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The early harvest cold pressed is an extra virgin olive oil made particularly for those users who enjoy a lighter olive taste but still expect to take full advantage of the benefits on an extra virgin olive oil. If you make sure to choose an early...
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Pure Organic Argan Oil For Sell.

We have refined organic oils such as argan oil , sunflower oil,rapeseed oil,soy beans oil,palm oil, sesame oil olive oil etc available at best offer prices. Our products are being checked and confirmed by the sgs and shipment is within 7 to 15days...
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Moringa Leaves Moringa Leaves Moringa Leaves Moringa Leaves Moringa Leaves Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

Origin : INDONESIA Style : Leaf Dried Grade : Premium Colour : Natural Green Purity : 98% Min Moisture : 12% Max Drying Process : Sun Drying Packing : As buyer Request Application : Tea, Medicine, Food, Powder Making Capacity : 50 MT Lod Ability :...
Main Item Long Pepper
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Advanced Pine Nut Dehulling and Separating Equipment- Supplied by manufacturer directly

The equipment can complete the grading, dehulling and seed-kernel separating of Pakistani pine nuts. It features high dehulling rate, high percentage of whole kernel, easy operating and maintenance, etc. The equipment consists of two units and...
Main Item Sunflower seed dehulling machine
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Withered sencha leaf premium "Fuga", net 50g Withered sencha leaf premium "Fuga", net 50g Withered sencha leaf premium "Fuga", net 50g

Withered sencha leaf premium "Fuga", net 50g

A special aroma will be expanded deep in the throat. Once you start drinking this tea, you cannot stop it. This tea is slightly fermented aromatically with the artisanal skill called "Icho", though most of the Japanese green tea normally never be...
Main Item Sencha organic
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Organic tea

As the original tea, these teas are free of any toxins and grown in a natural environment without the intervention of any chemicals. And are obtained from the best succulent and young leaves of the tea plant. The properties of these teas are: Take...
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Coconut oil Coconut oil

Coconut oil

We have fresh produced 100% organic coconut oil ready for export. Our oil is produced from fresh nuts harvested from our plantaion of coconut trees. We produce under clean hygienic controlled procedures and bottle them. Our oils are ready for final...
Main Item Red palm oil
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Pepper Guineense Pepper Guineense Pepper Guineense Pepper Guineense Pepper Guineense

Pepper Guineense

Pepper guineense Organic 100% biológic Rare variety of pepper Produced in the natural Rainforest environment
Sao Tome and Principe
Main Item Pepper guineense
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Muscovado Gold Nuggets and Piwder Muscovado Gold Nuggets and Piwder

Muscovado Gold Nuggets and Piwder

Muscovado Gold is 100% raw sugarcane juice that is filtered and slow-boiled for hours over a hot brick-lined furnace in large stainless steel vats by a masterful artisan known as the "maestro", until turns into a syrup, then poured onto a cooling...
Main Item Muscovado Nuggets and Powder
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Apricot Kernel

We would like to introduce Gull Traders pvt ltd as one of the oldest and pioneer exporters of Dry Fruits from Pakistan. Our major products including: Pine Nuts Dried Apricot Apricot kernel (sweet and bitter both), Walnuts Dried Figs, kernel...
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All types of organic pulses directly from mills, +919494010959
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What is Bagasse? Bagasse is a plant fiber. More specifically, it is the fibrous matter that is left over after the production of sugarcane, sorghum or agave. So in a word, it is bio-waste. Historically, bagasse was treated as unusable and disposed...
Main Item Bagasse Fermentation
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We are Provide Moringa Powder this product just only from Indonesia, more detail please whats app number +628111276009 Bennefit From Moringa :
Main Item Palm Sugar, Tumeric, Vanilla Beans, Ginger, Betel nuts, Moringa, Cinnamon,
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zhenantea roduct Type: Green Tea Type: Chunmee Tea Age: New Style: Loose Tea Processing Type: Stir-Fried Packaging: Bag, bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Sachet, Vacuum Pack Specialty: Health Tea, SLIMMING TEA...
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Organic Food Baskets Organic Food Baskets Organic Food Baskets

Organic Food Baskets

We have a mission to provide healthy living around the world with "100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTS" we procure all our ingredients from Certified Farmers and process as per USDA, NPOP guidelines in India. We have combined these organic...
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Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment) Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment) Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment) Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment) Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment)

Herbal Tea, Organic Cosmetics (soap, Washcloths, Essential Oil, Cream, Ointment)

The rhythm of modern life requires enormous resources from the human body and you can restore them in a natural way by touching a generous source of energy. With love and care, we collect useful herbs for you, take the best from the taiga in the...
Russian Federation
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Oil fatty acid

We offer for export fatty acids. Indicative indicators: - acid number KOH max: 160 mg. - moisture and volatile substances max: 2% - total fat min: 97% - other impurities max: 0.6%
Russian Federation
Main Item Oil Fatty Acid
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CORN OIL SPECIFICATIONS: S.N. Specifications Limits 1 Relative density (20°S/water temperature 20°S) 0.917-0.925 2 Refractive index (temperature 40° S) Refractive index (temperature 25° S) 1.4650-1.4680 1.4700-1.4740 3 Humidity & volatile matters...
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Hemp heart oil

Hemp Hearts Oil Unsaturated fatty acid is up to 90%. Linoleic acid (Omega6) and linolenic acid (Omega3) approach to a golden ratio of 4:1. No cholesterol. Products based on hulled hemp seed as its raw ingredient are safer and healthier....
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Palm Oil

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Palm Olein CP8 (IV57) cooking oil is a fully refined high quality vegetable oil which is processed under controlled condition to give excellent taste of the food and health benefits. APPLICATION Suitable for deep and shallow...
South Africa
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