Phosphate Fertilizer

Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer

Mono ammonium phosphate water soluble fertilizer

Breif Introduction Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, chemical preparation, also known as mono-ammonium phosphate, is a white crystal,it can be made of ammonia and phosphoric acid reaction.It is high efficiency nitrogen and phosphorus compound...
Main Item Calcium Nitrate, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium Sulphate and so on
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Sodium lignosulfonate/ Calcium lignosulfonate/ Magnesium Lignosulfonate used as concrete additives

1. Charcoal adhesive 2. Coal water slurry adhesive 3. Ceramic adhesive: for ceramic products, it can reduce carbon content, increase green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay and have good fluidity of slurry 4. Concrete water reducer as...
Main Item ammnoium sulphate /ammnoium chloride
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China Origin Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-00) China Origin Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-00)

China Origin Urea Phosphate (UP 17-44-00)

UREA PHOSPHATE Molecular formula: H3PO4.CO(NH2) 2 Molecular weight: 158.05 Properties: Colourless clarity prism crystal. The melting point is 117.3 centigrade. It is soluble in water and insoluble in aether, toluene and tetrachloride., its aqueous...
Main Item monopotassium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, disodium phosphate;trisodium phosphate, urea phosphate, diammonium phosphate
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Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade

Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade

Diammonium phosphate is soluble in water, dissolved solid less, Suitable for various crops on nitrogen and phosphorus, especially suitable for fertilizer, in the drought area for base fertilizer, top application and seed fertilizer. Specification...
Main Item Agricultural products, Nuts, seeds etc
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potassium sulfate Agricultural grade water soluble lowest price 7778-80-5

It is a basic raw material for producing various potassium salts such as potassium carbonate and potassium persulfate. The glass industry is used as a sinking agent. The dye industry is used as an intermediate. The perfume industry is used as an...
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Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)

1. Quick Details Brand Name: REAPCHEM Pro Name: Mono Potassium Phosphate Other Name: MKP Place of Origin: Shandong, China Molecular Formula: KH2PO4 Molecular weight: 136.09 CAS No: 7778-77-0 Appearance: White or colorless crystal 2. Packaging &...
Main Item Potassium nitrate Calcium nitrate SHMP
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Monoammonium Phosphate Technical Grade

MF: NH4H2PO4 CAS No.: 7722-76-1 EINECS No.: 231-764-5 HS Code: 31054000 Model Number: 12-61-0 Appearance: White granular crystal 1,Purity:99.0% 2,Sodium:0.5% 3,Moisture:0.2% it can be used as fire extinguishing agent or the raw material of 100%...
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Mono Ammonium Phosphate

White or colorless crystalline fertilizer. Using PA85% (Hot process) and liquid Ammonia as raw materials to produce MAP. Fully soluble in water, easy absorbing, high efficiency, free of CL&Hormones. Suitable for all crops. contains high...
Main Item Mono Potassium Phosphate, Mono Ammonium Phosphat, Di-ammonium Phosphate, Urea Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, NPK water soluble fertilizer
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Phosphate Rock

P2O5: 30.15% SiO2: 8.38% MgO: 3.20% Fe2O3: 1.70% Al2O3: 1.62% Size: 0.1 – 3.0 mm Moisture: 4 – 9%.
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monopotassium phosphate(CAS Number:7778-77-0)

Industry:Usedas the agent in cleaning and grinding industry. Food:Used as the agent of yeast. Pharmaceutical:Used as the nutritioinal agent to make the uric acid. Agriculture:Used as the high effective water soluble fertilizer in...
Main Item phos-chemical products
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Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer FMP/FCMP/CMP/Termofosfatos Fertilizantes

Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer FMP Other Namee(s):Calcium Magnesium Phosphate CMP,FCMP,Fertilizantes Termofosfatos,Termofosfatos Fertilizantes ,Termofosfatos,Termophosphate Fertilizer it is natual fertilizer, without processed by chemicals ....
Main Item Rock Phosphate RP, fertilizer, MAP, UP, SSP, FMP, MKP, NPK, DCP, MDCP, TCP, EDTA, EDDHA, feed additive, fodder additive, chemicals
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Ecoline Phosphite (K-Zn)

