Benning Inverter System

A&S provides all models of Benning Rectifiers. Examples of modes we supply: Benning Inverter System DSP-500, Benning Inverter System DSP-1000, Benning Inverter System DSP-2500, Benning 125VDC Power QB Rectifier System, Benning Thyrotronic Battery...
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Kingtronics Kt bridge rectifier DB107S

Product description: Single Phase 1.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers Voltage Range 50 to 1000 Volts Current 1.0 Amperes DB101S, DB102S, DB103S, DB104S, DB105S, DB106S, DB107S Features: 1. Ideal for printed circuit board 2. Reliable low...
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SET-X Modular Rectifier/Battery Charger

SET rectifier system use advanced modular design, with multiple rectifier modules together in one 19'' rack box. Makes it flexible to provide enough power supply for Telecom and Power Industrial equipment use. The power output of rectifier can...
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SPS 25A 1000V Glass Passivated Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Through Hole GBJ2510

Special Sun A·H·M Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. SPS - ISO Factory for SMD and Through-hole Diodes and Rectifiers Since 2000 GBJ25005 - GBJ2510 25A GLASS PASSIVATED BRIDGE RECTIFIER GBJ25005, GBJ2501, GBJ2502, GBJ2504, GBJ2506, GBJ2508, GBJ2510 Glass...
Main Item Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers
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Standard Recovery Rectifiers

Silicon Mesa SMD Rectifier Features  Controlled avalanche characteristics  Glass passivated junction  Low reverse current  High surge current capability  Wave and reflow solderable Applications Surface mounting General purpose rectifier...
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Bridge Rectifiers

Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Is the biggest power semiconductor company in Taiwan. We established in 1995. We devote to producing excellent Power Semiconductors. Such as Diode,Power Modules,SCR,Triac, Thyristor,FRED etc More info on our...
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Rectifier Diode

Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage 50V 100V 200V 300V 400V 500V 600V 800V 1000V Average Forward Current 1.0A M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 PDF S1A S1B S1D S1G S1J S1K S1M PDF 1A1 1A2 1A3 1A4 1A5 1A6 1A7 PDF 1N4001 1N4002 1N4003 1N4004 1N4005 1N4006 1N4007 PDF...
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thyristor rectifier charger (three phase) from Zigor, MIT NG 3

Product description: MIT NG range comprises rectifiers battery chargers with conventional thyristors technology, controlled by microprocessor, both in Single-phase and Three-phase. Zigor has put together the thyristors reliable technology with the...
Hong Kong
Main Item thyristor rectifier charger, Industrial UPS, active voltage conditioner
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Hot Sale New and Original IGBT MIG50Q7CSB1X

semikron IGBT module skkt330-16e D/C: new Package: module, Original Model Number: skkt330-16e Type: IGBT module Brand Name: SEMIKRON Place of Origin: GERMANY condition: new & original warranty: 90 days d/c: 2015+ delivery methods: all kinds of...
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PRECIMA Full-Wave (Bridge), Half-Wave & Fast Excitation Brake Rectifiers

PRECIMA Full-Wave (Bridge), Half-Wave & Fast Excitation Brake Rectifiers PMB = Bridge (or Full-Wave) Rectifier PME = Half-Wave Rectifier PMG = Fast Response Rectifier These compact modules have been specially designed to be fitted into the terminal...
Main Item PRECIMA (Germany) Safety Brakes and Brake Rectifiers
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Best sale compact easy to move high efficiency static var generator

tatic var generator is used to improve power quality. static var generator adopts high power three phase voltage type inverter as core, output voltage is connected to electric network through parallel connection with reactor, keeping same frequency...
Main Item IGBT rectifier;SCR rectifier;APF;SVG
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Silicon Controlled Rectifier

Company profile: ChongQing TongYang Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd(CTEC) is specialized in small and meduim hydropower Projects,the team has professional knowledge,rich practices&expreience in this especial area more than 10 years.CTEC main study...
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1.0 AMP. Surface Mount Rectifiers M1~M7

1.0 AMP. Surface Mount Rectifiers M1~M7 SMA/DO-214AC 50V~1000V -55~150'C Case: Molded plastic Terminals: Pure tin plated, lead free solderable per J-STD-002B and JESD22-B102D.  Polarity: Indicated by cathode band Packaging: 12mm tape per EIA STD...
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650V/4A Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Barrier Diode G3S06504C

The levels of RoHS restricted materials in this product are below the maximum concentration values (also referred to as the threshold limits) permitted for such substances, or are used in an exempted application, in accordance with EU Directive...
Hong Kong
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Available models for cylinder: HONDA:CG125 CG150 CG200 GY650(60 80 90 100 125 150) C70 C90 C100 C110 CUB90 WAVE100 WAVE110 WS110 WAVE125 CB125 CB150 SH125 SH150 TMX125 XRM125 WH125 SUZUKI: GN125 GN150 AX100 GS125 AD50 AG50 HJ125 SMASH110...
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KBPC3510 PCB Bridge Rectifier 35A 1000V

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Yenisei Model Number: bridge rectifier Type: Bridge Rectifier Application: Automobile Package Type: Other Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 100~1200V Peak Non-Repetitive Reverse Voltage: Vrrm+200v Mean...
Main Item Thyristor
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Three phase rectifier bridge SKBPC3510

Isolation voltage: 2500V~ Planar passivated chips. International standard package. Advanced heat dissipation property. Low forward voltage drop. VRRM(Maximum reverse repetitive peak voltage): 1000V vRMS(Maximum RMS voltage): 700V VDC(Maximum DC...
Main Item thyristor module
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Alternator Rectifier

* Applied for 12V & 24V charging system. * Press-fit type zener diode. (Tj : 215 ℃) * Al. Die cast & Extrusion type heatsink. * Welded connection with stator wire.
Main Item Alternator Regulator
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Green PC Solution

"Prepare a minimum space only for Monitor, then enjoy your working space Comfortably and widely". Green PC system is consisted of Rack mountable PC, RPSUV-2030, T-Box, RPMS etc. Green PC system is a innovative solution for green environment and it...
Main Item green pc solution
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