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High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery

High and Low Vacuum dewatering elements for paper machinery

Product Name : High and Low Vacuum Dehydrated Ceramic Suction box Material : Zirconia Ceramic; Silicon Carbide Ceramic;Silicon Nitride Ceramic Size : Customized according to paper manufacturing machinery . MOQ : 1 set Packing : Carton box , wooden...
Main Item centrifugal cleaner, centricleaner, cyclean, centriclone and spare parts for paper pulp making machine
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Paper Making Dryer Fabrics

Oasis fabrix supply a wide range of woven dryer fabrics to ensure even and efficient drying of the paper web by promoting efficient and mass transfer. Basic weave patterns of our fabrics are 1, 1.5, and 2 layer fabrics. Our woven dryer fabric...
Main Item paper machine clothing
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer

Conical Disperser - Tricone Fillings

Conical Disperser - Tricone Fillings Shallow Angle Cone-Flow Fillings [JC-O Series] PARASON cast and fabricated and duly machined llings are available for almost all model of RTC 1000, RTC 2000, RTC 3000, RTC 4000 suitable for different grades of...
Main Item largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery
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Polyester spiral dryer fabrics

Polyester spiral dryer fabrics is made by 100% high-hydrolysis poiyester,it is an important auxiliary accessry for paper machine dryer section.It is also widely used in production of corrugated paper,paper for train...
Main Item Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics;Polyester Forming Fabrics;Polyester Dryer Fabrics;Polyster Plain Fabrics; Polyester Spiral Press-filter Fabrics; Polyester Anti-Static Fabrics;Vacuum Filter Belt;Sludge Dehytration Fabrics(Press-Filter Fabrics)
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Corrugator Slitter Knife

SS Power Knife, a brand of BORIM TECH's slitter Scorer Knives, is used for corrugated cardboard cutting. The brand has almost 90% market share in Korea. Since the slitter scorer knives are made using different compound metal, it is needed advanced...
Main Item Corrugator Slitter Knife
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Polyester spiral press filter mesh screen fabric for paper making

The dryer mesh is mainly used in the dry part of the paper machine. According to weaving methods and types of monofilaments, it can be divided into plain weave mesh, flat wire mesh, double warp net and spiral mesh.
Main Item 100% polyester wire for paper making
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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Carton Making Machine Double Facer

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Carton Making Machine Double Facer Characteristics: 1. Steam-heating, hydraulic-lift, and separate section pressing according to the layers of the cardboard keep proper pressure, and is useful for the form of...
Main Item Complete Corrugated Cardboard Carton Box Production Line Machines
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paper machine dryer fabric paper making clothing

Polyester flat wire dryer fabric adopts polyester monofilament with rectangular cross section as the warp thread. The wire arc of the wire is small, the length of the joint is long, the mesh surface is smoother, the screen printing is lighter, the...
Main Item paper machine clothing products and filter fabrics for dewatering, drying, pressing, and screening. industry fabrics filter fabrics for belt press filter and vacuum belt filter
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Reel unwinding Stand (10 Ply)

reel unwinding stand with cascade type glue tank with suitable glue pump and suitable motor for glue pump
Main Item Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine, Online Drier, Multi process Cone Finishing Machine, Compact Core Winder with online Cutter, Paper Tube Recutting Machine, Paper Tube Nosing and Base Polishing Machine, Reel unwinding Stand, Reel Loading Hoist
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Inlaid and solid three way trimmer blade for paper cutting

TECHNICAL FEATURES STEEL KNIVES Inlay HSS / Tool Steel appr. 1/3 of the Knife width 22°- 24°Single Bevel Guarantee to 14mm of inlay TCT KNIVES Inlay TC appr. 25mm Tip TCT Knives max.1mm wide Guarantee to 7 mm of inlay 21°/ 25°Double Angle...
Main Item mechanical blade
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China making favorable price polyester forming fabrics, paper mills used

According to the weaving, polyester forming fabric can be divided into +-shed, 5-shed. 7-shed, 8-shed, 16-shed, 24-shed etc. According to the category, it can be divided into single layer fabric, double layer fabric, two-and a half layer fabric and...
Main Item Paper making press felt
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Pulper rotor for paper-making machinery/Stainless Steel castings

Pulper rotor for paper making machine (304/316/Steel 45 material Stainless Steel castings) 1. Material: Alloy steel, carbon steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, pray pig iron, nodular cast iron. 2. Process: Lost foam casting, sand mold...
Main Item Radiant tube, hearth roll, sink roll, centrifugal casting tube, castings
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ZYHD800L Folding Machine

ZYHD800L folding machine is specifically designed for small whole sheet of paper. ZYH800L/ZYHD800L adopts sheet pile feeding, realize 2 parallel folds with buckles and 3 vertical folds with fold knives. Parallel folds can be accordion fold, cored...
Main Item folder gluer , flute laminator , die cutter , waste stripper ,
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Breast Roll for papermaking machinery

Roll Body: Q235B reel pipe; thickness: 24mm; the thickness of the finished product wall is 20mm Spindle head: using 45# carbon steel conditioning treatment after rough turning Bulkhead is made of HT200 cast iron To produce finished products...
Main Item All kinds of rollers for papermaking machine.
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(YY06-1)Automatic Shopbag Lace Tipping Machine

YY06-1Automatic lace tipping machine Type: YY06-1 Power: 0.75kw three phase Shoes lace length: 30cm-100cm Product output: 17000pairs/8hours Size: 140cmx130cmx150cm Net weight: 350kg
Main Item shoelace tipping machine, shop bag belt tipping machine, high speed rope weaving machine, automatic yarn winding machine
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Shaftless Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

Max. diameter of raw paper: 1500mm Working width: 1400mm - 2200mm The operations of lifting up or lowering down, clamping, loosening, moving and centering of raw paper are all controlled through hydraulic pressure with fast paper feeding. This...
Main Item printing machine, corrugated cardboard production line
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polyester paper machine belt

paper machine belt 1. According to the weaving, dryer belt can be divided into 3 shed, 4-shed. According to the category, it can be divided into one and a half layer, double layer and rectangular wire fabric. According to the joining mode, it can...
Main Item paper machine cloth, forming fabric, forming mesh, dryer fabric, dryer screen, sludge dewatering fabric, filter mesh, plain weave fabric
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Parallel Twin Screw for Board Extrusion screw producer

We provide all kinds of screws for plastic extrusion, injection molding, plastic tubing and so on. The screws are applicable to different types of extruders, such as twin screw extruder, plastic extruder and chemical fiber extruder etc. It has...
Main Item Pvc, plastic, extruder, plastic products, pvc pipe, plastic extrusion
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Brown angle board /Edge board protector

Paper corner protector Details Available in Different Sizes Kraft Papers raw materials Equipped with Corner Protect Negotiable prices Secondary packaging materials Colors as per customer requirement Tailored to the different according to customer's...
Main Item paper, packaging, paper slip sheet, machine
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Aluminium Handwheel

Materials : Aluminium Alloy Feature : Light ,High- impact , Description : Use with indicator having gravity /positive drive Black glossy epoxy finish aluminium . Black oxide Steel insert drilled . Indicator ,number increasing as the wheel turning...
Main Item Handwheels, Handles , Knobs .
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