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Coconut oil Coconut oil

Coconut oil

We have fresh produced 100% organic coconut oil ready for export. Our oil is produced from fresh nuts harvested from our plantaion of coconut trees. We produce under clean hygienic controlled procedures and bottle them. Our oils are ready for final...
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The early harvest cold pressed is an extra virgin olive oil made particularly for those users who enjoy a lighter olive taste but still expect to take full advantage of the benefits on an extra virgin olive oil. If you make sure to choose an early...
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Pure Organic Argan Oil For Sell

We have refined organic oils such as argan oil , sunflower oil,rapeseed oil,soy beans oil,palm oil, sesame oil olive oil etc available at best offer prices. Our products are being checked and confirmed by the sgs and shipment is within 7 to 15days...
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Oil fatty acid

We offer for export fatty acids. Indicative indicators: - acid number KOH max: 160 mg. - moisture and volatile substances max: 2% - total fat min: 97% - other impurities max: 0.6%
Russian Federation
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CORN OIL SPECIFICATIONS: S.N. Specifications Limits 1 Relative density (20°S/water temperature 20°S) 0.917-0.925 2 Refractive index (temperature 40° S) Refractive index (temperature 25° S) 1.4650-1.4680 1.4700-1.4740 3 Humidity & volatile matters...
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Hemp heart oil

Hemp Hearts Oil Unsaturated fatty acid is up to 90%. Linoleic acid (Omega6) and linolenic acid (Omega3) approach to a golden ratio of 4:1. No cholesterol. Products based on hulled hemp seed as its raw ingredient are safer and healthier....
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Palm Oil

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Palm Olein CP8 (IV57) cooking oil is a fully refined high quality vegetable oil which is processed under controlled condition to give excellent taste of the food and health benefits. APPLICATION Suitable for deep and shallow...
South Africa
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100% Organic Extra Virgin Cold Press Coconut Oil

Our extra virgin coconut oil is manufactured cold pressed by centrifugal extraction methods. Coconut Oils are known to contain medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that can improve your health in many ways especially for beauty purpose. If you have...
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Hot Sale 100 % Pure Refinery Plant Crude Palm Oil supplier

Packaging Details: 1. Glass Bottle Luxury Packing: 250ml/ 500ml /750ml/1000ml 2 options: round and rectangle type as below: 2. Plastic Bottles packing: 1L/2L/3L / 5L - 1Lt Bottle: 15 bottles per carton, 1770 cartons, 26550 bottles per 40ft...
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Coconut Oil :- Healthiest Virgin Coconut Oil :- Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil :- We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting Coconut Oil from India. Virgin Coconut Oil is made by Temperature Controlled Process. Cold-Processed virgin coconut oil is...
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Manuka Oil

Manuka Oil Can be used in Cosmetics, Health Products, Massage Creams Medical Applications Aromatherapy From the famous New Zealand Manuka Tree
New Zealand
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perilla seed oil

Product name Perilla Oil Plant part used Seed Appearance Light yellow to yellow liquid Odor Characteristic Taste Characteristic Palmitic Acid 3-10% Palmitoleic Acid Max. 1.0% Stearic Acid 1-4% Oleic Acid 8-20% Linoleic Acid 8-20% Gamma-Linolenic...
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pine nut oil

Hongsongbao pine nut oil contains 12 kinds of Amino acids of 20 necessary kinds.It contains 6 kinds of Amino acids which can't be Synthesis in the body but must absorb from the foods,whereas this necessary kinds of Amino acids we just need 8...
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Cooking Oil Flaxseed(Linseed) Oil

1. Type:Herbal Supplements flaxseed oil 2. Brand Name:BAILI 3. Cultivation type: cold pressed flaxseed oil 4. Function: superior efficacy of resisting coronary heart disease, preventing cancers. 5. Supply Type:ODM/OEM 6. Grade:Pharmaceutical...
Main Item organic evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, borage oil , flaxseed oil
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Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil - We do massive cultivation of short term and long term crops We can supply you export quality with Organic certification Organic certification NOP /NPOP from LACON Germany /India totally accepted by the USA and Europe And quality...
Main Item Organic Agricultural Product
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Olio d'oliva extra vergine

olio extra vergine di oliva estratto con coltivazione biologica in terreni fertilissimi e puri. il prodotto è venduto imbottigliato il prodotto è venduto imbottigliato o sfuso. alta cucina
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500ml Organic confinement oil (camellia oil/tea-seed oil)

Organic confinement oil Sanben camellia oil is excellent and famous plant oil in Fujian province, made from Woody oil section plant camellia seeds. Confinement oil is a type of Sanben camellia oil. It is processed by the advanced techniques,...
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Coconut Oil Cold Pressed 100%. No Flavour, The oil which is benefit for health and for beautiful skin and hair Net Content 90 ml. FOB Price: 47.00 Baht/Bottle 192 Bottles/Carton Net Content 200 ml. FOB Price: 88.00 Baht/Bottle 60 Bottles/Carton Net...
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Hot sale cold pressed hemp oil, hemp seed oil, hempseed oil

We can supply cold pressed hempseed oil and flaxseed oil at premium quality. For more info, pls pls kindly contact Annie at: or call me at: 0086 13840645498 tks. Hemp Seed Oil has a delicious nutty flavor and is a rich source...
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extra vergin olive oil

Olive oil is the very first spin, has kept all the best quality characteristics required for a healthy diet, better taste, which is the basis most exquisite dishes Olives - without any colorants, no aromatics, no additives Olive pasta contains no...
Main Item wine
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