Specifications (POPCORN BUTTERFLY) Moisture: Max. 15%, Foreign matters: Max. 0,5%, Quality: Grade 1, First quality Humidity: Min 12,5 % Max 14,5 %, Kernel count: (70 - 72) / 10 gr Max defects: 1,5 % (Max broken grains 0,5 % - other damaged grains...
South Africa
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We supply and export both mushroom and butterfly popcorn which is the best snack of all time. Our goods are of supreme and best quality. We can supply you with more than 5000 tons of popcorn grain per month our staff are well qualified with good...
South Africa
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POPCORN Detached grains from the stems of plants in the Zeamays L type of Zea kind of the Wheat Family ( Graminaaeae). Rich in oil content. Because of its abundant carbonhyrate content, generates energy. Its ingredients also include basic...
Main Item rice
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