bright and...
Main Item puer tea
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Health Functional Teas

-Corn Silk tea: Corn Silk Tea is good for weight loss because it helps speed up breaking down body fat. Also, it is well known for soothing diuretic and helping the passage of urinary stones. Nokchawon's corn silk tea is blended with only natural...
Main Item Organic Green Tea, Almond, walnut, adlai tea, Honey fruit tea, (Red) Ginseng tea, Grain latte, tea, green tea, honey
Business Type Exporter, Importer

Oolong Tea

Product description: Type:Shuixian,Rougui,Dahongpao Appearance: Brown Powder Packing:25Kg/Fiber Drum, double plastic bag inside, with carton outside. 1Kg/ Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing. (Customer packing also accepted) Place of Origin:...
Main Item single clove garlic, pure white garlic, sweet pepper, fuji apple, chinese tea, yellow millet, mushroom
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Jasmine Restaurant Tea

We have our tea plantation and tea basis, so we can provide you high quality tea with competitive price. any question is welcomed. For more information, pls contact with me, tea at bluelakefood dot com. or my wechat 18659649406. Thanks!
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Puer tea, tea processing, tea bag raw material, add milk tea, raw materials and clean.
Main Item Pu'er tea
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White Cockscomb Fermented Oolong Tea

White Cockscomb Fermented Oolong Tea Description Bai Ji Guan (White Cockscomb) is one of the four famous varietals of Wuyi rock tea. Due to its tea tree variety reason, it is really hard to make good taste Bai Ji Guan, as it requires extremely high...
Main Item tea and teaware, hotel and beverage
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Woman's Tea,Raspberry Leaf Tea, 20 bags by Winz

Product name: raspberry leaf tea 100% made of raspberry leaf, no additive Rich in flavonoids, iron ions, organic acid and SOD It is recommended that women after 32 weeks of pregnancy should take it once a day, 1 bag/per day, and after 36 weeks of...
Main Item Canned Pineapple, Herbal Tea, Dried Mushroom, Sisal carpet, Linen, Hemp rope, Gauze, Fiber
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