Indium Arsenide (InAs) Single Crystal Wafer 2'' 3'' at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation

Indium Arsenide (InAs) Single Crystal Wafer 2’’ 3’’ at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation Diameter: 50.8+/- 0.2, 76.2+/- 0.2 mm Dopant: None / Sulphur / Zinc Conduct Type: N / P Doping Level: > 2E18 /cm2 Growth Method: LEC Thickness: 500+/-25 um...
Main Item CZ Single Crystal Silicon Wafer ; Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) substrate; High Purity Elements & Compound; Refractory Materials
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

PBN Pyrolytic Boron Nitride MBE Crucible

Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) method is one of methods of manufacturing Gallium arsenide epitaxy wafers. This method may manufacture epitaxial materials for polybasic, multilayer, homogeneous, heterogeneous structures, superlattice and quantum well....
Hong Kong
Main Item Bags, food, Plush Toys, Household refrigerator
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Sequential Controller

Sequential controller: The Maniks Sequential Controller has been designed to operate the MANIKS pilot valves used on dust collector Equipment. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide visual indication of which pilot valve is being energized as well as...
Main Item Pilot Operated Pulse Valve For Reverse Jet Bag Filter
Business Type Manufacturer

Kynix Semiconductors > Interface ICs > USB Interface IC > Cypress CY7C68014A-56LTXC

Cypress's EZ-USB SX2 USB Hi-Speed Peripherals are designed to work with any external master, such as standard microprocessors, DSPs, ASICs, and FPGAs to enable USB 2.0 support for any peripheral design. The SX2 has a built-in USB transceiver and...
Main Item electronic semiconductor
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Gallium Nitride

Gallium Nitride,Gallium Nitride Substrate,GaN,GaN Substrate Gallium Nitride,Gallium Nitride Substrate,GaN,GaN Substrate Gallium Nitride,Gallium Nitride Substrate,GaN,GaN Substrate Gallium Nitride,Gallium Nitride Substrate,GaN,GaN Substrate
Main Item sputtering target, evaporation material, rare earth
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Circuit Breakers

DBF-1 ;DBF-2 ;DBF-3;DBF-5 ;DBF-7.5;DBF-10;DBF-15;DBF-20 DBG-1 ;DBG-3 ;DBG-5 ;DBG-15;DBG-10;DBG-20;DBH-30 DBH-25;DBH35;DBJ-35;DBJ-30; HKH-9; JUG-17A; MGQ-18A Three phase circuit breaker Products on the principle of metal heating release and...
Main Item Electronics components;power supply;Intergrated circuit
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FOSB,FOUP,SMIF,wafer box,

Advantage of Auto Door FOSB Reduction of Contamination No human handling No effect from Outside Environment Reduction of handling time by Open/Close with Load Port (About 10sec/pc)
Main Item wafer frames, wafer ring, wafer cassette, wafer frames box, wafer frame carrier, wafer carrier, shipper wafer ring
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Cooler Peltier Thermoelectric Module TEC1-06306

TEC1-06306 Modules Couples: 63 Imax:6A Umax:7.6V Qcmax:42W Tmax:68 Deg Dimensions: 40x20x3.9mm Our thermoelectric module is a very small, very light and completely silent solid-state device that can operate as a heat pump or as an electrical power...
Main Item LED Diode, Cooling Module, LCD Module, etc.
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

MGD18 30K 1% 3950 NTC Thermistor Diode variable thermal resistor Temperature sensor in Air-condition

UL MF58 NTC Thermistor MGD18 30K 1% 3950 diode variable thermal sensitive resistor for Temperature sensor probes in Baker+Toaster+BBQ grill+cooker+pot+Pan+Oven+Stove >Smart >Small size >Reliable and stable MGD18-303F3950U 30Kohm ± 1% (item on sale)...
Main Item Temperature sesnors
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Red 55 inch advertising display ipad appearance 3g wifi digital kiosk LCD/LEDkiosk totem signs

1.Support split screen display. 2.Internet Update information. 3.Can be install android software. 4.Android wifi Online manage information
Main Item ad player
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SiC wafer( Silicon Carbide )

We provide high quality SiC wafer( Silicon Carbide ) to electronic and optoelectronic industry . SiC wafer is a next generation semiconductor material , with unique electrical propertiesand excellent thermal properties , compared to silicon wafer...
Main Item GaAs wafer
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

IR Illumination

Combining great performance and small dimensions, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' state-of-the-art infrared illumination components secure new opportunities for our customers. IR Power TOPLED®: SFH 4240 /4250 /4250S - 940 nm (SFH 4240) and 850 nm (SFH...
Main Item Osram Led/Opto Semiconductors
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Programmer ,DEO-NANO BOARD P0082 academic series TRASIC Programmer ,DEO-NANO BOARD P0082 academic series TRASIC
Main Item integrated circuit, diodes, Memory {Memory), Flash,
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1080P Car Camera with 4.3" Screen LCD (M3 PLUS)

Specification of product FHD1080p:Yes G-sensor:Support(built-in) Motion detecting:support parking sensor:support FHD Screen size:4.3inch(LCD) Wide angle:140 degree Resolution ratio: 480*272(screen) Screen size:4.3 inch Working temperature:-20 to 70...
Main Item car radar detector, driving recorder
Business Type Manufacturer

Saw Blade V Shaped

We help our customers shape the dicing saw blade with 45/58/60/90 degree,repair the old blades for reusing.No matter what brand blade you offer to us, we can help you to make it as good as new. blade edge with V shape we can accept all brands of...
Main Item dicing saw blade, chuck, nuzzles, machine
Business Type Manufacturer

china top quality silicon wafer on sale

Main products are the production of large scale integrated circuit ( IC ) 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches of polished silicon wafers, Quartz wafers, Sapphire wafers for LED and other relevant products. 2-8inch IC grade, test and prime wafers,SSP...
Main Item silicon wafer/quartz wafer/sapphire
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Semiconductors External Capacitors MAX202CSE

MAX202CSE MAXIM 5000 14+ 2500/REEL STOCK
Hong Kong
Main Item Chips, active components, Electronic Components, ic, sensor, moudle, transistors, capacitors,
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Refurbishment Semiconductor Equipment

[ Refurbishment Semiconductor Equipment ] ** Major Dealing Equipment Companies- TEL, NIKON, DNS, HITACHI, CANONAMAT, TOK, ULVAC, NEC, etc ** Provide Total Solution- Refurbishment, set-up, deal of used semiconductor equipments (Etcher, Coater,...
Main Item semiconductor equipment
Business Type Exporter

ABB YPC111A CODE 61002723

Bellsdo Tech supplying all kinds of famous IGBT modules in bands Infineon, SIEMIKRON, FUJI, SanRex, PRS, IXYS, VISHAY ON ect Bellsdo Tech supplying IGBT,power transistor, Thyristor Module, Thyristors, SCR, GTR, Diode Module, Rectifier...
Main Item IGBT, ABB, AB, Siemens, Thyristor Module, Thyristors, SCR, GTR, Diode Module, Rectifier Bridge Module, diode rectifier, IGBT Module, GTO Power Module, IPM Module, PIM Module, Plc, Relay, Inverters, Sensors, Power Supply, Switch, Connectors, Resistors, Fuse,
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