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Nikuni Centrifugal Pump

Nikuni Centrifugal Pump A&S Pump Co.,Ltd can provide all kinds of Nikuni pumps: Nikuni centrifugal pump CF series: 5032CHH, 5032CFF, 5040CFE, 5040CFC, 6540CFJ, 6540CFH, 6550CFF, 8050CFJ, 8080CFF, 8065CFE, 1065CFJ, 1065CFE, 1210CF, 1210CFF Nikuni...
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Filter Paper | Filter Paper Chemistry Lab | Filter Paper Suppliers

Filter paper is a semi-penetrable paper layer that is utilized for the detachment of strong particles from fluids or gases. It has great assimilation and filtration properties that are useful during the time spent partition. The majority of them...
United Arab Emirates
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High Shear Granulator

The Hywell machinery High Speed Mixers, also called High Speed Granulators, Wet Granulator, or High Shear Mixer Granulator, is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry powders, or granulating with the addition of liquid binder,...
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PPC Plant

PPC Plant PPC Technology Introduction PPC (polypropylene carbonate) is a completely biodegradable environment-friendly plastic synthesized from carbon dioxide and propylene oxide. Besides, due to its using the main source of greenhouse gases---CO2...
Main Item Methyl Acetate Plant, Phenol Alkylation Technology, Phenol Purification Technology, Distillation Technology, MMA Plant, MEG Plant, Hydrogen Peroxide Plant
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moulds for GRP/FRP pipe/tank

moulds for GRP/FRP pipe/tank 1 Tank steel moulds: DN600~DN4000mm 2 Pipe steel moulds: DN25~DN2500mm 3 Flange steel moulds: DN25~DN1000mm 4 Elbow steel moulds: DN25~DN300mm.
Main Item frp pipe, grp pipe, fiberglass tank, filament winding vessel, frp molded manhole cover, grp pultrusied grating, FRP cable tray, FRP septic tank, FRP absorption tower, GRP electrolytic cell, computer control filament winidng machine, mannheim process
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Being as elastic as rubber and as strong as engineering plastics,TPEE has better processing performance and longer service life than rubber and higher strength,flexibility and dynamic mechanical properties than engineering plastics.Brand includes...
Main Item PBT/TPEE
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Pharmaceuticals Ethanol Extractor Equipment

1. Ethanol recovery rate: 90%+ 2. A-Z turn-key solution 3. Low power consumption 4. Less labor 5. Quality, safety and precise operation 6. Flexible capacity
Main Item bamboo yarn and fiber
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Laboratory Sieve S 40/140 - VIBROTECHNIK

Laboratory Sieve S 40/140 VIBROTECHNIK Options for sieve surfaces: screen or perforated sheet. Screen material: brass, bronze, stainless steel or polyamide. Shape of stainless steel sheet apertures: round or square. Sieve S 40/140 diameter 400 mm,...
Russian Federation
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Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system(96 through-put) Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system(96 through-put) Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system(96 through-put)

Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system(96 through-put)

The whole machine is with small size, light weight, and exquisite appearance design. It is connected to a windows computer and an optional All-in-One tablet. 96×0.2ml reaction module, compatible with 8-Strip, single and 96 PCR tubes High quality...
Main Item automated nucleic acid extractor, covid test reagents kits, sterillizers
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clay crucibles,Melting Glass

处理: 它是由破碎的原料制成的,例如高岭土,火石粘土,灰烬,粘土,叶蜡石,高义土壤。 这些材料通过石磨研磨成颗粒,在1980年代用于防止金属,石英和其他低熔点杂质与原料混合。根据我公司专有的配方和工艺,将原料均匀混合,完成粗略搅拌后,静置发酵60天以上。然后,根据市场和客户需求,生产出不同型号,不同形状型号的黏土坩埚用坯料,经干燥室干燥,炉内烧成后,最终成型。 性能:耐高温,耐腐蚀,热震稳定性好,变形小,无沙粒,保证了熔融过程中原料的质量。...
Main Item Industry wear resistant floor metal aggregate
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Wine bottle auto-frosting machine

产品描述 将化学品结霜和机械自动化完美结合在一个系统中,可用于生产大量磨砂玻璃瓶,如化妆品容器,香水瓶和酒瓶。 采用机械化学结霜技术,提高生产效率,降低劳动强度,明显降低成本,防止废气堆积,确保生产安全,减少对工人的危害;更重要的是,它可以满足大型磨砂玻璃生产中优质产品的要求。该机适用于所有玻璃容器磨砂玻璃生产,如酒瓶,化妆品玻璃瓶等规格机器柯林斯根据。客户的玻璃产品设计他们状语从句:对日常施工的要求等。 产品特色 1.自动 2.稳定耐用0.3。 功率:3KW.H(非恒定) 产品规格/型号...
Main Item glass frosting powder
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Low temperature liquid oxygen and nitrogen flameproof sheet storage tank tank release flameproof she

According to the specific conditions of customer equipment to determine the model. The following parameters are required such as: blasting caliber, blasting pressure, blasting temperature Working medium, working pressure (normal operating pressure...
Main Item Rupture discs Explosion-proof membrane
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16.01 -API610 BB1 MSC Axial-Split, Between-Bearing Pump 12

The BB1 pump is designed for stringent demands in process and transfer services. Engineered to comply with the latest edition of API 610, these horizontal pumps with double suction impeller and a between bearing design are perfect for petrochemical...
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Aluminium Phosphide 56% Tablet

Established in the year 2012, we are one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium Phosphide 56% Tablet. It is used as a rodenticide to kill rodents and prevent them from harming stored grains or other materials including important...
Main Item Diethyltoluamide 99%min Insect Mosquito Repellents USP DEET
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frp rod caterpillar pultrusion machine

FRP rod caterpillar pultrusion machine The working principle of the crawler profile tractor is to heat-form the FRP raw material in the mold and then continuously pull it out by the two-track chains to obtain various FRP profiles. The...
Main Item FRP pultrusion machine, Carbon Fiber pultrusion machine, Hydraulic pultrusion equipment, Caterpillar pultrusion equipment, FRP rebar pultrusion machine, FRP pull-injecting production line, FRP pull-braiding-winding production line, Pultrusion Die Process
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PES Syringe Filters

Hawach PES syringe filters with low affinity for proteins and low in extractable, PES syringe filters are suitable for pre-filtration, filtering buffers and culture medium. PES Syringe Filters
Main Item syringe filter, filter capsule, filter bag, membrane filter
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Helical Gear Reducer

Helical Gear Reducer: Helical gear reducer uses the most optimized and modular design,it has the following advantages:small size,light weight,large transmission torque,stable starting,fine ratio grading.Install location can be chosen by...
Main Item graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber, graphite tower/tank, graphite two-in-one/three-in-one synthetic furnace, sulfuric acid dilution and other graphite series products, glass lined reactor
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Potassium Sulfate Production Line, SOP plant by mannheim process

Potassium Sulfate Production Line, SOP plant . Good technology,compititive price . Rich exprience . Professional team . Considerate service . ISO 9001certified company KTT could provide the complete set of potassium sulfate plant engineering...
Main Item phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, potassium sulfate, calcium chloride
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Main Item elisa kits, Biological reagents and chemical reagents
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