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Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot

Clean Halal Chicken Feet / Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil / Fresh chicken wings and foot

Clean Halal Chicken Feet ,Frozen Chicken Paws Brazil , Fresh chicken wings and foot,Halal Frozen Chicken Meat,Fresh Frozen Chicken Parts, Chicken Feet,chicken feet,Frozen Whole Chicken ,Chicken Feet paws,Fresh Chicken halal certified,frozen...
South Africa
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Needle-free Injection System for vet

Product Introduction NFI-AI-200 Needle-free and Micro-Needle Injection System is a new solution of drug delivery for small livestock including pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, or other pets. It enables transdermal injections of dose 2.0ml or 1.0...
Main Item Livestock Vaccination Equipment
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black coated 7090 cell pad without frame

1) .Corrugated paper with the spatial crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water resistant, anti-mildew and long service life. 2) .Large evaporation area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%. 3) .The product absorbs water naturally,...
Main Item various slim hanger exhaust fan
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100% Full Blood Boer Goats

Best quality Sheep ,Boer Goats , & beef slaughter and fattening bulls, beef carcass meat, pregnant heifers and dairy cows as well as customers special orders based on the current market demand in each country. We supply live sheep , & Live Goats ,...
Main Item Confectionery, sunflower oil,
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chicken layer cage

3tiers4room Capacity:96chicken Material:Galvanized Wire After Installation the size :L188*W215*H155cm Single cage size is L188*W56*H32cm Main wire diameter 35mm,Vice wire diameter 30 and 22mm. One single cage 4cells 6 cage Surface Treatment:Electro...
Main Item producing series iron wires, steel wire, iron wire mesh, steel wire mesh, many k
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Poultry Farm Chicken House Feeding System and Drinking Line

Poultry Feeding System 1.Main Feeding Line System:Feeding tower, feeding tube, screw conveyor,motor,sensor. Main Function:Convey the feed from the tower to the hopper,and automatically control the motor to convey, open and close through sensor,to...
Main Item Exhaust Fan, Evaorative Cooling Pad, Cooling System
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Honeycomb Cooling Pad For Greenhouse And Poultry Farm

Jinlong cooling pad is made of corrugated fiber paper which is covered by thin layer water film. When the outside hot air passes through the paper, water on the thin film will absorb the heat in the air and evaporate into vapor. And the cool and...
Main Item Cooling pad, exhaust fan, ventilation fan, air cooler
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smoked duck meat,poultry meat

We are one of specialized MEAT manufacturers, which supplies premium meat product (such as pork, beef, chicken, duck etc.) and cooked food (such as sausage, ham, bacon etc.). At the meantime, we also involved in import and export business. We...
Main Item sausage, ham, bacon, cooked meat food
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A type 3 tiers Poultry cage

1. Cage structure is durable, not deformed loading more than one hundred chickens 2. The laying egg will roll into the egg tray mesh outside the cages, easy to collect 3. The height of the cage is reasonable, good for farmer to manage the layers on...
Main Item Poultry farming equipment
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Whole Chicken | Chicken Feet | Chicken Paw | Chicken Wings

We are South Africa based Manufacture, Supplier and Exporter of Halal chicken products, Frozen and fresh cut of chicken, 100% grade A, processing for human consumption, such as Halal Whole Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken Paws, Chicken Feet etc. We...
South Africa
Main Item chicken feet , chicken paws , chicken liver , quater chicke
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Guar Meals Churi

The most important property of guar gum is its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water to attain uniform and very high viscosity at relatively low concentrations. Apart from being the most cost-effective stabilizer and emulsifier it provides...
Main Item Guar Gum / Cassia Gum / Spices / Animal Feeds
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Halal and non Halal Chicken

Buy directly from the farm and save money! Guttenberg Farms, LLC is a leading producer of high quality certified Halal and non-Halal chicken products. We supply up to 50,000 MT/Month for customers at very reasonable prices on a continuous and...
United States
Main Item Halal Chicken
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layer chicken cage design

Name layer chicken cage design Surface Hot/cold galvanization Warranty 15-20 years Cage frame U-shaped steel bar Certificate ISO&SONAP&SGS Feeding system Automatic Drinking system Automatic Manure Removal system Automatic Service After-sale...
Main Item Chicken cage
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Main Item slaughter machine
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Halala Whole Frozen Chicken

We supply frozen chicken producs and other parts.Well sell on affordable prices and ship to all ports.Contact our company today for more detials.
Main Item Sunflower Oil
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Main Item chicken feet
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Composite Figured Aluminum Plate Products

On the basis of advanced technology and standard abroad, in order to improve product quality, a new decorate material (Composite figured aluminum plate) are produced depend on years of production experience. It has obtained the practicable product...
Main Item glass wool
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Frozen steamed chicken breast fillet

The products are made of natural chicken meat and contain many kinds of nutriments that Person need. And HACCP and ISO certificate have been approved.
Main Item canned mushroom, chicken breast fillet
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Frozen Chicken - Whole or parts

Frozen poultry meat, whole or parts from Poultry - Chicken, Fowl or turkeys All Product with all USDA inspection and other sanitary certifications In export carton boxes fully prepared.
United States
Main Item Frozen Meats for export
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