Liquid innovative fertilizer in the form of organic-mineral complex of potassium phosphite with organic boron complex with the addition of zinc chelate, for foliar feeding of a large number of crops, for the cases when it is necessary to strengthen...
Main Item Fertilizers with amino acids, phitohormones and phosphites
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Phosphate Rock

PHOSPHATE ROCK We are export agent for Egyptian fertilizers manufacturers offering rock phosphate. Moreover, we are also offering flexible and attractive INCO delivery. Specifications: Chemical Formula: 3Ca3(PO4)2·CaR2 Appearance: Light yellowish...
Main Item Cement, Portland, Export, Salt, Water Softener, Aluminum Sulfate, Salt Licks, Water Treatment, Fertilizer, Urea, DAP, TSP, Calcium diphosphate, Biodiesel, Base oil, White spirit, Butadiene, Engine Oil
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Egyptian Phosphate

Its primary use is in the agricultural industry. Crucial to fertilizers, phosphate rock represents the building block of the fertilizer industry. The calcium phosphate imbues the soil with nutrients that are vital to plant and other type of organic...
Main Item Fresh Artichokes, Frozen Artichokes, Marinated Artichokes in Brine, Fresh Vegetables, Baby Artichokes, charcoal, Calcined Kaolin, China Clay, Feldspar, Minerals, Rock Phosphate,
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Mono ammonium phosphate (MAP 12-61-0)

Mono ammonium phosphate (MAP 12-61-0) Other name:Soluble NPK12-61-0 Molecular Formula:(NH4) H2PO4 ,Molecular Weight:115.03, Appearance:white crystal, Assay:99%min, P2O5:61%min, N:12.0%min, pH:4.4-4.8; Insoluble matters in water:0.05%max,...
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Monopotassium phosphate (MKP 0-52-34) 100% water soluble

MONOPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE (Tech Grade) (CAS No.: 7778-77-0) Executive Standard: HG/T2321-1992 Chemical Formula: KH2PO4 Molecular Weight: 136.09 [Physical properties] White or colorless crystals; It is soluble in water easily; PH of 1% solution is...
Main Item MKP(0-52-34).MAP(12-61-0), DAP(21-53-0), UP(17-44-0), NPK+TE.
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Water-soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate (APP100)

Chemical type: ammonium polyphosphate with short chain and low polymerization degree. Appearance: white, granule fine powder, easy to absorb water. Specification: Specification Value Appearance White granular powder P2O5 content wt % ≥49 N content...
Main Item Water-soluble Ammonium Polyphosphate, Diammonium Phosphate, Monoammonium Phosphate, Monopotassium Phosphate, and Fluid Soluble Fertilizer
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98% urea phosphate UP fertilizer prices

urea phosphate Important Code Product Name urea phosphate MODEL NO CROWN-UP CAS NO 4861-19-2 HS Code 29420000 EINECS NO 225-464-3 Formular CH7N2O5P Details Show of Urea phosphate urea phosphate Specification Technical Specification Standard Test...
Main Item Ammonium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Kieserite, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate
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100% water soluble fertilizer, UP, urea phosphate, 17-44-0

17-44-0 Fully water-soluble Consists of 100% plant nutrients Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants Suitable for the production of nutrient solutions Low Ph:2.0 . Specification: Appearance White crystals CO(NH2)2·H3PO4...
Main Item MAP, DAP , MKP, UP, NPK, MgSO4
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PKA-acid fertilizer for saline alkali soil improvement

As information too much,I can send you by email.My email address Low pH:The low pH value product is very good for saline-alkali soil improvement. High nutrients:Total Phosphorus(P O )and Potassium(K O) contents more than...
Main Item Feed Grade MCP/MDCP/DCP/MKP/MSP, Industrial Grade MKP/MAP/UP/STPP/APP, fertilizer grade MAP/MKP/UP/TSP/APP, special fertilizer for saline-alkali soil PCA/PKA, macro nutrients water soluble fertilizer and so on.
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