Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount™ 3051L Level Transmitter        Rosemount transmitter 3051 wholesdale

With field-proven reliability, the Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter is a fully-integrated level solution. This safety-certified transmitter allows for direct mounting or a Tuned-System™ assembly for optimized performance that reduces temperature...
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eYc PHD330 Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter

Features ● Silicon chips on differential pressure module of MEMS integration technology ● Offset function / UI software ● Low-pressure monitoring, high pressure resistance ● RS-485 communication interface(Optional), Modbus RTU protocol ● Physical...
Main Item Temperature/Humidity/Dew point/Air velocity/Air volume/Flow/Pressure/Differential pressure/Level/Gas/Air quality/Signal/Instrument
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HPT906 Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for hydraulic system

In recent years, with the industrial development, more heavy equipment has been put into use, such as forklifts, cranes, hydraulic supports.ll of these equipment has a hydraulic system.The pressure detection and control for the hydraulic system...
Main Item Pressure sensors and level sensors
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Yokogawa Differential Pressure Transmitter

A&S provide all types of Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters. Models we can provide: Yokogawa Y/11AL Pneumatic Absolute Pressure Transmitter, Yokogawa P10 series pneumatic pressure transmitters, Yokogawa DPharp EJA110A pressure transmitters, Yokogawa...
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We have available following Ships spare parts for Sale: Product-Transmitter Maker-Yamatake Honeywell Model No-KDI22-2222H Sr no-KDI15744 Date-Nov 82 Country of origin-Tokyo Japan If required then please contact us on +91 97279 70078.
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RF Admittance Level Switch

FEEJOY RF admittance point level switch measures the medium through high-frequency wireless waves, which is a more advanced RF admittance technology to exchange capacitance measurement. The RF type level switch consists of three parts of RF...
Main Item Level Transmitter, Level Switch, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Flow Transmitter
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Flange Level Transmitter Flange Level Transmitter Flange Level Transmitter Flange Level Transmitter Flange Level Transmitter Flange Level Transmitter

Flange Level Transmitter

JCLT Flange Level Transmitter Updating time of output current in 200 ms Improved performance, increased accuracy, and greater stability Two years stability of 0.15% 0.1% accuracy Parameter setting by keypad directly 4-20 mA output plus direct...
Main Item pressure transmitter , pressure sensor
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MLT610 Submersible Throw-in 4-20ma/RS485 Water Liquid Level Sensor Transmitter

Overview MLT610 is integrated submergible type level transmitter,designed with high accuracy and stability diffusion silicon pressure sensor as sensitive components, high quality sealing and assembly technology, widely used for universal industrial...
Main Item paperless recorder, process indicator, process controller, tachometer; temperature and humidity transmitter, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, flowmeter, vibration transmitter; input module, signal isolator, signal converter;
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wireless pressure transmitter wireless pressure transmitter wireless pressure transmitter wireless pressure transmitter wireless pressure transmitter wireless pressure transmitter

wireless pressure transmitter

IOT wireless pressure transmitter 1000 bar for GPRS pipeline Pressure monitoring Model: TSM-01P This Internet of Things (IoT) device is designed to test the pressure of water / heating / gas & oil supplying pipeline, and report the pressure value...
Main Item wireless pressure transmitter, wireless water level transmitter, wireless fire hydrant monitoring transmitter, wireless temperature transmitter
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Industrial Pressure Transmitter Industrial Pressure Transmitter Industrial Pressure Transmitter Industrial Pressure Transmitter Industrial Pressure Transmitter Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Qingdao Hakin group is one of biggest manufacturers of pressure gauge /thermometer / gas regulator / cutting and welding torch etc. Our products already passed ISO9001 / ISO14001 / KS / CE certificate. We have exporting our products to dozens of...
Main Item pressure gauge, gas regulators, pressure transmitters, welding & cutting torches
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AST530 Sanitary Melt Pressure Transducer

Description: AST530 Series melt pressure transducer designed with rigid stem and flexible stem. The model 530T comes with thermocouple, which can measure the pressure and temperature at one point. This product filled with environmental, avirulent...
Main Item pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, melt pressure transmitter, tempersture transmitter, Load cell, wind direction sensor, wind speed sensor,
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hydraulic ceramic pressure sensor

Description pressure indicator measurement water air pressure sensor Yunyi YD35 Pressure transmitters are precision engineered to fit most industrial pressure measurement applications. The compact, rugged design makes these instruments suitable for...
Main Item pressure transmitter/dead weight tester/pressure calibrator
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HR3051-LAP/LGP Absolute Pressure Remote Transmitter

The membrane box of the remote transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from directly entering the pressure sensor component of the transmitter. It uses a filling fluid such as silicone oil to transmit pressure between the...
Main Item torque wrench, torque mulitplier, torque screwdriver, hydraulic torque wrench
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Yokogawa transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN

Yokogawa transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN The EJA-E series transmitter is the latest development of Yokogawa DPharp pressure transmitters, which will be released in 2012. It has the ruggedness and success of the EJA-A series, and it also has the...
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Rosemount Pressure Transmiter 3051

3051/2051/1151/248/644/3144/2088/2090/8711 3051TG: 3051TG1A2B21A 3051TG2A2B21A 3051TG3A2B21A 3051TG4A2B21A 3051TG5A2B21A 3051TG1A2B21AB4 3051TG2A2B21AB4 3051TG3A2B21AB4 3051TG4A2B21AB4 3051TG5A2B21AB4 3051TG1A2B21AB4M5 3051TG2A2B21AB4M5...
Main Item PLC, DCS, Sensor, Inverter, encoder, relay, serve Drive, Touch screen.
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NCS-TT108 Temperature Transmitter 8 channel

NCS-TT108 smart temperature transmitter, using the fieldbus technology, is a new generation of smart fieldbus temperature transmitter and it is an indispensable field device for process control. NCS-TT108 transmitter integrates abundant function...
Main Item Pressure Transmitter
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Chinese factory compact low cost differential level pressure transmitter

Lidoan is a leading multi-disciplined engineering company in the provision of integrated solutions to the Oil& Gas,Energy, Chemical & Pharmaceutical,Water treatment,Industrial Process Control and Power sectors. It Universal Pressure Transmitter...
Main Item Hart475 hand manipulator, Handheld ultrasonic level indicator
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4-20ma pressure sensor with wire high temperature pressure transmitter melt pressure transducers

HDP501 Series High-Temperature Pressure Transmitter adopts an imported thermostability sensing element, make the transmitter work stability under 300℃. And it welds with cool lasing technology, there are cooling ribs between the pressure sensor...
Main Item Flow meter , flow sensor , level measuring instruments , pressure transmitter
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Original with Very competitive price of EJX310A Traditional-mount Absolute Pressure Transmitter

EJX310A Traditional-mount Absolute Pressure Transmitter The EJX-A series is Yokogawa's premium performance line of DPharp transmitters. Released in 2004, it offers the performance and stability needed in demanding applications. The EJX-A series...
Main Item ABB, MTL, YOKOGAWA, Emerson
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USA Viatran Hammer Union Pressure transmitter 5093BPS

Shenzhen PMZ supply original Viatran Hammer Union Pressure transmitter 5093BPS 5093BPS 0 - 15000 PSIS, 4 - 20 mA output, Amphenol 6-pin electrical connector, 2" 1502 wing connection, Externally powered shunt calibration circuit, Wetted parts of...
Main Item equipment and spare parts
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